228.8 Lbs, Bmi 37, Diabetic, Blood Pressure Issues, 5'5" 40 Years Old Mother of 4 - New York, NY

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I decided to get VSG after I was having trouble...

I decided to get VSG after I was having trouble walking, just turned 40 and my health & vitals was going crazy all of a sudden. I work in marketing in a high pressure active job. I couldn't afford to be immobile and continue to have health issues. So I did my research found out Dr. Alfons Pomp is the best in NYC at VSG. Set up a meeting at Cornell Weill as soon as I turned 40 in sept 2015. It was the best decision I ever made. I do have some issues with some of the staff and follow up care.

But, the post follow up management isn't what matters as much as the surgeons actually surgical skill and my health stats end results. So my wounds healed with no issue. I hardly have scars. And my weightloss was immediate and continues. My vitals for diabetes, pulse and blood pressure are all NORMAL. Within 3 days of surgery all my health issues magically disappeared. Years of being on glumetza and now my diabetes was just gone.

My stats are at 4 months post op as follows. VSG date: 10.29.15 | HW: 228.8 lbs (37 bmi severely obese) | Lost: 52.2 lbs | CW: 176.6 lbs (29 bmi overweight).

So my highest weight I was severely obese with 2 or more co-morbidities : diabetes and high blood pressure and Erractic pulse. My current weight is now considered just overweight. I continue to lose weight. My goal weight is 145 lbs. to hit the weight class of :normal.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram: gastricsleeve_nika

Another before and after progress update

Here's another before and after photo. And my current weight status update. My "mini" goal for 6 months post op is 165 lbs. My ultimate goal at 18 months post op is 145 lbs. I'm 8 lbs away from my mini goal with a month more til the mini goal deadline. I hope I can do it! ????

I'm 10 months out & doing great

Hi All,

Just wanted to show my progress at 10 months. I'm at my mini goal weight of 165. Ultimately I want to be 145 lbs. So I've lost 63 lbs and I have 20 more to go.

I'm adding some photos of my progress.

On Instagram, I've been posting my entire sleeve journey with daily updates and weekly before and afters. My IG username is: nikalove_lives

But I highly recommend Dr. Pomp. My niece just had the surgery by him a month ago. She's already down 20 lbs. He's pretty amazing. And right now, I eat everything I want. Just in smaller portions. So to put it into perspective, I still love pizza. I just can only eat 1 slice and I'm full. It's been great. I have had no complications to speak of.

My biggest issues are remembering to hydrate enough. Not eating too late at night. Those are my struggles. They may be why I am losing slower these days. But I am still losing. And I'm super happy with my progress.

I ?? my sleeve

Almost a full year out. A few more weeks (oct 29) and it's my one year surgiversary. Here's some recent photos of my progress. I post daily on Instagram. Feel free to see my progress there. @nikalove_lives
New York Bariatric Surgeon

I do think Dr. Pomp is an excellent surgeon. I'd recommend him and this surgery. My neice is going to do it next. But be warned, his staff isn't quite as good as his work. So I'd warn you that pre-op they are phenomenal. The girl Jennifer kim I think her name is, who handles his pricing is clear and gets you set up great. The nutritionist Adriana is decent. A bit matter of fact but thorough and tells you what to eat. Gives a lot of paperwork to read on food and what to do in the various post op phases. . The hospital stay is phenomenal. My room felt like a hotel and the nurses were great especially as relates to pain meds and monitoring. But the post op follow ups and care has been a disappointing, in my opinion. After you have the surgery, I feel that Dr. pomp simply don't care much about the recovery just the stats they need for their analysis for the school. He leaves it to Halsey his daily representative who gives differing opinions on things and does not do a great job of logging proper info. For instance, she asked me like three times if she put me on gallbladder pills. I had that removed. So no she did not note it or look before we met. Then, from day one I explained I take milk thistle due to a pre-existing liver issue. I even asked her if my issue stopped me from having surgery. She said no. But she did not note my liver issue in my first pre-op visit. So I recently did have a serious issue with Dr. Pomp accusing me of withholding impt health info, which I did not. His staff actually didn't log the info from our first meeting properly. So that really pissed me off to be chastised for an error on his team's fault. I'm sure he is covering his team's butt. But for me to be told by Halsey she will talk to him about my liver concerns. Then him tell me he didn't know about it before is not cool. Also for my meds to have been thoroughly questioned and supposedly logged but in my first follow up visit to be told by Halsey, I'm not sure why your meds are logged wrong. She had to re-enter details. It does seem clear their system and tracking has a lot to be desired. So I do think the hospital really needs to ensure properly documents convos and medical histories are logged. While I will admit that Halsey seems to be the more "caring one" she isn't as on point as his surgical skills are. But they are a school as well as hospital so maybe that's why their documenting has some errors. As much as that situation was trifling. I would still give Dr. Pomp high marks as his actually surgery skill and my results are pretty phenomenal.

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