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I have been considering getting a tummy tuck since...

I have been considering getting a tummy tuck since 2008. Now with technology growing I am going to opt out of the tummy tuck because I really do not want to be cut, had I had a s-section I would have continued on that path. So I am going with a BBL with lipo of entire ab, back, flanks, arms, and innee thigh.

tummy tuck

Well after looking at years worth of photos and personal accounts on this site, I am going with the tummy tuck; Which was my original thought. I was torn between Dr. Pinnella and Dr. Ortega but I choose Dr. Pinnella to do my surgery. Dr. Ortega's office kept loosing my file time and time again. They would say "someone will call contact you" it was fustrating. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I have my date September 16th, 2016.


Today I am concerned about my hemogoblin results. I suffer from anemia and my hemo is usually an 8. I get venofeer once a week or once a month with b12 shot depending on my energy levels. However, i've been yaking wheatgrass shots for the past 3 months to build my hemo. Hopefully it pays off. Fingers crossed.

Wheatgrass to my rescue@

Well its a go...my hemo was up to 14.1 yessss.....I ordered all my aftercare tools now I can pack with no worries. I will take to more 2oz wheatgrass shots one todsy and one tuesday just to be safe that my hemo levels dont drop. On monday I will get my B12 shot and venofeer. Plus my goal is to drink lots of water this week so I can be well hydrated for my surgery.

The night before

Ok I just took my antibacterial shower. My clothes are out for tomorrow. However, I brought a shaver and no batteties so I am just gonna get a wax in the morning before my surgery. I picked up some ensure but I need to get some crackers, sprakling water, and soup just incase my stomach is upset. Michelle is the BEST!!! All of the staff were super nice and professional.

I did it... Day 1 post op

Dr. Pinnella. Michelle and the rest of the staff were amazing. I felt totally comfortable. My first night was good no pain, just discomfort when getting in and out of bed. I was extremly thirsty, every two hours I drank 16.5oz of water and went to the rest room.

Day 2 post op

Had a 9am appointment to see the doctor, I am only a 5 minute drive from there. Hotel Victoria is clean, the rooms are large and I am on the first floor. Post op appointment went well. I have not had a bowel movement even thought Ive been drinking a lot of water, taking stool softener, exlax, prune juice, ad apple juice. I felt more discomfort today, but I thibk that is because I was not taking the muscle relaxers on time.

My tummy tuck top 15 must haves

1-case of water
2- ensure
3- blow up wedge pillow and 2 pillows to prop up knees
4- laxative
7-disposable body wipes
8 -additional faja other than the doctors
9- additional compression socks 1knee length, 1 thigh length for my return flight.
8-small pack of protective under.
9 zip of top and elastic waist bottom
10 indoor/outdoor slippers "crocs"
11- open front mid length robe
12- ricola " Mouth dryness"
13-multi vitamin
14- vitamin C
15- liquid B12

post op pictures

I am very swollen, not much bruising, so far belly button looks super cute.

Day 2 post op

Still swollen as expected.

Day 3 post op

I am walking with less discomfort, able to get into bed with out help. Still no appetite, ensure and has been my best friends. On the downside i have not had a bowel movement , even after my second dose of exlax, and prune juice. Still swollen but I can see results already. Dr. Pinnella's office has been wonderful and called to check up on me.

Day 4

Had my second post op today, as usually the staff and Dr. Pinnella are always ontime, no longer than a 5 minute wait. All of my tape was removed cleaned and replaced. Tummy still swollen but I stopped the pain meds because I never felt any pain. Now that I stopped I was able to have several bowel movements. My stomach feels less tight now. I was able to drive 5 minutes each way to and from the clinic. I have to drive 15 minutes to the airport to fly home tomorrow. I already requested a wheelchair with the airline once I arrive. My diet is still mostly ensure,, I hope the airline let me bring my ensure on board. Peace and blessiings to you all during your journeys.

11 days post op still draining

I am moving a lot more, however I think I over did it today. Had to take to motrin to ease the discomfort. Lucky for me the pain from sneezing, laughing, and coughing has eased up a great deal. I was planning to turning to work in 2 days but I think id be pushing it.

14 days post op

Drain is out and I feel amazing....

23 days post op

Feeling better, storm in florida so I had to go to urgent care to have my stiches removed. My urgent care doctor was the best, he explaimed everything and checked for fuild build up. I HAD A 2INCH overlap of skin because I was not sitting still during recovery. Plus he gave me cream for my ingrown pubic hair bumps. Dr. Pinella staff calls often and prescribed me more antibotics.
Went back to work 2 days ago just for 2 days. Felt uncomfortable, should have taken a pillow. Otherwise swelling is going down. Spandex and sweats are my best friends....Jeans not comfortable on my cut.

Tight waist Day 24 post op

Went out to a hair show two days ago. It totally drained me. I slept my entire 2 days off and I was extremely thirsty. Woke up monday to a flatter stomach, I really noticed a differnce in the swelling. Although still swollen and puffed the front is flat and my waist is tight. I cant wait to see my final results, super excited! Sorry it is still not lwtting me post pictures, I will try again tomorrow.

Day 27 post op

Swelling slowly going down. I have realized that my appetite had increased this week. Plus Ive been craving and eating for brownie cookies and chocolate donuts. Pledged to get focused and eat right. I have been feeling winded and tired, thinking my hemoglobin must be low so I started my wheatgrass shots. Went back to work doing foot patrols and my legs feel like ive veen working out at the gym. Its amazing how if you dont use it you start to loose it.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Perfect location Cvs right downstairs, staff is couresty. Found a lovely hotel with first floor rooms, couch and kitchenette within a 2 minute drive or walking distance. Short wait times at the clinic. My cut is super low and I now have a waist and no stretchmarks. Belly buttom super small and cute.

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