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Hello everyone, As my title says I want the...

Hello everyone,

As my title says I want the great me that on the inside to be seen on the outside; especially with my wedding coming up April 2014. I am a soon to be 28 yr old mom of 2 (daughter 5, son 10 months). I am 5'3" and 125 lbs; your probably thinking oh that's tiny but I have a gut that goes out past my small breasts if I don't keep it sucked in all day. So I am looking to get breast augmentation, liposuction, and possible a tummy tuck.

I have considered getting a plastic surgery since I was a teen but got scared after hearing lots of horror stories about women getting sick from rupture implants. Fast forward to today and my body hasn't gotten any better, so I have started getting more information about plastic surgery. Due to wedding planning and raising two children in NYC funds are limited and I thought I wouldn't be able to afford to get my mommy make over for a few more years until I found this website and learned about teaching hospitals.

This past Monday 4/15, I called Harlem Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital to make appointments for consultations. I was able to get them scheduled a week apart, 7/17 and 7/24. I am ok with the dates being so far away as I cant do the surgery until earl September. I also called Montefiore, I was first informed that the consult was $200 which I was ok with but the lady taking my information kept stopping mid sentence to talk to other people and would ask the same questions I already answered several times during the 10 minute call. Then she reconfirmed me for a different surgery, I had to remind her that I was calling for plastic surgery. As far as appointments I was told that they are only done Tuesdays and Fridays at either 1 or 2 pm. Though the reviews have been great, Montefiore isn't for me based on this experience.

Harlem hospital didn't ask for a consultation fee but said I would have to get a referral from my primary doctor in addition to bring in 2 forms of ID, proof of address, and my SS# card.

Lenox hospital said it would be a $50 consultation fee. They also asked about my height and weight to see about my BMI, since I am within 10% range of the ideal weight for my height I don't have to lose weight.

I am nervous and have many questions in my head. I plan to get a composition notebook to write down all my questions so that I can be prepared the day of consult. I cant be the only one who goes to the doctor with 20 million questions but get there and only ask 2-5 question then walk out only to realize you forgot to ask your other questions, LOL. Well this is surgery (one that I cant be awake for) so I want to be full prepared prior to. I plan to share pictures once I actually see have my consults.

Just called New York Eye and Ear Infirmary for a...

Just called New York Eye and Ear Infirmary for a consultation appointment. Was informed that they are not accepting any new patients until July as the current fellow ends his tour in June and a new fellow starts in July; will have to call back in June for an appointment.

NYEE and Lenox Hill

I now have an appointment date at NYEE for July 12.
However I just recieved a call today from Lenox stating that due to the doctors new scheduling (only afternoon appointment) that my appointment was being moved to Aug. 8. When I inquired abut an early date due to me wanting to get my surgery by the end of Aug I was told that wouldnt happen.
Deep breaths, as Lenox was my 1st option...maybe its a sign.

NYEE & Harlem

I called to reconfirm my appointment last week, inly to be told i wasnt on the schedule due to a new system being used. I was told if anyone cancelled that i could still be seen. I did get a call back saying that i could be seen for my scheduled day however tat this location didnt do more than one procedure at a time. Meaning i would have to get my breasts done wait 3 months and then get a tummy tuck. That didnt work for me so i cancelled that appointment. Now i wait till next week for Harlem hospital, was told my insurance should cover the consultation fee (great less money out of pocket).

Harlem hospital consult

So i had my consult a few hours ago, love Dr. Primenger was open and honest and answered all of my questions. She advised aginst me getting a tummy tuck and let me know that i wouldnt be a good candidtate for fat transfer as she didnt feel i would have the 1000 cc minimum required to do the injections to my buttocks.

I am scheduled to go back Aug. 5 to take pictures and meet with the fiance represenative. Informed i must pay the total bill 2 weeks prior to the sugery date. I am currently scheduled for Sept. 3 to have lipo and breast augmentation.

Less than a week to go

A lot has happened since my last update.

I had my 2nd consult with Dr. Primenger. We went over the procedures I wanted done, I was able to feel and see sample silicone implants,and I was given a date for blood work/paymet.

So for anyone getting work done at Harlem hospital, see the financial department as soon as your done with your 2nd consult. I wasnt informed that part of my payment had to be cash/money and the rest crefit card or money order.

Break down of cost $2250 for 1st procedure with fee $1500 for anesthesia/lab
Every procedure after is $1250 with a fee of $750
Breast Implants $1000 saline $1600 silicone.

You can not get your blood work done until you have made all payments.

Can't wait to see the new me next week.

less than a week to go

One day post surgery

So I just got home from the hospital, I didn't know that I would have a one night stay. I ended up only getting implants and liposuction, the lipo is killing me. I was given a drain like the ones for tummy tuck and have my post surgery appointment next week. The pain isn't constant, only noticeable when I move.
The medication the provided had me loopy (drifting in and out) since leaving recovery. As many others have said due to swelling you won't be able to see any results immediately, I plan to start my massages once my drain is removed.
Dr. Primenger

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