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So after years of hating the way my nose looked...

So after years of hating the way my nose looked (very potato-like/ Telly from Sesame Street lol) I am finally going under the knife and moving forward with a much more fitting nose.
I spent about a year researching different doctors in the NYC area and after carefully analyzing each one I picked out two that I felt could do the work I was looking for. My first choice was Dr. Philip Miller. The consultation was on the pricey side and so was the cost of the procedure but I felt that if you want quality work its gonna cost you.
At the consultation I was impressed on how nice, modern and above all how clean it was. The receptionist was very sweet. I was escorted into a meeting room where I had the pleasure to meet Joe the consultation administrator. He was very helpful and extremely relate-able. He listened to all my concerns and gave good insight on what steps to take in my rhinoplasty journey. He then took a whole bunch of photographs of my nose from all types of angles and then uploaded them to a virtual surgery simulator. He then proceeded to fix all the issues I had described to him that I hated about my "potato" nose and he did wonders! He listened to what I wanted in my results and it was displayed right in front of me. I was so excited!! He then called Dr. Miller in and I must honestly say Dr. Miller was unreal nice and so personable!! He honestly cared about what I disliked and what I was looking for. He also worked with the virtual simulator and edited the photos to perfection to exactly what I was looking for. He didn't stomp on my expectations like I've heard other doctors do. He didn't give me a "I know better than you" speech. He was honest and knowledgeable. He also informed me that they do all surgeries right there in the office and that going to a hospital wasn't necessary which I really liked.
The cost of the surgery was very hefty but like I said before you pay for what you look to get out of it. I enjoyed my consultation so much and loved everything about Dr. Miller and his staff. I can say I left there walking on sunshine!! I would not mind paying top dollar for the care that Dr. Miller's office promised to offer.
So not long after my amazing consultation at Dr. Miller's I decided to head out to my second choice doctor, Dr. Robert Ciardullo of white Plains,NY. His consultations are free and I wanted to see what he was all about since online his reviews were very mixed but his price seemed more reasonable.
So I head out to White Plains to meet up with him. His office was located right next to a hospital. The building where his office is located was very dated and looked like something out of a 1970s movie. When I reached his office I was not surprised to see that it too resembled the 1970s. Very dated and not very welcoming. Dr. Ciardullo himself came out to greet my mom and I. He was kind and professional. His personal office was like stepping into a time warp. I was in the 1970s!! What made me believe it even more was that he did not have a computer in his office and on top of that the before and after photos he had were all in one of those 1980s plastic peel-away photo albums and none of the photos seemed to have been taken in the 2000s!! I was shocked! My mom just looked at me like "what is this?" He gave the both of us a tour of the rest of the office where he has an operating room where he does in-house surgeries and everything seemed very clean but also very very dated. As far as the consultation itself Dr. Ciardullo seemed very brief about everything. He didn't really listen to what I wanted to say and gave me the whole cookie cutter explanation. It didn't make me feel comfortable at all. His price for the surgery was very affordable and reasonable but that didn't matter in my decision making. He was not the right choice for me.
So I made the decision to go with the more fitting and best choice which was Dr. Philip Miller!!

Tomorrow's the big day!!!!

So I am beyond excited for tomorrow!!! I've gotten all of my post-op necessities all in place ready to go. I'm a little nervous about being put under not so much the surgery itself if you can believe that LOL My surgery is scheduled at 6:40 AM I'm not looking forward to waking up early at all. To be honest I haven't really given much thought to the procedure bc I know if I do the anxiety will drive me crazy so I've been trying to keep my mind off of it so I don't get overly excited. I really cannot wait to finally get this nose fixed!! I will try to update as much as I can pictures and all :) Wish me luck!

Today's the day!!!

It's 430 AM and I'm so excited about today!! My surgery is at 640 AM in like an hour!! I'm a little nervous but I'm not scared at all. More excited than anything else. I slept really well surprisingly.
I have an hour drive to the office since I live on Long Island and Dr. Miller is in NYC. Hopefully I make it there in time. I just took Zofran that Dr. Miller prescribed for nausea caused by the anesthesia. I cannot wait to get there!!!

Today's the day!!!

OMG What an experience! Where to begin!? So I got to the office at 630am and was given a gown and cute non-slip socks to wear. I was allowed to wear my undies and bra which I was happy about. I began to get a little nervous once I started going over things with the nurse who was very kind and informative. I looked at my predicted results photo one last time to be sure and I was...100% sure :D
Within minutes the anestititian Dr. Marshall Garland came in to go over step by step what was gong to happen from this point on. He has an awesome sense of humor and calmed my nerves about being put under ( since I've never experienced it I was a little freaked out) he literally explained everything which was really funny and comforting. Dr. Miller walked in and I gave him the biggest hug! I was so happy to see him! He gave a hug right back and then went over all the final things about the surgery and made sure I was feeling ok and ready. Oh I forgot to mention my entire family came with me ( mom, dad and my sister) and were treated just as nicely as I was. Dr. Miller also greeted them and explained what was going to happen during surgery and after.
So right after Dr. Miller, Dr. Garland and the nurse walked with me into the operating room which was clean and nice just like the rest of the office. I laid down on the bed and Dr. Garland once again explained what he was gonna do as he was doing it. He numbed the area if the IV before placing it and it was completely painless! He then put the IV in at the same time the nurse held my hand and Dr. Garland began asking me about things in my life ( I was telling him about my handsome pug Butchy) and just like that I was off to sleep.
When I awoke in recovery I didn't freak out at all I was softly woken up by the nurse asking me how I was. I was in surgery from 7:20am until 9:34am. I felt really congested bc of the packing but other than that I was pretty relaxed no pain at all. She told me to rest. Dr. Miller came in soon after with a huge smile, he said my nose came out so adorable!! I melted! I wanted to smile so bad but I couldn't bc of the packing. So happy! The nurse removed the packing it felt so good! I could breathe! Lol A little while later my mom walked in I was so glad to see her! She told me I looked way better than she thought I would. I wasn't swollen, bruised or beat up like she thought I would be. She gave me my phone and that's when I finally saw my nose myself! It is so cute just like Dr. Miller said! I could already tell what my profile would look like. I could not be happier!!
I got dressed like 30 minutes later and was escorted downstairs and outside by Fabricio who wished me the best.
The drive home was as good as could be considering we were driving through Manhattan traffic. I brought my travel pillow and Frozen blanket so I quickly went to sleep while holding my sister's hand :D
Once I got home I took my pain pill, antibiotic, arnica, and vitamin C. I felt a mild sore throat from the breathing tube they place in so I sucked on a Cepacol and drank a lot of water. Fixed the dry throat and dry mouth right away. I was so happy to lay down in my own bed and finally relax. Pain level from a 1-10 was probably a 3 I was more uncomfortable bc of the gauze mustache I have to wear to catch the dip of blood from my nose.
I ate some baby food ( don't judge me it's so delicious!!!) and watched Dance Moms with my sister keeping myself elevated in bed with 3 pillows and my travel pillow.
Like 5 hours post op I began icing on and off for 20-30 minutes with 10 minute intervals. I do not want to look like a avatar so if I can avoid it I will.
6 hours post op my mom cleaned out my nose with Q-tips dipped in hydrogen peroxide. It felt so good to have all the dried up blood cleaned out, made breathing a lot better.
I've beeing icing on and off continuously and I am right now 9 hours post op, took another pain pill just in case and I'm just chilling. Not in any pain and the discomfort is at a 6 out of 10, pain is at a 2 out of 10. So far it's been a breeze. Last year I had all my wisdom teeth and an additional molar removed all at once without being put under and that was 100000 times worse than this. But I know I can't be too cocky so I'm taking things slow and following a the directions I was given. Thanks for all the well wishes guys. You don't know how much all your kind words meant to me going into surgery. You all gave me the courage to make it through this. Thank you all so much ???? I greatly appreciate it. I will be updating as much as I can w/ pictures bc I feel its much more helpful to see rather than just read. Night guys ????

Day 1

Today has been a day full of congestion. All day. No pain just really annoying congestion. Swelling and some bruising of my eyelids but other then that no changes. I'm so over this congestion tho and icing really sucks. Lol

Day 2

Not as congested as yesterday but still pretty stuffed bruises got a little worse and the swelling us now in my lower cheeks so I look like a chipmunk. I haven't taken any pain meds bc I'm not in any pain. Icing has to be the most annoying process ever. I'm anxious to be healed already! I can't wait to see my new nose :)

Days 3 and 4 Post-op

Not much has changed in the past two days. Swelling is gradually going down and so is the bruising. I'm my as congested as I was before which is amazing! I'm getting so restless being cooped up inside for the past couple of days. I'm feeling a lot better more alert I'm ready to leave my house soon. I don't care about being seen with the cast on my face. I'm going crazy being stuck at home lol

Days 5, 6, 7 and 8 :)

So these past few days things have been looking up as far as swelling and bruising goes. I've been taking arnica and drinking pineapple juice since the day of surgery so I think that has had an effect of the swelling and bruising. Sleeping has been kinda tough bc I have to sleep elevated on three pillows and I've been taking pain meds to help me get to sleep. The feeling has come back to my upper lip, it was numb and stiff since I got my nose done.
Today I'm getting my cast removed and I can not be happier!! It's been torture being stuck inside for so many days! I am ready to get this cast off and these stitches removed and finally get my life back into my old routine.
I'm a little nervous about what it's gonna look like and also about the swelling that occurs after the cast is removed. I'm just overly excited to see my new nose!!

Finally got my cast off!!!

After an hour commute on the train into Manhattan (wearing a surgical mask lol) I made it in one piece to the office! I was beyond anxious and excited to see my new nose!! The doctor's assistant Kelly took care of removing the sutures inside my nose and also on the outsides of my nostrils (alar). It didn't hurt at all. If you have ever gotten your eyebrows threaded you know the amount of pain that is this was nothing compared to that! Getting your eyebrows done is 100x more painful and uncomfortable than getting the stitches removed. It was like getting a nose hair pulled just a second or slight pain and then done. The cast itself when it was taken off just felt like a huge relief! No pain just slight pressure like pinching your nose.
But once that was done I finally got a chance to see my new nose for the first time and what can I say I was IN LOVE!!! It was absolutely what I wanted! Although it is a bit swollen at the tip and some on the bridge it is a beautiful adorable nose!!! Exactly what I wanted!! I cried! I had been hating my nose for so long and to finally see a nose that fit my face words can not describe the feeling! Dr. Miller came in right after and greeted me with a huge hug and I couldn't thank him enough!!! He is an amazing surgeon and a true artist!! I never thought it was possible to even remotely have the nose he made for me and he did it!
I had a real ethnic nose, wide and bulbus, not only that but it was very crooked with wide nostrils and he took that and made this lovely nose of it! I was awestruck!
I cannot wait to see what it will look like at three months, six months and a year from today and just see it come together to a real work of art!
My nose is really numb at the tip and on the bridge but that is totally normal at one week post op. Dr. Miller said it would thank up to three weeks to feel normal and like my own. I no longer have to sleep elevated and was told I could return to my normal face washing routine and makeup. My insisions are barely noticeable. They are a little red but nothing major being that I did have sutures on the outsides if my nostrils I was scared it would be very noticeable but Dr. Miller really did an amazing job with that also. The insisions under my nose are completely non existent! You can't see a thing! It's like nothing ever happened! It perfect! No scar or redness at all! I am so impressed!
If anyone has any questions or need advice on recovery I will be more than happy to help you. I have found so much help on this site and would like nothing more than to pass it on :) thanks for the support guys!!
I'm in LOVE with my new nose and I don't care who knows it!!!!

Forgot to post this photo :)

11 days Post op

So it's 11 days post op today and Feeling pretty good. I'm still sleeping elevated bc I'm afraid of turning over and crushing my nose. I've read on here that it's good to continue sleeping elevated for three weeks so that's what I'm gonna do. Swelling hasn't gone down since cast off. It's been at this plateau stage for the past three days.
My nostrils and inside my nose has been so dry it's getting really bothersome. I returned to work today after being off for two weeks( I'm a bartender) and my nose was just soo ridiculously dry inside and out! I ran out of my saline mist half way through my shift which made things even worse.
I've also been using aquaphor on the outside of my nostrils at night bc they get so dry.
I've been using witch hazel on my face and nose morning and night after washing my face to control the oilyness of it. I put it on a cotton pad and gently apply it all over my face. My nose is still really tender and the slightest touch stings especially on the tip and bridge. My top lip is a little numb and when I smile I feel like my nose is so stiff lol
I can't wait until my nose finally settles in.
So far I am very happy with the outcome and do not regret going under the knife at all. :)

Two weeks post op!

So things have been going very very well! I fall more in love with my nose every day! It's still swollen more so in the morning than in the evening. I've been using saline mist religiously! It is magical! Lol my nose is still numb at the tip but as days go by I get more feeling in it.

It's been a while!! I'm sorry!

Hey guys sorry I've been MISSING for so long! I've been overwhelmed catching up with school and work I haven't had time to update you all. Well I'm 4 weeks post op 2 days shy of a month and I'm loving my nose more and more everyday!! At 3 weeks I went out with some friends and had a couple of drinks ( 4 beers and 2 Irish car bombs to be exact) and I didn't see too much of a change in my nose as far as swelling goes. Since I stopped sleeping elevated I have been waking up every morning with my nose pretty swollen. I can't sleep without a humidifier because the air is too uncomfortable without it. I get congestion in my left nostril more than my right idk why tho. If I slerp on my left side my nose just gets stuffed up in the left side not so much do when I sleep on my right. I had a beer two days ago and my nose did swell noticeably. Idk if it's because I hadn't eaten much during the day. My scars are slowly disappearing ( they weren't noticeable to begin with but are now almost nonexistant) I can't wait until the swelling is gone and I can enjoy my nose completely but I know great patience is needed in this recovering
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Philip Miller is amazing! The work he does is unreal! I cannot say enough about how great he is at what he does. He listened to what I envisioned and wanted and saw exactly what I was thinking and executed it 100%. I trusted him 100% and he achieved the results I dreamed of! If you have an ethnic nose like I did you can trust in Dr. Miller. He did wonders with my nose and I could not be any happier!

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