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So I, like other users, have been lurking on this...

So I, like other users, have been lurking on this site for a bit. And I finally decided to join. I am 23 years old. I had a daughter last year and boy has it taken a HUGE toll on my body. Prior to pregnancy, I was 110 pounds on a heavy day lol. By the end of my pregnancy, my body shot straight to hell. I weighed almost 190 pounds. FYI, I'm only 5'2 and am very petite.

Funny thing is I was happy to gain weight. For some odd reason, I thought I was immune to sagging, stretch marks and fat in unwanted places. WRONG. WRONG. & WRONG.

So I googled plastic surgery reviews and came upon this site.

Here's what Im considering having done:
-Liposuction of stomach, back and waist
-Fat transfer of lipo'd area to my butt
-Breast implants (wanted a breast lift but Im not feeling the post-op scars. Hopefully breast implants will solve my problem)
-Brazilian butt lift (maybe)
-Rhinoplasty (maybe)

I cannot afford surgery in the US, so I'm considering Dr. Pantoja. I've researched him thoroughly and like his work.

I emailed his practice on August 25 and Nadia promptly responded with this email on August 26:

thank you for writing us. We will be more than happy to provide all the information you require as well as the quote based on your needs. We offer you a free consultation in person with the doctor but if you can't come due to the long distance, we will require a picture of your body from the front, back and both sides in order for Dr. Pantoja to evaluate you and provide a plan of surgery and quote for you. Once you send them we will reply within 24-72hrs. Thank you.

**Please include your height, weight, any allergies, illnesses (high blood pressure, high sugar levels, anemia, etc), how many children and any previous surgeries.

I responded and am patiently waiting for my quote!

Got the quote! Finally

Here is Nadia's response:

Dr. Pantoja recommends for you to have the body surgery first and then in a second surgery you can have your nose done and chin liposuction, that will be more convenient for you to avoid many hours under anesthesia which can be dangerous. On your body we recommend liposuction to your abdomen, full back, waist and flanks, all of the obtained fat will be used to inject your buttocks and create a fuller and rounder butt. On your breast we will perform a lift by doing an incision around the areola the middle and the crease, we will introduce the implant through the same incision. The implants we use are round shape made of cohesive silicone gel from the FDA approved brand "Natrelle" The stretch marks cannot be treated during a liposuction, you can either have laser treatments or have a tummy tuck in the future when you decide not to have babies anymore.

The quote for the package is $5,800dlls. including liposuction, fat transfer, breast lift and implants. Once you make a surgery appointment we will require a $500dlls. deposit in order to hold and secure your date. The deposit is non-refundable but you can always re-schedule in case of an emergency. Drains and stitches will be removed within 4 days after surgery. Recovery time is 2 weeks.

What is included in this cost?

- 1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: A friend or family member is more than welcome to accompany you and stay in the clinic all day long and even stay in your room while you're in surgery. However, space is limited with the intention of giving the patient the needed attention. Therefore, at night-time the one accompanying you may stay at a hotel, just to have somewhere to sleep at (we don't have beds for family members). And in the morning he/she is welcome to stay at the clinic until your check-out, which is almost always at 10:00am the day after your surgery once you've had your breakfast, Dr. Pantoja has revised you and prescribed your medications. There are several nice hotels near by. 3 are within walking distance from our clinic.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- 1 Post-op Bra
- Unlimited post-operative visits

What is not included:

1)Medication you need to take home for your recovery. (i.e. antibiotic, pain killers, muscle relaxers). This can be bought at any pharmacy in Mexico or be delivered to the clinic. The cost is approx. $120-$130 dollars since this is a two week treatment. NO REFILL NEEDED.
2) Nursing services outside of clinic.
3) Post-operative Massage Therapy. $30 dollars per session. (Fully Recommended)
4) Additional garments or bra.

Additional information about what to expect after your surgery:
You will need it about 2 weeks time off from work/school. It is imperative that when you return to your activities you do this under what is known as 'Light-duty' or with caution and wearing the girdle for the first 3-4 months. Doing this will support your back, posture, with swelling, and will aid in achieving the goal desired.

The anesthesia used is an Spinal Block and sedation. You don't feel anything, you don't be awake.

Recommended hotels:

1) City Express Hotel (they include local shuttle service, continental breakfast and wi-fi) $65dlls.
2) Camino Real ( local shuttle service and wi-fi included)$74dlls.
3) Real del Rio (only Wi-Fi) $65dlls.
4) Best Western Americanna Inn they are located in San Diego and they offer transportation to the clinic and from the San Diego airport. Phone 619-428-5521

**Prices of the hotels are before tax and they are subject to daily currency exchange.

We recommend 2 recovery houses:

-Grace Baja Guest House- Owner Lana Humphries- Phone (619) 664-3948 website --email: Phone: 619-400-3700 and 619-664-3948.

-Club Med (beachfront 30 min away) Phone number 909-266-1364 website

NOTE:Your blood work and EKG results will determine if you are a candidate for surgery or not.


Dr. Disla is looking pretty appealing!

I haven't totally ruled out Dr. pantoja but I don't care for his wide incision lines. I'm sure there are patients that have healed and have scars that are barely visible. So my intention is not to bad mouth him in any way. But Im african American ( brownish skin tone) and when I scar, it takes FOREVER for it to go away. So I'd prefer thinner incision lines. Which brings me to Dr. Disla. Her work is phenomenal. I emailed her for a quote and am impatiently awaiting a response. If the price is under 5,000, I'll be going to have surgery in December! So excited.

Anyone else going around the end of 2013/early 2014 in the NYC area? Maybe we can buddy up. I SO don't wanna go alone!

Also, thanks for the support so far. Means alot!

"But you should love yourself the way you are" - they say (And you should shut the...front door - I say)

That is the most annoying thing to hear when you have decided to entrust someone with information and they go into the kumbaya, love yourself, be one with God, he makes no mistakes shenanigans. My boyfriend, best friend and mom are dead against plastic surgery. Well at least when it comes to me. But when we get into the different procedures one can have done, they go off on what they would have done if they had the "you know what's" to do it. Now if that aint the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is. Plastic surgery is a superficial example, nevertheless, it is an example of why you cannot let people deter you from your goals. If you have your mind set on something, and you thoroughly assessed the pros and cons and you can afford it: I say do it. Whether its a new car, a new business, a new house or a new ass, GO FOR IT.

Because at the end of your life, you have to face the things you wanted to do but didn't do, because of what someone else
Thought or said.

Don't mind the rant. Just had to get that off my chest lol.

No response from Disla or Duran...

This is so frustrating. I have not heard from either doctor yet and it's been going on two weeks. I understand that they are busy but they need to hire more staff to help RESPOND. What's the point of delivering great results when you don't respond to potential, repeat patients? Ugh....
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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