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I'm a mother of 3 and my youngest is 2 years. I...

I'm a mother of 3 and my youngest is 2 years. I have decided to go for a mommy makeover last December and started shopping around for the right PS since January. I come from another country and where I come from there isn't top PSs and have decided that NYC would be the right place for me to do the procedure specially that it's away from my kids too to heal properly although I will be missing them terribly :( .... I've visited 5 PSs and finally decided on Dr Mark Sultan.

After breastfeeding my 3 kids I have now deflated raisin looking boobies, they look sad and I actually feel sorry for them.. My tummy has a vertical gap in the middle that I can literally stuck my whole hand between my separated tummy muscles. When Im working out and doing a setup a feel my gut protrude to a pyramid shape and when I relax laying down the gap swallows my gut right between the separated muscles... more like a quicksand...

I initially wanted a mini tummy tuck since I had all my babies c-sec and thought I don't wanna have a longer scar... but all the PSs I'v visited told me it won't do me good like a full tummy tuck, as my fat goes across my tummy... Plus I want the muscles to be stitched for a flat tummy and a smaller waist... When I went to Dr Sultan last March he suggested to have lipo for my flanks as well with my full tummy tuck for a maximum result which I agreed with... I'm just afraid my outer-thighs will look a bit bigger proportionally.. Anyone had the same problem? I'm just hoping he'll suggest the day of the operation that he'll lipo my outer thighs a bit to make my body all proportional... Will see

As for my boobs.. I'm currently an "A" size, I tried several implants at the clinic and i'm between choosing a 150cc or a 175cc.. I'm small framed and I don't wanna go huge for a more natural look and also not to make me look heavy on my upper body.. I don't need a lift he said which is a relief cause of the lollipop scar that goes with the lift. The scar is going to be under the breasts which i'm fine with.. Anyone there had this kind of scar?

I've already scheduled the op day which is May 30th and the count down has officially begun! I'm excited but often have mixed emotions... Is it worth leaving my family for 2 weeks? Will the pain be worse than the c-section? but I think about that bikini I'm gonna wear this summer and think right back saying IT IS WORTH IT and I get excited all over again... I'm also fortunate that my sister is coming with me to take care of me, and also 2 of my friends are coming as well for some nip and tuck and we'll be sharing an apartment together and I guess that will help a lot! The only thing that's killing me is the guilt of leaving my kids for so long :(

Anyway.. That's it for now and will be posting before pics soon this week..
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