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I'm 29 and I broke my nose when I was 12. Ever...

I'm 29 and I broke my nose when I was 12. Ever since then, I wanted it fixed. The CT Scan showed that I have septal deviation as well as hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates. I'm having rhinoplasty as well as septoplasty done.

I've never had surgery so I'm terrified about that in general. I'm also not sure exactly how I want my nose to look. How do you decide? I want it to look as natural as possible. I still want to look like me. My doctor morphed my photos in 2 different ways; one is more aggressive than the other. I welcome all comments, suggestions and advice

Having trouble adding more pictures..it's not letting me add more than 4. So below is what I can add for now.

I decided on the first set of photos that the...

I decided on the first set of photos that the doctor sent me (revision 1). It's more natural and not as aggressive. I added more pics showing of my before and after with revision 1. Now, I'm just waiting to find out how much it will cost. Insurance will supposedly cover the septoplasty only. My deductible is $1,500.

I got my final quote back including what insurance...

I got my final quote back including what insurance will cover (not much). I added my doctor's name and rated him average so far. I will rate him for real after the surgery. I haven't found any reviews on him. He is not a rhino specialist, but his credentials are very good and he comes recommended (for other procedures). I'm having my surgery in Pennsylvania because it is cheaper. I'm will probably set my appointment for the end of September. Also, I am TERRIFIED. I need to set the appointment soon because I'm afraid I'm going to chicken out.

Below are a few tips that I have learned from my doctor. Please help me add to my lists!

Things to get:
Thin rubber gloves and peas/corn for icing
Neck pillow
Arnica pills and gel (I don't plan on going crazy with the gel as it does have a drying effect)
Tylenol Extra Strength for pain after the hard stuff (No ibuprofen)
Bromelain supplement and pineapple/pineapple juice
Saline spray

Things to avoid:
I will try to avoid taking ibuprofen for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery
Try to avoid salty foods the week before surgery
No straws
No glasses for 6 weeks
I don't think I can play soccer for at least 3 months. I'm going to be very nervous about playing again, as I have been hit with the ball twice in the nose in the past few months.

I've been hoping to schedule my appointment soon,...

I've been hoping to schedule my appointment soon, but before I rush into it, I wanted to make sure that the estimate the dr. gave me was correct according to what my insurance will cover. Has anyone had any luck getting insurance to cover a rhinoplasty if they were injured in the past? Mine will only cover septoplasty except for a few certain circumstances that need to be documented by an ENT.

I'm also interested in pursuing other doctors because the office has not been returning my last few emails regarding pictures of the doctors work and clearing up a discrepancy with my deductible. I'm going to look into going to an ENT, if anyone has any recommendations in the NYC/NJ or even Eastern PA area, let me know.

I decided to check out where I live in NYC. Any...

I decided to check out where I live in NYC. Any personal recommendations appreciated!

Anyone know of Dr. Guy Lin? I'm going for a...

Anyone know of Dr. Guy Lin? I'm going for a consult. I'm hoping to find a doctor soon because these consultation fees are quite pricey.

I had my consultation with Dr. Guy Lin today. The...

I had my consultation with Dr. Guy Lin today. The consultation was $200 + $20 copayment. It went pretty well and he was very thorough. He did do me the favor of pointing out all of my asymmetries. I guess that was done to point out that fixing my nose will not make me perfect. That is not what I'm expecting.

I'm waiting for an estimate, but I know that the rhino will be $7,000. The estimate I got from a doctor in NJ/PA was $5,800 for both rhino and septo. I definitely feel more comfortable with an ENT/rhino specialist than just a plastic surgeon. However, I may need to push the surgery back to save more money. I'm apprehensive about surgery, but it's something that I really want. I have wanted it for so long. I really just want to pull the trigger and get it over with already.

If anyone has any info on costs in NYC or this doctor, please share!

Thanks for all the comments. This process is very...

Thanks for all the comments. This process is very daunting. Once you find a doctor, how can you decide on how you want your nose to look. It's such a huge deal. I have 2 morphs from 2 doctors. I'm not sure about either of them. I definitely want a natural nose. I guess I will discuss more with the doctor of course, but all comments appreciated. I have added the morph from the first doctor.

Am I getting ripped off? Help.

So it has been 3 years since I first had a consultation! I'm finally moving forward with a septo/rhino. I was hoping to have most of the surgery covered by insurance since my nose deformity was caused by an injury. However I'm being told by the doctor office that I have to pay the faciality and anesthesia fee out of pocket which is $1800 along with a $7500 fee for the doctor. Then my insurance will cover the septo/turbinate fee. Is this normal? It seems odd to have to pay out of pocket for the hospital fees. $7500 also seems very high for the minimal amount of cosmetic changes that we discussed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Surgery on Tuesday

My surgery is for next Tuesday. Here is what I'm planning on having for recovery should I get anything else?

Arnica Cream
Biotene mouth spray
Saline spray
Extra Strength Tylenol
Cough drops
Frozen peas and rubber glove for icing
Cold eye mask
Green juice
Apple Sauce
Dairy Free ice cream

Also, has anyone else had issue getting cost for their surgery. It's been a nightmare. The hospital and doctor office are telling me different numbers each time I speak to them and I have to call someone else to find out the anesthesia cost. The whole process has been a mess.
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