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Hi, I'm a 47 y.o w/ 2 kids (19, 22). I too have...

Hi, I'm a 47 y.o w/ 2 kids (19, 22). I too have been lurking around this site, making comments, and just wishing goodwill to all who have ventured where i'm about to go.

I first just wanted a BA. but noe i'm getting a mommy maakeover just in 2 procedures. I'm 5'7" and 191 as of today but my goal weight is 180. Had my consult today with NYEE one of the teaching hospitals in the NYC area. I met with Dr. X as others call him. Very personable, straight forward and told me all that I did not want to hear. I did pass the BMI test but only barley mine is 29.4. He will not operate on you unless u r below a 30. Next he said i needed a lift. Dont really want one but what is a women to do. I was told in the past that I was boderline but i guess not. I also asked about a tummy tuck he said I could do either a tt or just lipo but neither will get me absolutley flat. I would have to do more work. He does not do alot of lipo w. the tt. I did read that before on someones page. So I have some thinking to do. I have astthma and panic attacks. My real concern is how will I feel right after surgery will I wake up feeling like I cant breathe. Then go into an attack becas of that tight chest feeling that many women described. I explained my concerns and he told me that he only prescribes certain meds and I would not be allowed to have a pain pump or additional pain meds. I did not like that.But other than that I felt good about him satisfying my overall expectation. My cost for the BA is $ 3,800 for surgery,op rm, anthes all post ops and meds. $1,500 for silicone for a grand total of $ 5,300 not bad but no over night stay.That woulld be additional and I forgot to ask how much.

Going to Dr. Sorokin on 1/21 to find out about the Rapid Recovery BA. Wondering how much more is that going to cost seeing that his admin Ashley told me that I could have surrgery on Thursday and be back to work that following monday. I'm scared and excited at the same time. Investing this much money into myself makes me nervous but im pressing onward. Im keeping this to myself no family or friends in on this. Everyone is just so negative and I don't want to hear it. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep all of you in mine. Chow for now!!

So today I went for my consult at Delaware Valley...

So today I went for my consult at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery. I am looking for the Rapid Recovery Breast Augumentation.
My consult was with Dr. Sorokin and I must say. I smiled and laughed the whole time. He was very informative. Answered all my questions and put me at ease. I told him about my other 3 consults - 2 told me I needed a lift another said I was boderline.
He looked me over and NOOO, I don't need a lift. I will get my perky breast without the scar. :) (still smiling)
So now to breast size I went in thinking I would get maybe 375cc or at most 425cc. I want to go from a B to a D.
He told me the cc would not get me into a D. The implantts would be too small and I would feel like I should have went bigger.
In my head I'm still not convinced. He measured my breasts and rib cage. Very Happy again all the numbers lined up. I tried on the sizers first 450cc - put on my shirt, held my stomach in and looked at my profile in the full length mirror. NNNNIIIICCCCEEE!!!
Then he says, he thinks I would look really good with the 500cc. I'm like no way. But I'm a risk taker so I go for it. Damm if the 500cc dosen't look even better. So i'm sold. Now the only question is how much. Can I afford this surgeon?
All this knowledge and expertise in my price range. I started praying. Off to the next room to meet with the financial consultant.
She says she is going to print out 2 quotes 1 saline and 1 silicone.... Hey do I want the Caddy or the Rolls Royce for Breast Implants. I know I want the Rolls.... GRAND TOTAL is....... $ 6,968.00........ YYYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAA!!!! (Thanks God)
I could have danced a jig. For some I know its a lot but I have saved for this. I would have taken a cheaper surgeon but I needed to feel like I was getting everything I wanted.....Rapid Recovery, Name Brand Implants, Keller Funnel and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon n Anesthesiologist. I cannot be happier. I've scheduled it on a wed will be back at my desk on monday. I will keep everyone posted. SUPER, SUPER, SUPER excited and a little nervous. Please pray for me while I pray for all of you. Could not have done it without all of your stories inspiring, delighting, and down right focused women. I love us.
Chow for Now!!!

Well, I'm 14 days Pre-op BA. Started my VitaMedica...

Well, I'm 14 days Pre-op BA. Started my VitaMedica today 3 in the morning and 3 at night.. Also, received my packet from the doctors office. I was a little embarrassed it came in the mail. My neighbors were able to read the return address. But can't turn back now. It all feels so real. It's almost like it really not happening to me. But I'm all paid so here we go. I have 4 scripts
1.)600mg Motrin 2)Hibiclens Soap 3)Labs scrip 4)Percocet 325mg 5)Keflex.....Ladies if I'm missing something let me know
Nice letter from DR, memo stating what each script should be used for, all foods and meds I should stay away from and a lot of material to read... So I got to go. I do plan on buying more pillows (4) for my bed. I do have bromelain and arnica. Am I missing something else? Still between 550cc and 600cc. what type of shirts should I bring to my final pre-op meeting. NEED HELP
Chow for Now!!!

Finally did my rice test tonight!!! I am wearing...

Finally did my rice test tonight!!! I am wearing it right now 590cc in rice language is 2.5 cups. @envy bought those bras from Wal-Mart with front closure and zipper... Great Buy Thanks... @Island thanks for making me feel real good about my choice. No one wants to look or feel uncomfortable and we just don't know what to expect. I'm very excited. It's surreal... I'm just praying for the best for all of us. @everyone who has blogged about their BA - Thanks for all the support. You will never know how much your words, experiences, fears and actions has helped others. Keep it up!!! Chow for NOW!!!

PO Day 1 - had surgery yesterday and I'm very...

PO Day 1 - had surgery yesterday and I'm very happy with my results. When I first looked at them my initial thought was I should have went bigger. But this morning I put on my 36D bra and it fit snug. Loved that!!! My surgery was uneventful thank god. Got to the clinic a little early. Tried on sizes first, talked with the nurses who were all so kind, chatted with the doctor showed him my wish picture and finally talked with the very chatty Mrs. Lee my anesthesiologist. Then off to la la land I went. I got on the table at 11:42 was done around 12:30 up dressed and back on the road home before 2pm.
I have been taking my meds Percocet and keflex. No pain just discomfort. I would describe it as the day after a good upper body workout at the gym. Tight but I can truly breath. I almost feel good enough to go to work but I won't push it. Monday will be here soon enough. I have also lifted my arms above my head right after surgery. I have no complaints. My doctor called me last night and I told him I was fine. Had a big appetite when I got home. I do have an ice back that I'm supposed to rotate on and off my breast every 20 minutes. That's all!!!
Posting new pics also - Thanks everyone who supported me during my journey. Especially the brave women who were not afraid to show us their pre and post ops pics. I wouldn't have found the courage to follow suit and you helped me pick out my surgeon. Who was great, professional and to the point.

PO Day 2- Feeling great today. Stopped taking the...

PO Day 2- Feeling great today. Stopped taking the percocet last night now just on ibuprofen. Can't express enough it was worth every penny. Had my first post op appmnt. Everything looks good took a shower when I got home. My doc also sent me some chocolate covered strawberries yesterday. Told my BF I now have a secret lover he was
I have some discomfort but well worth my new boobies!!!
No more padded bras!!! I can also sleep without a bra if I want to per my doc.Got another appmnt next week. Will take pics as they drop and fluff.
Can't wait!!!

I went with 555cc silicone mentor moderate profile...

I went with 555cc silicone mentor moderate profile. Very Happy :D

Po day 3- I had a meeting at 8am went to breakfast...

Po day 3- I had a meeting at 8am went to breakfast after that
Now at a basketball game. It's been a full day and I'm not tired.
I've been gone so long missed a dose of my meds. But I'm not complaining
I feel to good. Just wanna thank God for my uneventful recovery. I am
Squeezing and feeling them up. Gotta stop that in public... Lol
Just making sure they r not getting hard or anything. I did sleep without a bra
Last nite and it felt wonderful.
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