Eprime For Non Invasive Treatment For Skin Tone and Laxity - New York, NY

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I am a 37-year-old woman with good quality genes....

I am a 37-year-old woman with good quality genes. I was interested in a preventative noninvasive treatment to help maintain my skin tone and laxity. I chose Eprime therapy due to its safety record and efficacy. Based on my research and my consultantion with my dermatologist, one Eprime procedure can turn back the clock about three years and generally lasts 18 months.

Today I had E prime procedure. The entire procedure lasted about two hours. I had numbing medicine place on my face for about an hour. The doctor'sa physician assistant then proceeded to inject my face with a lidocaine and epinephrine mix. The dermatologist then explained the process to me. Technically speaking, five micro needles are injected into your skin to the level of the dermis and my skin was heated to 67° for about three seconds each pass. It was relatively painless except for the level of the jaw. I felt a level 3 out of 10 pain when she went over my jaw line. But it was manageable and certainly not more than the pain that I have experienced with a prior fraxel procedure.

After the procedure, I did not feel any pain. My face was swollen significantly in the treatment area. I had multiple puncture wounds throughout both cheeks and jaw line. My skin contour was bumpy. The doctor notified me that I should expect redness for about 3 to 5 days. Additionally irregular contours on my face should also be present and will subside within five to seven days.

The doctor also instructed me to take an oral antibiotic for five days and a topical antibiotic for five days. She advised me to apply I ice packs to my face for 20 minutes every hour today.

So far so good. I will keep you posted on my recovery.

Day 2 after my eprime procedure. The beefy red...

Day 2 after my eprime procedure.

The beefy red puncture wounds are starting to really heal nicely. The welts under my skin are still there--as expected. In most people it lasts a week while in a few it can last a month. The bruising is evolving to a dark purple hue around my chin and cannot be covered up with make up; believe me, I tried. The swelling is still dramatic. My husband told me that I look like a monster today. Ha!

So far, no major surprises. Will update soon.

Day four after procedure. Today I'm less...

Day four after procedure.

Today I'm less swollen but I still am not presentable in public. The puncture wounds are almost gone now and the bruises are healing at a normal rate. They are mainly around my chin and neck region. I bought some paramedical makeup online so I could hide them when I get back to work in three days. The welts under my skin are slowly reabsorbing. I am no longer red.

The main issue that I can't hide is the swelling. I'm hoping that it resolves in the next 72 hours.

Will keep you posted. :)

Day 6 post procedure. The welts under my cheeks...

Day 6 post procedure.

The welts under my cheeks are disappearing. The swelling is much better. The bruises are much smaller. I'm starting to look like mysel again.

All in all, the recovery time appears to be about a week or maybe 10 days.

Well it's been almost two months since my eprime...

Well it's been almost two months since my eprime procedure and I have to say: yes! It did work. The marionette lines are disappearing. A collegue at work told me that it has definitely tightened lifted and filled my face. I suggest that you all start whatever reputable regimen you decide at a younger age in order to prevent more moderate laxity issues. I plan to do tough ups every 18 months or so.

I should expect even more improvement in the next couple of months. Yay!!!!

Hello. Just an update. My face does look...


Just an update. My face does look younger. I would say its 20% tighter. Yay! I'm happy.

My doc is great. She did the procedure herself and I definitely don't recommend anyone other than the Derm do this.

It didn't hurt one bit. However the swelling lasted 10-12 days. The bumps lasted 7 days. The redness 7 days.
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