I Got Butt Injections About 9 Years Ago and Everything Was Fine Until - New York, NY

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Hi real self, I've never wrote on a blog like this...

Hi real self, I've never wrote on a blog like this before but after reading so many reviews I felt obligated to share my story and I hope it helps someone out there. I had my butt injected once when I was about 19yrs old by a Colombian lady named Barbara in a spa. I knew a lot of girls that did it w her and had it for a while, they were fine. I was told it was aloe Vera gel, now I know that wasn't tru. It was so legit,it was very sterile and she seemed very trustworthy. She even gave me antibiotics. I already had a little butt so I was satisfied doin it the 1 time (while many girls I knew at the time went about 5) I paid 1000$. after it was done I did follow up w her and I got massages manually and w a suction type machine that made it softer. It looked amazing although I must admit it was a little hard but nothing noticeable. I continued 2 see her every so often for massages and actually recommended like 5 of my friends so when I would see her she would treat me really good and make me feel super comfortable.
About 4 yrs ago I went back to her for a retouch n she put a bit more only 200$, bu now her office was completely renovated, bigger and you can tell buissness was great for her. Also I was an exotic dancer and I knew ALOT of girls that went to her by than (at least 15). So needless to say I had no worries. She injected me and I went on my way the same as the last time no sitting for 2 wks and meds for 1 week. Went back two wks later for massage n follow up.
A Couple of months later I heard from some girls I knew that her spa was closed down by the police!! Omg they were sayin a girl was hospitalized, but it wasn't for butt shot it was for some other laser lipo she started doin. I can't believe someone would do lipo in a spa, but really who am I to b talkin look wat I did lol. After that I couldn't find her for a while I heard she was arrested and disappeared. When I found her again months later she opened bac up in a house, and I went to her for massages. This is when I started feeling a really small lump in my butt, I brought It to her attention and she assured me it was nothing and gave me reall hard massages and I noticed it went down. Time went by and to avoid rambling on anymore fast forward today... last I heard of her she was deported. Also I met a few girls that got there butt done by her recently and immediately started having complications as far as many lumps and a lot of hardness. I think after her spa was closed she was injecting something dif and possibly the 2nd time she did me cuz it jus wasn't as soft the second time, thank god I only did a little that time I know girls that have been goin to her for yrs and have done it over 10 times.
Now my butt still looks good but I don't know where to get massages, and my butt is a bit hard on th sides. (I'm from NY so if anyone know where I can go inbox me I'd appreciate it. I lost touch w the girls I knew that went to her.) I still have the lump and now yrs later its a very slight discoloration over it, u can barely notice it but I can. I'm afraid it'll get worse and my butt is sensitive, when I hit it it hurt more than normal and if I try to lay on my butt on something hard its really uncomfortable. What's to come in the future? Idk and that scares me more than anything. I pray to god this is it but only he knows. That's why I say it isn't worth it. Also I read horror stories on here about ppl fighting for there lives, having infections, becoming deformed! Like there's nothing worth letting that happen 2 u. I'm not trying to preach or scare I'm just sharing my story and its the truth, I'm older and wiser now n if I had it 2 do again I wouldn't. Be careful out there u may kno ppl that had it for yrs and r fine but look at me 10 yrs and now I'm starting to worry and you never know, everyone is diff. Also there's so much surgery out there these day to get a butt safely and there's so much more info and awareness now that wasn't out there wen I did this. It was very hush hush and if u didn't kno someone u couldn't get it. Anyone can feel free to tell me they're story did something similar happen to u? Does anyone kno a doctor who takes it out? I kno I can't b alone even though I feel that way some times. Just b careful ladies think about ur health and future first. You don't wanna be like me lookin 2 get it out yrs down the line

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