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As most of you that have been on the site, I've...

As most of you that have been on the site, I've been researching weight loss options for many years and have been on this site for over a year. Just reading and reading and have decided to begin the process of WLS surgery myself. I'm 5'2" and 215 lbs. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure about 4 years ago from a virus which attacked my heart muscle and in turn made me very ill. My heart function was 20%, now 35%. After 6 months, I had a defibrillator/pacemaker implanted and this has been life for the past couple of years. As many of you who decide on WLS, I have been overweight since a teenager and have tried numerous diets, exercise programs and have successfully been able to lose 50 lbs on my own but gained that back plus more 3 years later. The fact that I was working out a few times a week before my virus is one of the reasons I feel I was able to survive such a low heart function. I'm on several medications a day for high blood pressure, cholesterol, multiple heart meds. I do feel that my body has changed severely and the process of losing a couple of pounds is not the same. I keep gaining, gaining and gaining. I need to take control of my body and get my SEXY back! I'm way too outgoing to have this weight hold me back from being the person I know I can be. I almost lost my life 4 years ago and have not told anyone but my sis in my immediate family because I know they will think I'm NUTS! I'm not afraid of surgery and I feel this is something that I need to do to feel better and may help my heart function level as well. I'm already beginning the process of all the appointments and testing. I had my psych consult last week and was given the approval for surgery. I had my sleep apnea testing done, abdominal ultrasound, began food & fitness classes as well as support group classes. I am due for an Upper GI series mid march and a few more things and I'll see the surgeon again mid April to move forward and hope that my insurance will approve the surgery. Thanks to everyone on this site who has given me great detailed advice along the way. I hope to join you all on the SLIM SIDE soon! I'm open to more suggestions and advice.

Testing and more testing!

Well I had my upper GI done today! Doc should have the results by tomorrow! I'm having a hard time with my eating habits. Gain gain gain! I wasn't supposed to gain since I started the process. Where is the motivation when I need it!! I have to get my mind right! I have one support group to go, medical clearance form and cardiac clearance letter from my cardiologist before I return to see the surgeon mid April! Then hopefully clearance from insurance! Looking forward to what's in store for me this year!

Waiting on my clearance paperwork....

I have one more support group to attend besides my medical and cardiology clearance. My cardiologist wants to know what surgery and anesthesia I will be having before giving me clearance. I have no darn clue so I figure the surgeon can get in contact with the cardiologist and make this happen! My doc is waiting on the cardiologist report to clear me. I guess i'm in no rush, I'm due back to see the surgeon and nutritionist mid April. I figure I'd would have seen the nutritionist already but I guess they have their own method to their madness. Either way I won't be able to schedule surgery at least until mid June when I have a break. My family still does not know and I've been keeping pretty quiet about everything in general.

Got everything done except....

Updating on my previous, everything is done by now but still waiting my cardiologist and medical clearance. The cardiologist wanted me to have another echocardiogram since the one I had was back in 2014. I did that last week. She's still unclear as to what they need but the surgeon's office was going to contact her again. I wanted to have everything signed off on before I see surgeon on Wednesday but the office told me it would be OK if I didn't have the clearance right now. They can work with the check list of other items I need to bring in to send to the insurance for approval. I also see the nutritionist for the first time on Wednesday. Either way, I'm moving along in the process. I'm hoping for surgery some time mid-June when I'm not as busy. As always, thanks for the support and well wishes.

Finally got clearance from both docs....

Finally got clearance from both my medical doc and cardiologist to move forward. Now waiting on the outcome of the insurance company. They told me I should hear back in about a week. I asked for them to schedule me in June. Keeping my fingers crossed with the insurance company.


I had to contact them but I did get my approval for surgery in June. They were ready to go sooner but I was not. I have to see them a week before for pre-op bloodwork and to see the anesthesiologist to discuss the surgery. My 2 previous procedures, I felt everything. I don't want to go through that again. Although, I have high tolerance for pain, and pain meds usually have the opposite effect on me, I need them to just KNOCK me out! lol All is coming along, soon I will join ya'll on the sleeved side.

Suggestions on the pre-op diet

How long did you have to do the pre-op diet for and what do you guys suggest to eat? I love my protein shakes but what broth, jello, popsicle brands did you all enjoy. I'm not really sure what other foods besides the ones I listed are allowed. TIA I like to plan.

Before photos...yuck!!!


All went well with my pre-op appointment. Just wanted to make sure the anesthesiologist was going to knock me out. I'm only required to do 2 days of liquids but I think I'm going to try 3 days...TRY! lol Mentally, thinking about food funerals, I want it all (chicken wings, Red Lobster, mac & cheese, french fries, etc)! lol Next week will be here before you know it and I will be joining you all on the Loser's bench!

Starving but tomorrow's the day....

I am freakin' starving. Went to a BBQ Sunday and couldn't have any food...torturous!!! Sipping on broth, jello, popsicles and premier protein. Feeling slightly anxious for what I'm about to face, the what ifs and just not knowing. Putting it in God's hands that all will be well and that this will be the best decision for me. I will keep you posted.

Im on the sleeved side

Just wanted to update you all that I got out well! Gas pains are kicking my butt but I'm sipping sipping sipping!

2 days post op

I'm feeling weak, tired as heck. The gas pains and incisional pains are what hurt most! I almost feel like I'm going to need an IV for fluids but I am able to get down fluids pretty good. I'm drinking smart water, G2 for electrolytes and 100% whey protein shakes to get in what I need! I've had a few episodes of dry heaving almost like throwing up but I believe it's all the darn gas! I'm using gas-x strips and heating pad to sleep with! I intend to get as much rest as possible! I must say this is not easy at all but I believe it will be worth it. I do know my pressure was low I overheard them saying I went down to the 40's during surgery. My pressure is usually low because of all the meds I take. I don't intend to take my water pills, that doesn't make sense to me as that is all I'm taking in at this time. I don't want to land in the hosp for dehydration. I follow up with doc next week. Only complaint is the 5mg Percs he gave me and I specifically told him they don't work for me. I need 10mg of Oxycodone just to keep me calm but those narcotics don't take the pain away. Looking forward to these gas pains going away and feeling more energy. I am taking the chewable multi-vitamins and dissolvable B12. I purchased powder calcium citrate so I hope to get that in soon. I know that helps with energy as well. Will keep you guys posted.

Looking for feedback...

I woke up today more tired than usual. The nutritionist had called me and told me I should be drinking more. Which I told her I drink when i'm not asleep. She asked me why are you sleeping so much? I can go from 0-100 really quick (that's the NY girl in me lol), I told her I had major surgery I'm exhausted! I'm doing my best. I wanted to say a couple of F words in there because I'm in pain and i'm not textbook "patient" but I think I'm doing well. My best gf had the surgery and she was only able to get in 6 oz of liquids the entire day for the week. I'm taking in about 40 oz a day. My biggest complaint today is just feeling like I have no energy! On to my question, how soon did you travel after surgery?? I'm thinking of going away next month but not sure if my energy will be up to it. I intend to relax mostly but I'll be going stir crazy staying indoors without enjoying the summer for another month. Can you ladies provide some feedback. Thank you for listening to me run my mouth! lol


Walked a lot more today. That helped me used the potty I guess. It's been 4 days so that was good! Sorry TMI! The gas is moving but I need it to come out. That's driving me crazy! I find myself puking in the mornings a lil while into being awake. No bueno! But I am here and moving forward in this process. Can't wait to have a piece of meat! LOL


Down 15lbs from my SW....YAYYY!!!! So I'm coming along. They moved me to the puree stage (for another 3-4 weeks) which makes me want to gag! I've been nauseous lately but been trying to get in about 50-56 oz of liquids in. I'm not really a fan of yogurt or cottage cheese. I'm going to try other stuff, eggs, cheese, chicken salad and maybe pureed soup. Any advice from the vets will help?? For the newcomers it's a process, you have to learn to sip and eat slowwwwly! Which is truly a learning curve for me.

HW 215.6
SW 211
CW 196

Seem to be a standstill on Week 2

Not sure what's going on but I seem to be on a stand still this week. I guess week 1 was successful but week 2 is showing no weight loss. Today specifically, I've been very hungry but of course the max I can eat is 2 oz at once sitting. I'm trying to increase my water intake to see if it helps.


So it seems that this mini stall broke and I'm actually down another 8lbs so a total of 23lbs in week 2 1/2. I'm ecstatic now. I'm down to 188. I increased my water intake and started walking. I personally don't see the difference but everyone else does. Let's hope this continues and I'll be down to my desired goal in a couple of months. Keep pushing everybody!

7 WEEKS POST OP...need some input from Vets!

So I'm 7 weeks post op and have lost a total of 28lbs. My scale is moving slowwww to me at least. I feel that I have lost most of my weight the first 3 weeks. I've been doing this couch to 5k app and found that I'm feeling really weak when I'm jogging. I am also walking a few miles 4-5x a week. I'm still getting in about 3 tbsp of food (mainly protein) at each meal. I think I may need to start incorporating some carbs to help with this feeling. VETS please provide some input. Thank you!!!


Yessss finally at week 7 i'm down 30lbs. Good thing, went out last night and I received so many compliments. :) Some couldn't pinpoint what was going but they said I looked great! I guess we don't see what others see but that's usually the case. Moving in the right direction, thank God! I will get there with hard work because my body isn't going to lose this weight on it's own. I have committed to being my healthiest and fittest after this surgery! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

I'm in the 170's....after 5 weeks stall!

Been on vacation for over a week and finally broke my 5 week stall! I have been jogging, walking and exercising in the pool. Moving in the right direction thankfully!!! Losing inches for sure. Finally noticing the difference. I have a couple of pics, not great ones but I will post when I get home. Hope you all are still living life and enjoying your summer!

A few photos

Not the best quality photos but here they go!

The scale is moving slow but moving....

I'm still losing slowwwwly and focusing on exercising and to get under 160. I'm wearing size 12 pants (that are too big) from 16 and medium shirts from 1x. I'm losing inches can't really be mad about that! Looking to get into that bikini next summer! #goals

Finally in the 160's.....

Finally in the 160's down 4 pants & 4 shirt sizes. Slowwwly but surely getting to where I want to be. I still have some ways to go but I'm working my butt off to get there. Been busy with life so not following up as often. Hope all of you are enjoying life as well!!

Finally in the 160's....

Pic above. For some reason my post did not update in the newsfeed.

Still working hard.....

It's just a tool and completely up to you to make it happen! I'm happy though!

Next goal is to be out of the 160's...

The less weight you are the harder you have to work! I signed up for my first 5k next month! Even if I'm not able to jog it with my bad knees, I will walk it! My goal is to jog & walk it! Looking forward to it! I'm actually feeling now in the last couple of days that I have more energy at month 4 post op! Weird!

I'm in the 150's....next goal is to be in the 140's....

Just got into the 150's today...looking forward to going into the 140's and be at my goal. Although my goal is to be in a bikini by next summer at least. So whatever weight that is, is where I'd like to end up.

I'm still in the 150's.....

Just an update I'm still in the 150's but hopefully I'll be out of them soon. It's been a month since I've been here. The less you have to lose the slower the weight goes. Holidays o holidays have been a lil tough with all the goodies. I still can only eat about 1/4cup - 1/2 cup of food 6 months post op. I'm happy though I've lost a total of 58 pounds. My goal is to be 140 and if I do maintain this weight then I will get ready for the next phase of things which will be plastic surgery. This girl right here wants the works. lol I hope everyone is doing well so far in their journey!! Always wishing you all the best! Please feel free to comment or inbox me.

Non Scale Victory (NSV)....

I'm officially off of my sleep apnea machine and no longer have obstructive sleep apnea. Yayyyy, off this stupid machine! It never did help me anyway. I've been struggling with being tired, exhausted really for a good month now. Trying to just snap out of it. I am still taking my vitamins faithfully! Hope all of you are starting the year well!

Update from January - 11 months post op

Hello everyone I've been somewhat MIA from the site. Life happens. Usually check my messages though. Im still holding steady at 150 and im happy with that. I eat pretty much anything I want. I do prefer to pick more than eat. Looking to have plastic surgery next year to touch up the things that bother me. All in all the best decision for me was to have WLS. Feel free to reach out if you want.
Manhattan Bariatric Surgeon

I've only met my surgeon at the initial consultation. He is the chief of staff and has a lot of years experience in WLS. This area is his expertise. I actually saw him several times before surgery and he is great, very well-mannered and answered all my questions.

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