Guidance needed! Trying to remove my 2 Months Tattoo (Black and Red Ink) - New York, NY

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I've decided to document my journey so I could...

I've decided to document my journey so I could help other people out there with a similar situation as mine. I was in vulnerable place when I've got this Bansky tattoo on my right arm and regret is been hunting me since then. Today I have my first treatment with revlite laser recommended by the technician since is a new tattoo and revlite laser works better with new black ink according to them. I wanted to start with the picosure but the technician did not recommend it. Mind you, they do have picosure which is a more expensive treatment, though they told me that in my case revlite is a better option. I just hope I made the right choice starting with this laser and not the picosure. What do you think? Also, the technician told me that unfortunately the red ink won't come off, it might fade a little bit but it will stay there forever and that was a bummer for me. Well I cannot wait to see at least some fading. I will def. Keep you posted

Removing a 2 months tattoo (red and black ink)

It's been only two days since my first laser treatment to remove my two months tattoo. So far, There is no pain, and tiny blisters on the black in area. I know is too soon to see any fading... I can't wait. Also, I have decided to go to another place for my second treatment since the technician at the first place didn't want to use the picosure laser on me. I would feel more confident to hear a second opinion.

Clinics with Picoway near my area but....the worst reviews or not to trust

Based on what you guys have been telling me regarding what laser will get rid of my red ink I started to search for possible places to go. So far I have found two near my area but...and this is where I doubt, these two places have the worst reviews online... what would you do? Would you still give it a try because they have that specific laser that may suit your need or should I consider to save extra extra extra money travel out of state in search for a clinic where I might feel more comfortable and safe?. I still have a few more weeks ahead of me but I need to plan ahead. Thanks for your comments

No pictures...nothing has changed so far, how long do I truly have to wait for my next treatment? changes...I'm getting anx

Hey there beautiful people!. I know I know it's been only a week and a few days since my first treatment, though I'm getting very anxious. The tech at the first place that I went for consultation told me I could have the treatment every 4 weeks. The second place where I went for consultation and I ended up having the treatment (with revlite) told me that I should have the treatment every 6 weeks. The place where I want to get my second treatment (first treatment with picosure) told me that I need to wait 11 weeks!!!. What do you guys recommend? I cannot wait to have my second treatment, I've got very depressed every time I look myself in the mirror, plus summer is around the corner and I don't want to wear blouses or tank tops anymore, I just want to stay in my room and cry =..(

It's been two tattoo actually looks this normal?

Hey guys! So far, it's been two weeks (though it feels like two years)....and nothing has really changed, quite the opposite my tattoo looks this possible or am I just imagining things?. Here I'm posting a pic, I still have some scabs, however it's not longer itchy which is a relief.

Covering tattoo with makeup...Kat Von D, Dermablend and Hard it worth it?

Alright, to be honest...there is not such a thing like long lasting, waterproof anti smudge miracle makeup to coverup a least not for me. The first product that I've tried was Kat Von D at Sephora and to be honest it was an instant no no, the reason why is because it lightest shade was still too dark for me and it didn't really do a good job covering up my went to Macy's at Herald square to check the dermablend product, the makeup artist did a coverup with dermablend and helped me out with the right shade (we mixed three different colors in order to achieve my skin color). However the downside was that the coverup didn't last long even though that product claim to be longlasting, regardless of that, I did end up buying the product because as you could see in the pictures I did cover it and the makeup is unnoticeable when taking pics, so it would work if you go to a wedding or party where you're gonna get photographed. The next day I went to Walmart and got the hard candy glamoflauge foundation ($5.00) which also claim to cover tattoos even though is a cheap product, having said that I did like better that the cocerage I got with Kat Von D , it might not last longer than dermablend though I could use it as a quick coverup if I need it. What do you think? Do you know any other product that works? Do you have a tattoo makeup cover up routine? Please share and thanks for reading

Second treatment done! Picosure for black ink and q-switch for red.

I am truly happy, the waiting was killing me but I've finally got my second laser removal treatment and I couldn't be happier. The place where I got my first treatment wanted me to wait 6 weeks before my second treatment though I waited a little bit longer to let my body to be ready before my second treatment. So I decided to have my second treatment at this 5 star internet rating place in westchester ny, I called, scheduled a appt, arranged to book a rental car and drove all the way to this place. First of all the technician was really knowledgeable and inspired me trust which I didn't get in the other place, also she used two lasers on me in opose to the technician at the first place I went who only wanted to use revlite on me, mind you even though I requested my treatment with pico, she didn't think that picosure was not the right laser for my treatment and ended up using a different laser. One thing that I did like about this new place is that the techncian told me that she will turn me down if I come to her before 12 weeks which is the timeframe that she prefers for customers to wait in btw treatments. The second thing that also convinced me to stick with this place is that the technician also told me that she could work on fading the scars that I've got on my skin after the first treatment.
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