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Hi, I'm 40 yrs old and a mom of two. (one...

Hi, I'm 40 yrs old and a mom of two. (one C-section). I have been reading all your reviews and can't believe my time is here. Tomorrow is the big day and I can't even imagine how I am going to fall asleep. I have always been thin and in shape and unfortunately pregnancy did not agree with my stomach. I gained 60+ pounds with both. I have lost all the weight but yet I still look preggo. I work out a few days a week and eat relatively healthy. I am having a mini tummy with MR and lipo. I also have a hernia which needs to be repaired as well. All my pictures are on my phone so I will post them tmw at some point. Wish me luck! See you all on the flat side!! :)

Made it to the Flat side!!

yay!! I'm home :) I got the to the surgical center around 7 this morning. Signed more papers and got prepped. I spoke with my PS, he marked me and before I knew it I was in recovery. I was discharged around 11:30. Slept most of the car ride home and now I'm ready to go back to sleep. lol I don't go back to see him til Thurs so I don't have any pictures yet.

Before pictures

No more drain! :)

I went to my PS today and he removed my drain :). I felt weird coming out but didn't hurt. I'm still taking my pain meds but I might try taking Tylenol and see how that goes. I got to take a peek and I'm loving my results after only two days.


I feel like my stomach is going to explode!! I am so swollen, bloated and in desperate need of going to the bathroom!! Any suggestions?? I've been taking stool softeners and this morning I started Miralax. Hopefully that helps. I took Tylenol all day yesterday but then took a Vicodin to go to sleep. I am going to try and stick with the Tylenol from now on. I'm sure the pain meds are contributing to my constipation :(.

So swollen :(

Feeling bummed that I still feel so sore and swollen. I know it's a slow process but it's so hard to sit and relax. Lol. I get tired so quickly. Stopped all pain meds two days ago (except for Tylenol) and feeling much better that I finally went to the bathroom. A combination of colace, Miralax and tea did the trick. :). I still have a lot of swelling and yesterday I notice more swelling above my belly button. Not sure if it has something to do with the hernia repair( I read it might). I called my PS and was able to switch my appt from wed to tmw so he can look at it.

Swelling above my belly button

What a difference a few days makes!!

Wow.. What a difference a few days makes!! The last few days have been rough. I had swelling above my belly button and felt extremely tired and lighted all day. I went to my PS and saw his PA and she said it was normal swelling and to give it a few days. I told her about my light headedness and the fact that my legs hurt. She sent me for a sonogram of my legs to rule out blood clots. She also said I needed to eat more and drink more fluids. She assured me that it ok to feel a little out of it. After all it's only 7 Days! I guess it's just hard to sit back and relax and let yourself heal. So I ate more small meals yesterday trying to fuel my body and drank tons more water. I woke up feeling much better and my swelling above my belly button has gone down. Definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just wish it would happen a little quicker. Lol

Quick update

The past few days have been interesting. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller-coaster. Healing is a slow process and at times I get frustrated that I don't feel as good as I thought I would. Physically I am feeling better but still a little sore and still uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breathe when I take off my binder. So I have been trying to take it off a little at a time to get by body used to not wearing it. I still get tired easily .. Hoping that my energy starts to improve soon. I didn't post any new pictures bc there isn't much of a change. I'm still dealing with swelling. I'm flatter in the morning and then bigger at night. Which I guess is the norm from all the reviews I have read.

3 weeks

I was three weeks PO on Tuesday. I feel a little better everyday. Driving is easier and I am able to sleep on my side. Yay! I am still very swollen so it's hard to get dressed because none of my shorts fit. Lol. I started to take off my binder for longer periods but still feel better when it's on. I tried to sleep without it last night and I was uncomfortable all night. I don't go back to my ps til for another two weeks.. Let's hope by then my swelling goes down. I still have on the surgical tape so I have not started any scar treatment.

Almost 6 weeks

I'm almost 6 weeks PO and now I realize why people post so often in the beginning stages and then kind of disappear lol. After the two week mark there are really no dramatic changes. I look pretty much the same thanks to the constant swelling. Everything does get easier. Diving, sleeping and moving around in general gets easier everyday. I went to my ps on Monday and he cleared me to start working out. I only wear my binder to sleep. My ps said my results would be the same whether I wore it or not so it was up to me what was most comfortable. The first few days felt really weird but now it's ok. I tried to wear spanx but found them extremely uncomfortable. I'm hoping the swelling starts to go away. I am really flat in the morning then really swollen by lunch lol. He said some people could swell for up to a year. I hope I am not one of them. I'll try an post both morning and evening pictures. Here's to swell-free days ahead!!

15 weeks :)

It's been almost 4 months and I am loving my results most days. Lol. Sometimes I wish I were bigger and had more skin so I could have had a full. I'm not completely flat and there are stretch marks and extra skin about my belly button that bother me more now than before. Although the ps says I am still very swollen. I had hernia repair and there seems to be stubborn swelling around my belly button that won't go away. I guess I will just have to be a little more patient. I know I'm being picky but I paid a lot of money for this surgery and I just want the best results. However, I have to be honest.. I'm not exercising as much as I should. I probably exercise two sometimes three days a week. I work full time and have two young boys.. Between homework, sports, dinner and baths.. Exercising is usually last on my list of things to do. I try to eat clean but that is also not as easy as it sounds when football practices don't end til 7:30 lol. As of how I feel.. Most days I feel like my old self. I'm still numb bellow the belly button and it is uncomfortable when the boys try and lay on my stomach. For the first time I did a lot of core last week and I noticed my lower stomach was very sore and hurt the next day. When I look back at pictures pre mtt then I get excited because there is really a big difference. I just hope the swelling goes down more and it becomes flatter than it is right now.
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