SmartLipo on upper arms, Manhattan, NY

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Hi everyone! Tomorrow I'm going for my first smart...

Hi everyone! Tomorrow I'm going for my first smart lipo consultation on my neck/chin and upper arms. I'm in good shape and an advanced yoga practitioner but my upper arms are completely resistant to excersise. I feel they make my whole body appear larger so I'm hoping to finally do something about it! I also have a round face and have always had a fat pad under my chin. Well, with age I feel this has become more pronounced. Hoping that can be fixed as well. More after tomorrow's appointment!

Back from my consultation!!

Just returned from my consultation with Dr. Thomas Sterry here in NY. What a nice guy! Very thorough and honest. Once he took all my pictures he advised me against having my neck/chin done at this time. He said he could do it but didn't think there was much of a point. Not really that much to take out and my jaw line is still defined. Awesome!

Now on to the arms. He thinks I'm a great candidate for smart lipo on the arms and I have an appointment set for September 22! I'm a bit nervous about the possibility of pain but really excited to have smaller more sculpted arms. It will be nice to see the muscle hiding under all that fat!

A few more "Before" Pics!

23 days to go!

Not like I'm counting or anything ;-)
Had a dream last night that my arms came out terrible. Like hanging skin and bumpy. Yikes. Very hard to fall back to sleep after that.
Spoke to my doc's assistant about pre-op procedures and she's going to be sending my packet with info and prescriptions some time in the next week or so. I'm not going to have any pre-op testing, which surprised me a bit. mmmmmm.....


This will be my "official picture" dress ;-)


Am I the only person having insane dreams related to the procedure?! Last night I dreamed my compression garment was a thermal shirt with a puffy vest over it (?!?!). As you can imagine, I was not happy, LOL!
I have my Amazon cart full of stuff and just about ready to hit send on the order. Ice packs, massager, mattress pad ((though my doctor says I shouldn't leak much because the nurses will "ring me out like a wet towel" after the procedure :-o )) , new black PJ's, and some books. I already have supplements and I plan to buy things like sanitary pads and tape from the pharmacy. Anything I'm missing? I'm gonna do a big food shop the day before so I'll have lots of veg and fruits to juice and stuff that is easy on the stomach like cereal and almond milk.
So ready to have this done. I'm not one to wish the days away but I'll be so happy when September 22nd gets here.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!!

* Just had the husband measure my arms: 12.5 inches on the right and 12 inches on the left.

:-/ Hoping to get them down 2 inches at least.


Just walked over to my surgeons office to pick up my pre-surgical packet with instructions/prescriptions and pay for the procedure. No backing out now!
He gave me Percocet, Clindamycin, Arnica tablets and 1mg of Xanax. I have a feeling I may need more Xanax then that! I'm a bit nervous about taking the Percocet. I've never taken a stronger pain med than aspirin so this should be interesting.
Picked up some gauze pads and have a box from Amazon coming with a bunch of other things, including Micropore tape because I'm super allergic to the glue in band aids, etc...
Now I just have to be patient and keep myself healthy .....Hope everyone is having a beautiful Tuesday!

One week to go...

This time next week, I'll be resting at home, hopefully high on lots of good painkillers! I'm really excited and of course, a bit nervous. I have all my medical supplies ready to go. I'll go food shopping on Saturday and clean the apt that day as well. I start taking my supplements on Friday. I have to be there at 9:30 Monday morning and they said I should be done by 12:30 -1:00. My husband is going to be waiting in the office the whole time. He worries about me :-)
I was wearing a dress yesterday that fit perfectly everywhere except in my arms. I have LOTS of dresses that have this problem and have even had to have seams let out or buttons moved to make it more comfortable. When I have moments of doubt, buyers remorse, or the fear of terrible pain, I think about this and I KNOW I'm making the right decision.
I'll be back this time next week to update. Good luck to everyone having surgery this week and happy healing to those whose procedure have already been completed!

Torture device?

Just received a pic of my garment from my surgical coordinator! I'll have one in black as well. Sexy :-P :-D

It's the day of the show y'all!

That's what we musical theatre types jokingly say on opening night ;-)
Leaving here in 2 hours. Surgery starts at 10 NYC time. I'll be back with all the gory details this afternoon. If you're the praying type, say a little prayer for me and the rest of the gals getting procedures today! Good luck surgery day twins!

I'm back and resting

A bit loopy from Xanax and Percocet, so this will be brief. Procedure took just about an hour and half from start to finish. On a scale of 1-10 painful, 97% of the time it was a 2-3. Hardly any pain. A few times I got an ouch that hit close to a 7 but that was it. My arms are still pretty numb so not looking forward to when that wears off. Garment so far is not that bad. The gauze pads make it a bit more uncomfortable then I assume it will be once they are removed. Leaking so far is pretty light. Dr. Sterry and his assistant Vivian (I'm pretty sure that was her name. I was so drugged at this point) were awesome. We were all joking and laughing and singing along to music most of the procedure. Doctor told my husband he took about the equivalent of about 16 oz (1 lb!) of fat from my arms. Very good considering I'm pretty small. More tomorrow.....

Post-op Day 1

Hey all! Congrats to everyone who is getting surgery today and happy healing to those who are in the recovery process!

Sooooo, here is the run down of how things went yesterday...just took a Percocet so please excuse any spelling/grammar errors.

Arrived at the doctors office a bit before 9:30. Was greeted by Dr. Sterry and staff. Everyone seemed cheerful and ready for the day. I felt good. A bit nervous but not anxious, if that makes sense? After a few minutes my husband and I were brought back to the exam room. Had some quick info taken and was asked to sign a few more consent forms. I changed into a gown but was able to leave my comfy yoga pants on.
Dr. Sterry came in and marked me up with a sharpie which made me giggle a bit. Is there nothing a sharpie is not useful for?! I then took my Xanax and Percocet. I was feeling GREAT then. LOL! Nice and relaxed. A bit dizzy. Like I'd had a really strong cocktail. We went over some more paper work then it was time to get a few jabs. One was Clindamycin and the other an anti nausea drug. Both were injected via a butterfly into a vein in my arm. There was a bit of burning and I did feel a bit faint for a few minutes but that passed pretty quickly. A quick trip to the bathroom, said goodbye to the husband, then I was brought to the operating room.
The OR is small but very comfy. When searching for a doctor a certified in office OR was very important to me. I was wiped down with that warmish iodine looking solution and was asked to not touch anything. I laid down on the table and had a blood pressure cuff and a blood oxygen indicator placed on my leg and big toe, respectfully. Dr. Sterry came in and we were ready to go!
A small blindfold was placed on my eyes so I wouldn't have to watch anything. I could see a bit out of the bottom of my left eye, so was able to monitor my blood pressure and blood oxygen. I'm a dork and love looking at that stuff, so I didn't say I could see out a bit ;-)
The initial numbing injections stung but were not so bad. I have 4 entry sites total. Now it was time for the tumescent fluid. This part I was a bit nervous about. I heard so many horror stories but for me, it was nothing! Yes, it felt REALLY weird but not painful. Maybe a slight burning sensation, but having my wrist tattooed hurt more then that. A 3 on a scale of 10, pain wise. The laser felt like nothing. Just a sensation of something moving under the skin. Now, the suctioning was very odd. It felt like what a jar full of very tight rocks must feel like if you're trying to stick a rod in them. if that makes sense? The most painful part of this was near the deltoid muscle. Now THAT hurt. Like a 6-7 out of 10. I said motherfucker more then once, LOL! Next thing I know, we're done! Took just about 1.5 hours from first jab to last suction.
I was cleaned up, entry sites were covered and I was placed in my garment. Was given some cookies and we were on our way to grab a cab. I felt FINE. High as a kite, but fine. Got home. Drank some coconut water and fell asleep. The husband made me an english muffin and fell asleep some more. Took a Percocet around 4:30 PM and slept until 7:30 PM. Got up to the bathroom and got very faint. Sent the office an email to make sure this was normal and was called back in less then 5 min! Amazing! I have to make sure I eat closer to taking the perc's or that will happen. Had a nice sushi dinner, husband changed my bandages ( he is such a fantastic nurse!) then took another perc. Dr. Sterry called around 9:30 PM to make sure I was OK and to tell me not to be a hero and take the meds if I'm in pain. I'm so impressed with the entire office. I feel so well taken care of. It's really lovely.
Slept fitfully but did get some sleep. Took meds a few times. Woke up around 10 AM today and the little bit of leaking I have has completely stopped. Have been eating and drinking without an issue. Office called again to see how I was feeling! My arms and incision sites are VERY sore and swollen, but there is an obvious difference already. I can't wait to see the results in 3-6 months! My garment is not uncomfortable at all, thank God! Will be wearing it for the next 3 weeks so I'm very happy about that.
About to take my first shower in a bit. Will have husband take a pic or two with the garment on. I'll take some garment-less pics in a few days.
Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

Post-op Day 2

Woke up today feeling pretty good! Sore and swollen but nothing that 2 Advil liquid gels can't handle. I just tried getting dressed and this is going to be a challenge. Practically everything I own shows the garment. I hope the weather here in NY stays cool, because it looks like sweaters and jeans/leggings are the way to go. I have to do a little shopping as I pretty much wear dresses exclusively and all of them show the garment :-p
Here are 2 pics. I'm pretty happy that I can already see a slight change. Hoping things continue in the right direction!

Comparison Pics

Post-op day 3 - AKA: Did my body just realize I had surgery!?

Swelling. It's all about swelling today. I woke up and my arms felt like bricks. They LOOK a bit like bricks. Drinking water and eating pineapple like it's my job. Should not have vacuumed the apt yesterday....or maybe it was that half a glass of wine?
I'm SO bored. I'm not used to sitting around doing nothing. I also hate sleeping on my back with my arms elevated. I know it's better for healing but it's bothering my neck. Waaaah! I need to stop bitching. I know I'll be happy with the results. It's just a short time. Breathe, Bunnygirl1, Breathe...
At least I don't hate the garment. I feel like it's protecting me. It looks awful with most of my stuff but is not uncomfortable at all. I highly recommend 'Design Veronique' for your garment. My doctor provided, but I think it's worth the money if you have to buy your own. The style number of mine is B943.
Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment. Looking forward to hear what the doctor has to say. Hopefully he's pleased with his work ;-)
Hope everyone has a beautiful, Thursday!!!

1 week post-op!

Hello lovely ladies and gents of RS! Hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday. Congrats and happy healing to everyone whose had surgery and good luck to those who are about too.

So, week one! It's been a lot of ups and downs. I have been feeling really good considering what my body went through. Tuesday night I stopped the Percocet's because they were making me so itchy I was ready to claw my skin off. Apparently, they can set off a histamine reaction. It's not an allergy, just an annoying side effect. Wednesday, the swelling started and hasn't really let up. My right arm is a bit more swollen then the left. I assume it's because I'm right handed and use that arm more. I haven't had much pain. Soreness and stiffness. Annoying more then anything else. Friday was the worst day. The antibiotics started making me REALLY sick. Diarrhea and terrible nausea. Thankfully, Friday was my first follow up with Dr. Sterry, and he told me to stop the meds. Felt much better by Sunday. Doctor said I'm healing well and that I may be able to take the garment off in two weeks instead of three! So hopefully, by this time next week, I'll be free of this thing. I noticed yesterday that most of the numbness was gone and replaced by soreness. I'm getting the "stabby" pains and itchiness that people talk about. A sign that arms are "waking up" and healing, it seems.
I'm not 100% back to my routine. I get tired easily and have been sleeping a lot. I did go to a party on Saturday and had a few drinks. It was nice to be out with friends, though I was knackered by 9:30! No yoga or heavy workouts yet. My arms hurt just from walking too fast down the subway stairs! Still taking bromelain and arnica. No idea if it's helping but it can't hurt.
I'll be updating weekly now and posting pictures if there are any big changes!


Just measure my arms. They are still pretty swollen but I'm REALLY happy with the direction they are going in!! Right arm: 11 3/4 inches (was 12.5 Inches) - Left arm 11 1/2 Inches (was 12 inches)!!!!

Compression not so compressing anymore...

So, my compression garment is starting to feel big. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Good that my arms are healing and the swelling is subsiding but a bit weird because these sleeves have been my security blanket since surgery. I've developed a couple of lumps under the skin. Doc says totally normal and should subside on their own. Massaging them and hoping the resolve without issue. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! More pics on Monday (2 weeks post!).

2 Weeks Post-op

Just got back from the doctor. He says things are looking good and I'm healing fast! The compression garment is now too big, so I won't have to wear it anymore. Yay!! Incision sites are healing well. The right a bit faster then the left. I have a a few lumps under my skin but Dr. Sterry says they should go away on their own. I've still got some soreness and numbness. Not anything that is worth taking even Advil for. I haven't started back to yoga but I've been trying to go for long walks and get some excersise in. I miss yoga and can't wait till I'm back in class. I don't want to push it, though...Would hate to injure myself or slow down the healing process because I'm being impatient!

Swelling? Yikes!

Not much swelling until this morning. I went to see my dad, sister, 1 year old nephew and 3 year old niece yesterday. They do not know about the surgery. I think picking those kids up and playing with them all day made my arms swell up! Ouch!! I've been so lucky till now. Oh well! I'm happy with how things are healing. Incision sites are much less noticeable. Sleeves that were tight on me three weeks ago are loose...Going in the right direction. Three week follow-up on Tuesday. New pics then. Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

3 Weeks Post-op

Not a huge change from last week but they are healing well. Incision sites are no longer as noticeable. Still dealing with some swelling, soreness and numbness. Starting yoga again today. Saw some friends on Saturday and they said they could see a big difference. More tomorrow after my 3 week check up.

My clothes fit!!!

So, I have this Marc Jacobs dress that I adore. It's about 6 years old and in great shape. The only problem is that the arm holes were always too small. A 5 lb weight gain would make it almost impossible for me to wear the dress and at my usual weight, it was VERY tight. I wore it last night and the arm holes are LOOSE! I'm thrilled!
Saw Dr. Strerry on Tuesday and he was very happy with how things are healing. Putting scar cream on the incision sites now. Still some soreness and numbness around the elbow and back of the arms. Getting better every day though...Next appointment is in November - 6 weeks post-op - Gonna try to not post pics until then. I think I'm getting a bit too obsessive ;-)
Hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend!!


I knew this day would come. The day when I'd look in the mirror and not love what I'm seeing. I know it's still very early in the healing process but I have banding and lumps on both arms not to mention swelling. I know it will get better and my doctor will make sure I'm happy with the final result, but at the moment, I'm not feeling great.....Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!

2 months on and feeling good!

My arms are looking pretty great! No more pain and the incision sites are healing well. I've had a few comments such as "You look like you've lost weight!", but nothing crazy. The results are subtle. I look like me, just a bit better ;-) I think they will continue to look better as the months go on...especially when I can get back to my usual yoga practice...I've been sidelined by a wrist injury the last few months (NOT related to this surgery!). Updated photos soon!

I was very impressed when I met Dr. Sterry during my consultation and have continued to be more impressed as we've worked together. Not just a skilled surgeon, he is a super nice guy with a great bedside manner. He's a straight shooter who won't promise things he can't deliver. His staff members are uniformly excellent. Professional but not cold or distant. Just really nice people. I'm sure as I age there will be more things I'll want to improve on, and at this point, I can't imagine going to anyone else.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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