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Hi I saw dr.Sam Rizk for consultation almost a...

Hi I saw dr.Sam Rizk for consultation almost a month ago (April) for rhynoplasty which I was dreaming to get done since 7 th grade :)) I was called bunch of names , crocodile face or my family members called me potato nose , yeh it's kind of round but till this day it annoys me deep down :Dr.Sam was very polite but not your average American happy person, no smile at all :)) I was reading reviews here and was afraid that he wouldn't let me talk but the opposite . I was quite nervous but I explained my issues that I wanted nose to be narrowed and the tip reshaped etc . He listened patiently then he explained that they are certain limitations and I will not get small skinu nose, asked me if I wanted little tiny bump removed from my profile -I never noticed it before . He told me that I will need septoplsty for sure if we narrow nose ( cause I have slite deviation) . Which other dr told me before too. He's only fee ( without facility and anesthesia) is 15 k . I send my CT results week ago to the office. I'm still waiting for them to call me - hope my insurance will cover my septoplsty ( fingers crossed) . Overall I would say I wanted to see some comp imaging or anything done to have clear understanding exactly how will my nose look like to just ne sure that we are on the same page with the dr!!! My husband on the other hand was very pleased with him ( he said he's strait forward and honest without to much talk bla bla bla )

How to choose the Day for your surgery:)

Ok electing day of surgery or other medical prosidures ?
I thought it would be easy , just check your scedule ( if you're working) and the person who will be driving / taking care of you , right?
Nuh! My mom told me to check the moon/ astrology ??!!! I though wats that all about :)))
So I did a research ---Moon void of course , mercury and mars retrograde and that if the planet represents the part of the body your not suppose to operate on that part of the body and so on and so on ,never heard about it before :&
Wanted to share with you girls and gents :) good luck to all of you with your upcoming procedures or recoveries :) Love K.K. ( my initials are really kK , I know -lame :P
SRongly Favorable
The week before the New Moon. Do this, and you are halfway there.
Waning Moon, at least 5 days past full is best.
Trines and sextiles from transiting Mars. Mars trine or sextile the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Saturn, or Pluto is especially good. But any “kiss” (favorable transit) from Mars is good and supports a positive outcome. Remember we are concerned with transits to the patient’s birth chart and to other transiting planets in the sky. So if, for example, transiting Mars is trine the patient’s Sun but square transiting Saturn, look for another day.
Trines and sextiles to and from Mercury. Mercury governs the information, details, logistics, and minute procedures of the operation.
Mercury or Mars conjunct Jupiter. Mercury or Mars conjunct or opposite Venus, Jupiter or each other may work if there is support from other planets or the Moon. But not if there’s a planet or the Moon squaring it. Mars conjunct Mars is good. Avoid Mars opposite Mars.
Favorable transits from outer planets (Jupiter-Pluto) to patient’s natal chart
Favorable transits from the Moon to other transiting planets, especially Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Venus isn’t that important unless it’s a cosmetic procedure.
Nice if you can get it
Moon in a fixed sign— Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
The Moon’s final aspect before going void of course being favorable
(for cosmetic procedures) Venus in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, or Pisces
Strongly unfavorable
Avoid surgery within 3-5 days of the full Moon. Avoid the waxing Moon. Just a few days after the new Moon is ok, but the closer to full, the more potential for problems.
Mars squares. Mars under stress signals hasty action, accidents, pain, inflammation, bleeding, arguments, anger, fighting. Basically all the stuff you don’t want around you when you’re having surgery. I do not recommend surgery when there is a square from transiting Mars or to natal Mars. (Venus square Mars could go under “avoid if you can”, if it’s not a cosmetic surgery, if there’s no other trouble around it, and if there is something good or very good to offset it.)
Mars conjunct or opposite Sun, Moon, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Mars conjunct or opposite Mercury or Venus may work if there is support from other planets or the Moon. If there’s another squaring planet, probably not.
Mercury or Sun square or opposite Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Mars retrograde
Mercury retrograde
Unfavorable transits from the Moon to to other transiting planets, especially Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Venus isn’t that important unless it’s a cosmetic procedure.
Unfavorable transits to the planet that rules the part of the body undergoing surgery. Moon for stomach and breasts, Mercury for lungs and hands, Jupiter for liver, Sun for the heart, etc.
Avoid if you can
Moon in the sign that rules the part of the body being operated on. (Every sign corresponds to a part of the body. For example Aries is associated with the head. Therefore, Moon in Aries is not the time to operate on the ears, jaw, brain, eyes, head, or face.)
Moon void of course
Moon in the sign opposite your Sun sign
Mars in the sign opposite your Mars sign
Moon in a mutable sign— Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
Unfavorable transits from outer planets to patient’s natal chart.
The Moon’s final aspect before going void of course being unfavorable
(for cosmetic procedures) Venus in Aries, Virgo, or Scorpio

My future Nose

This is how I see my nose will look like soon !!!!!

I'm doing it !!!

Hi guys I am doing this!!! I have booked my surgery !!! It's in June :)
Wow :D I will have before and after pictures too?!
Had blood work done already, tomorrow going to fam doc for medical clearance .

More pics of the noses that I would love to get out of this surgery :)

Decisions ,decisions- Bedrest pillow :)))

I am trying to prepare as much as possible . I want to look after myself without bothering my family . Does anyone owns this pillows ??don't know which one should I order :)

One thing at a time

Finally I chose a pillow. I was thinking on ordering one , but today went to Brookstone and ended up buying one . Best part is it was 99.99$ and I got 20$ off when you spend 100$ - (Father's Day promo )

I am almost there :))

Hi guys my surgery is just weeks away , getting really anxious :)) I am trying not to talk too much about it to my family, don't want to be annoying or seem too self center . I just never had any surgery before so I think I am little nervous about that, that's all:)
But to those who are really nervous just think positive always , ALWAYS!!!

Pre op consultation

Hi had a great pre op consultation with Dr Rizk today. Little changes in the initial plan. Optimistic , realistic , happy , excited !!!
I wish to all of you great lick on your journeys and lots of love :*

I wish you all the Luck!!

Haha I don't know how to edit my previous posts :)obviously I wish you guys Luck not Lick :))))))

I did it !!! Yeah !!!

Hi everyone it's my first night after the surgery , i feel great , can't breath through my nose, but that's fine. After sitting in traffic getting back home 5 h instead of 2 I'm happy to be home :) icing icing icing :)) good luck to everyone out there:* who's considering any kind of surgery :)

Day 2

So all night I couldn't sleep , I soon as I would douse off I could hear me snoring and gasping for air, my throat was dry , I had some watermelon precut into tiny cubes ( in zip lock) so that helped a lot.
Yeast words after surgery I felt nauseous I keep telling the nurses they gave me all they had trough IV , and my husband Judy asked them to put a scopolamine patch it starts working in 3 hours and lasts up to 3 days- anti nausea medicine . Other then that I don't remember anything from surgery my doctor was cool, he decided not to narrow my nostrils just the bridge narrowing and tip work. He said that if down the road after a year I still want nostril reduction he ll do it for free no problem at his office under local anesthesia . I haven't had any bruising yesterday , today is day 2 and I see some tiny lines Andre my eyes that's all . He's tecniques are amazing I guess, 3 D rhynoplasty etc etc. I forgot to mention that I had septoplasty/ rhynoplasty/sindisis drained . Every year I get very bed sinus infection which is now chronic so I can't wait to breath like normal person:)) I ve had 3 x percoset yesterday and today nothing , it's afternoon already and I took some Tylenol .
There are so many bruised up before pics I feel grossed out to put mine up , when I ll remove the cast ( 10 th day- because of bridge work has to stay longer) then I'll post some before and afters :) good luck guys to all


My husband is not Judy - I meant just
Andre- under
Sindisis- sinusis
Sorry guys for all those typos

Day 3-4 post op

Hi everyone i got more brusing at day 3 and my eyes and chicks got little bit swolen . Congestion , constipation , swelling are some of those major problems during recovery !!!

This is what I did and helped me
1. I stopped taking percoset after day 1 and switched to Tylenol on day 2 that's it , day 3 and 4 I took nothing .( percoset =constipation)

2. Icing icing icing - I was icing on and off for 3 days even at night , always changing ice packs. So my swelling is truly minimal ( even though my bridge bone was very wide and was broken during surgery)

3. Congestion - started after day 1 it feels like inside is swolen and all the passages are shot tight . I would drink water and my ears would get cloged like the water was going inside or smth .very weird :0
After day 1 or even on day one as directed by doctor I started to spray the saline solution . 2sprays in each nostril as offen as possible , every 2 /3hours when I was bleeding and every 1 /2 hours when bleeding stopped . My passages (inside nostrils) are almost normal I can breath through them it's a miracle for me :)) cause I remember when my hubby had just deviated septum surgery he couldn't breath for 5 days . ( I had 3 in one ( devieted septum , sinuses drained, major bone narrowing )

This is step by step of my routine:
I take my gauss off , clean my face gently with baby wipes,spray the saline spray , clean outside and inside nostrils with q-tips / hydrogen peroxide , wait till it gets dry and put on mupirocin ointment - inside and out nostrils . Last step I put arnica Jel or cream on forehead and chicks ( avoid eyes). Then put the tape with gauss back on . It's 15 min , but do it every 1-1,5 h
Don't forget to take the old cream or Jel off of your face with baby wipes each time .

4.Sore trout - it's a big problem too , you will probably get from doc or hospital bag Cepacol ,note that hospital Cepacol ( active ingredients were benzocaine 15 mg
Menthol -2.6mg)
The most extra strength Cepacol I got from local pharmacy ( benzocaine 7,5mg)
So it's half the strength . Make sure you get the 15 mg one
I just used one tablet and that's it
I was drinking cold sips of water ( straw) and more healthier choice than medicine was frozen fruits , like raspberries , watermelon in precut in tiny cubes . It really helped me I guess ,if I only used 1 tablet Cepacol . It's very unpleasant waking up to a dry mouth and sand like tongue but just plain water and fruits did wanders for me !!! Ice cream too:))!!

Constipation has to be avoided for obvious reason. My menu that helped me avoid this problem : fruits , fruit smoothies without yogurt or juice, pee soup, spinach, chared and leek paste , plain Greek yougurt , eggs with half avocado -vegitarian soup without bread or crackers - everything was made with 0 salt in them .That was probably main thing that helped me not to be swolen up after all those broken bones. Doc orders are "low sodium diet" - I just did No sodium diet!!! Cause of the dry mouth and tongue you don't taste food anyway !

I wanted to tell you guys about how helpful was scopolamine patch that my husband requested to put on me before I left the surgery center. I was sooooo nauseous and reading all the blogs ppl troughing up constantly after rhynoplasty made me anxious . Plus I had to go home ( 2 h drive- witch turned out to be 5 h because of the traffic)
Please please please don't forget to ask the nurse /doc about that patch it really helped me . ( it stays on for 3 days releasing medicine - when you take it off after 3 days wash your hands thoroughly it's very toxic).During nose job surgeries patients tent to swallow a lot of blood and it makes the stomach eachy and that's why we are nauseous.

Hm what else ? My pillow that I got from Brookstone (above post) was lifesaver and U shaped pillow, it fixes your head when you are asleep .
On the ride home :
Don't forget to take U pillow and fluffy blanket , warm socks - anesthesia gives you chills so it's very nice , I had one small pillow for my back too.
Little backet ( in case you trough up) and plenty of gauze and tape . Zip locks . And the most important your pain medications !!!!!!!!!! I was stuck in this traffic and I don't know what I would have done without them , so first thing first when you pack your bag for hospital put your painkillers .

Ok I'm getting tired now . Hope this will help someone .
And good luck

Cast off on day 10

Hi guys I had my cast removed yesterday , I heard it is preaty painful so I took some percoset :)) 30 min before my app. ( cast removal was ok, but stitches ahhhaaaaaa it was painful and my eyes started to get watery:)))
Well the nurse Tatyana is so great , she has the most gentle hands and we talked a lot!!! So it distracted me :))
Let me start from saying that I am very very very resonanble ,realistic person and Dr. Rizk told me from the begining that considering my wide bridge and overall wide tip - bulbous etc etc he would not gonna make my nose super small , for me with my deviated septum and chronic sinusitis it's not the smartest thing to do .
So when I looked into the mirror I was in shock I couldn't believe that I have a relatively thin, normal bridge !!!! I had one sentence in my head- omg how it's possible ? How it's possible !!! It was perfect , my tip and bridge are still swolen but I see it has definition , refinement , all that I was hoped but never thought possible !!! I wanted to get up and hug him but I didn't think it would be appropriate ( European person issues :)))) I keep saying to him I am so glad I found you!!
I never saw him on tv or magazines just one article popped up on int > then vent to his web site > love the natural "after "pics > that was it :)
My profile got improved I didn't even think I needed anything there , but my nose tip kind of drooped and was like a curved down and now I have a profile like in that picture above ( black and white one )
I truly truly truly wish all of you to have the results that you would love to have! To be happy with it!! Because pre and post surgery is such a tol emotional , financial etc everyone should get a prize afterwards - the results that was worth to go though all that . Love and happiness to all

2 w post op - taping taping and more taping :)

So it's 2 w and full moon = to a really swollen nose :))
My dr told to tape my nose only at the bridge with just two pieces that's it but with moon being full and my tip becoming more balloon ish I decided to tape my tip too like u had it underneath the cast.
It turned out great the swelling vent down overnight , I'll keep changing the tape every day. I got this trick of making my tape wet just take baby wipes / fold/ get it wet/ drape over your nose / lay down / relax / 5min take will be soft and pill it off with tweezers like you would do during waxing -back not up !
My nostrils are kind if uneven - but I don't care I don't care :))) la la la one side of my chick is more swollen than the other, may be that's why :) again I don't care really who looks at my nose from underneath :))
I am wandering when will my bruising go away cause ppl keep staring - hahaha they are probably thinking that I am a victim of domestic violence - poor girl with three kids :)) but how can you explain to every single person that I'm fine it's just nose job :)) oh well
I read somewhere what causes prolonged swelling so I'm a good candidate for that osteotomes - check
Thick skin- check
Tip work with grafts- check
Open rhinoplasty-check
Septoplasty -check ( one side of nostril more swollen)
Can I plz fast forward to one year :))) hahahaa
Look at me complaining - ok stop
Really really grateful everything will be wonderful ! Stop looking at the mirror turning into self centered ( nose centered) person - start giving , helping , making someone smile and happy . Love to all

4 weeks post op

Hi guys I'm just updating - it's almost 4 weeks and I'm still sleeping on a wedge pillow and still taping my nose , haven't had any alcohol for about 8 weeks ( 4 before surgery and 4 after) .
This week had to carpool (boys started sports camp) so I have been out on the sun and my nose doesnt really like it :))) It gets more swolen and I feel pressure inside , gets too tight or smth weird :)) hahaa
But my boys are having so much fun - who cares :) nose or no nose kids come first !!!
It's been only a month and I have to be realistic about results , it's changing it's shrinking , there are days it looks better and those other days too :))) I'm still glad I did it , still thankfull , still grateful !!!
Finally for my nosiversary (nose- anniversary) i am uploading some before and afters - as a thank you to all those ppl who share their stories and pictures and help someone like me and you on our journeys :))

More pictures

Here's my happy nose at the day of surgery and after at 2 w :)) having thick skin it's really hard to see any changes in short period of time .
I ll try to update at 3 m.
Good luck to all and I hope you guys have all the support that you need before, during and after :)
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Sam was professional , listened , advised and was very calm . Staff at the office busy , but attentive .

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