Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Grafting - 31 y.o 5.5 115lb - New York, NY

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Hi everyone, I am 31 y.o 5.5 115lb On march I did...

Hi everyone, I am 31 y.o 5.5 115lb
On march I did Natural Breast Augmentation,
with Fat Transfer

Natural Breast Augmentation- doctor take fat from area that has enough fat, area u don't want to have fat, then he put this fat in breast, he make little incision in each breast, side of breast

Well, I actually decided last moment to transfer my fat to breast, my main goal was liposuction from auther thigh, but I knew that its possible to transfer my fat to breasts too,
It was very difficult decision for me because its scary:( what if my breast will be ugly:(
But I knew that if I don't decide fast because surgery was upcoming I will end up with waisted fat, what I mean is that if I don't put fat in my breast from my thigh then I will be unable to transfer fat to my breast next time,

In the first place I had very little fat in my thigh, doctor said that, however he said that he can improve my breast shape, I was around 34a , not sure but very little breast,

Doctor took around 220 cc from my thigh And a little bit from waist, ( there I had really not much)

Well I am 5 days after surgery, I like my breast, shape changed, nice, I still did not got used to them:) but I am really surprised that they look fuller,

Very important - I had little fat so it's not like silicone or other implants that make size or 2 bigger, that's not the case, also risky to much fat in breasts at once !!!!! Because of lumbs ,

I am still in pain, not in my breasts but my legs! Difficult to go to bathroom because I have to wear special garment (shorts)

Before surgery

Before surgery

Before surgery

Before surgery

After surgery

After surgery

After surgery

3 weeks post surgery

No more bruises , still a little bit pain from liposuction

Before and after breast

Day after surgery

2 months after surgery ,

Well i think I lost 40-50% :( I don't know if u can see the difference, when I touch them I feel they ate buggier but I don't really see the difference in pictures

Almost 3 months after surgery

Was it worth it???

4 months after surgery

4 months after surgery,

I think it's final results, not to much change, difficult to see, I regret I did not measure before...

Not much change but breast fuller

My scars

It's almost 5 months after surgery, I do have 5 scars,

Should I do implants?

Should I do implants ? I don't think I have much space, I want maximum 34b - c size, so many remove them because health issues,
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