Considering Lipo Of the Upper/ Lower Abdomen and Love Handles - New York, NY

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I had a consult with a teaching fellow at NYEE...

I had a consult with a teaching fellow at NYEE last week, he was adamant about a Tummy tuck. I told him I only wanted Lipo because I plan to have another child in the near future i'm only 28. Needless to say he refused to do the lipo and kept pushing a tummy tuck, he said NYEE is restricted to doing liposuction on candidates they know will be 100% successful. Granted I know my stretchmarks wont be gone, I just want the fat gone.

Anyways I have a consult this weekend with Dr. Voskin, I emailed him my photos so that I wouldn't waste my time going for a consult. He stated the lipo on the love handles would be no problem and we can discuss liposuction for the lower abdomen when we meet. Looking forward to meeting with him, I'm not expecting tummy tuck results with Liposuction but I just want the fat gone, after I have had another child I'll do a full tummy tuck.

Set My Date (March 6th)

So I had my consultation today with Dr. Voskin and he was pretty up front about what to expect, the honest answer is without a tummy tuck there is no guarantee on how my my lower abdomen skin will retract. So we agreed to do Upper/Lower Abdomen and Love Handles, I told him I'd wear my compression garments and begin waist training as soon as the healing period allows me to get into one. So ladies if you have info on proper steps to go from a conpression garment to corset/waist trainer please let me know. I didn't Inquire about a fat transfer to my buttocks but he said I don't have enough fat to place there because he will probably only remove 1 liter of fat.
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