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I am a hispanic female looking to have ethnic -...

I am a hispanic female looking to have ethnic - rhinoplasty. I have gone to 2 out of 3 of my scheduled consultations for rhinoplasty. I am still so very confused as far as which doctor to use. i always thought the hardest part about getting plastic surgery was the price. However now that i am prepared to pay for the procedure the hardest part by far is picking a doctor. It is such a HUGE decision!!!

So far I've met with Dr. Elkwood (NJ) , and Dr. Slupchynsky (NY). My next consultation will be with Dr. Westreitch (NY). I am looking to reduce my nostrils as well as refine my bulbous tip. Here is a photo of my nose on the left and a desired look on the right.

Wish me luck!! Hopefully i can narrow my decision down to one doctor by next week.

Doctor Decision

I've decided to go with Dr. Slupchynsky. Mainly based off the fact that he has the most experience with "ethnic" noses. As well as the fact that he was specific on the technique he will be using on my nose being that it is a "tier one cartilaginous bulbous tip". He made me feel very comfortable and informed after not one but two consultations with him. He informed me that my bridge will not be broken or shaped in anyway (i am already happy with my profile) i will only get tip refinement and nostril reduction as i requested. He also told me i won't have any packing. And my healing time and swelling should be at a minimum due to the fact that he doesn't have to break my bridge. Now its time to pick a surgery date! :)

1 week till rhino

Hey guys! So i am scheduled to get my rhinoplasty done next week Tuesday, May 19th. I am so excited and little nervous. But, I'm trying to stay positive and confident that it will come out great! I'm taking my vitamin c 3x a day. And Saturday i will start Arnica. Wish me luck! And, if anyone has any suggestions for post op supplies please let me know. :)

some before photos.

Life after surgery

Surgery went smooth on the 19th. I left with not much pain and was sent home with tylenol codeine for pain relief. I'm on day 3... Still minimal pain but I am very swollen and stuffy. Cleaning my nose 3x a day with peroxide and bacitracin.

Any tips on avoiding swelling would be very helpful.

Post Op

Today (3 days after surgery) I went back in for my post op. Today the nurses removed my stitches. I hate to scare anyone BUT this was by way the most painful step thus far. I wish they put me to sleep for it! Not sure if it was that the nurse was having trouble getting to the stitches but having a super tender nose and having her poke me with those tweezers was sooooo painful! I literally had to take about 3 breaks before she could finish. And the worst part is I think I still see a stitch in my nose which means I'll have to do it again. ekkk .... But, hopefully the worst is over. Now just waiting for my swelling to go down. My nose still looks the same. (A little widder then my original nose due to swelling)

My next appointment will be on Tuesday. And I believe that is when I get my cast off. Yay! Will update when I start seeing change.

But a piece of advice for anyone getting their stitches out... Make sure u take your pain meds before. I was slacking on my pain meds since I wasn't in much pain since surgery. Boy do I regret that!

2 week update

Not doing so great at this stage in healing. I thought most of my swelling went down however the tip of my nose still feels stiff and swollen and my top lip feels a bit stiff due to the swelling in my nose... Causing a very ugly awkward smile. Also my nose (I'm praying due to swelling) is still very bulbous and turned downward compared to my original nose which I'm not loving. Oddly enough I liked my nose right after cast removal much more then I do today. I had a bit of a melt down yesterday as well as feeling really depressed and regretting my decision to do this. I pray my nose changes and I start to love it once I'm totally healed. :( does anyone have any similar experiences at 2 weeks post op?

Before pictures

After pictures (2 weeks)

I like the reduced nostril flare however I feel the doctor shortened the projection of my nose and it is much shorter then I wanted/started with ( I never asked for my nose to be shortened just refined/thinner) this is only after 2 weeks so hopefully I will begin to like it after a month or so. Praying!!!

Frontal view (2 weeks)

Before and after comparison (2 weeks post op)

Dr. Slupchynsky

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