37 Yo, 1 Child, Lipo in Upper Lowe Abdomen and Flanks - New York, NY

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I have a teenage child so i cant even say its baby...

I have a teenage child so i cant even say its baby fat, i just had a bad habit of loosing weight for summer, gaininh weight for winter (i love to eat, pastries a big plussss) but for the past couple years i stopped going to the gym and was more focus on my financial goals, so fast foward my hubby and i manage to be lifeless for 2 yrs in order to save up 60k to buy a property. So as we finished remodeling and wind down and now took an oath to make time for me, for my hair my nails my body, i was horrified when i saw myself in the mirror. I felt so bad how i let myself go, i mean my jeans were def not fitting and I was down to 3 stretch jeans that i can get in to, i told my hubby (he was my avid gym partner) that he didnt tell me how bad i had gotten, my legs full of cellulite, my stomach hang when i laid down or sat down. Everyonez telling me you look great l, yeah with clothes on, and just finding those clothes to pack your fat the right way is stressful in its self. Even when i went to my consultation the lady was like oh your fine, my rude awakening was when my daughter took majority of my normal clothes.. and by normal i mean my 13/14 size jeans, and I look at her and see shes half my size yet filled my jeans perfectly and i told her we need to hit the gym bc we looking at ourselves and gaining weight. Then i jumped on the scale and realized i was 210lbs, i was horrified.. my normal weight has always been between 170-180 as an adult, im 5'9-5'10 and always had a bigger lower half. We started hitting the gym and managed to loose 10lbs but i didnt feel motivated. Most my siblings are health buffs with magazine bodies and as the older sister i felt i wasnt leading by example. I went from a 36,32,44 to 44,38,52.. i cant even fit in my hubbys baggy jeans lmao. I have a friend who trashes people who do lipo claiming its cheating and i always argued with her, its no different than drinking supplements or doing p90x. Its shortcutting and for many of us it will be motivation to maintain after we see results. I acknowledged the fact that i wasnt going to dedicate my self for 12-18 months, i rathered sacrified the money and see results in 12-18 months. Most people around you wont be supportive and i just learned to ignore them all, im not embarrassed, im happy i did it and i will maintain my results bc i dont like to waste money. I going to dedicate more time for me me me Because as a parent i think we use our kids as excuses to not do things for ourselves. We have to be selfish, not to attract a man, but to feel happy within and confident. I love it when people think im younger than I am or think my daughter and i are sisters. Or being called a MILF lol. I enjoy going to my little nephews school and they excited to introduce me as their fav aunt who takes them to do fun things. My advice to all dont listen to no one but yourself, you know when you reach your limit. My 30lb weight gain made my knees click when i sat or stood up, loud click, very embarrassing. I cant walk up 1 flight of steps without being winded as if i had asthma, everyonr telling me you look great are ignoring my health deteriorating. My sis and mom were diagnosed with diabetes everyone around me getting heartattacks, i dont want to be them. This procedure was my first step in the right direction to be more dedicated and live a heathier lifestyle.

I faced my fears, i was offered an earlier appt this past monday and i said F it, lets do it. I walked in at 945, at 1030 i was given a robe and pain killers to take, the nurse took pictures of my body, the doc came and drew this circles on my mid section i was in the room by 11am.. was told i will feel some pinches, got local anesthesia and the doc went to work. It didnt hurt until he got to the flanks, at first it was tickling m, im very ticklish but then it hurt bc it seems like i didnt have anesthesia that high up in the back bra line area. I dropped a tear or two and let out a couple fucks then it was all over, at noon.. took an hour, i saw the jar and a half of stuff he took out, 80 or was it 800?? Not sure. I had 5 insicions. Got my garment on and walked out to the waiting room as if nothing happened, i felt so fine that i callled my daughter and told her i was going to escape and i walked 6 blocks to the train, rode the train for 20min to were my car was at then remembered i needed tissue and i drove to the supermarket , got more than tissue lol went home and did some laundry, about 4 loads. Then remembered i just did the procedure and laided down on the couch for 2 hrs, no pain yet, the pills had me feeling a bit groggy as i usually feel on cloudy days. Then i ate a light lunch and within the hour i threw up, then i drank juice and within the hour i threw up. I took a pill oxycodone every 4 hrs as stated (while i thought isnt these the drugs people get hooked on?) By 9pm, i changed the dressing on the sides the 4x4 gauze soaked up and i put two pads. I might add that while walking to train my legs and belly felt tingly like bubbles.

i got out of bed no problem, felt a little soar to the touch on the sides flanks. I honeslty was going to work bc i felt that getting period cramps was way worst than the subtle discomfort but then.i thought since i work as an inspector driving places, i could probably create a crease in my belly by sitting down for a long period of time.. shouldve bought a board.. im off for the rest of the week. I went with my hubby to BK about an hour away and i got nauseous in the car, i threw up the pineapple shake i drank for breakfast. I was sooo thirsty but now i see im throwing up everything i drink or eat and i looked up the side effects and nausea and headaches were onn the list. Everytime i threw up it was followed by a headache. But it didnt hurt my stomach when i was throwing up, that was interesting, i kept joking with my hubby that inam now bulimic and will loose 20lbs in no time (ok not funny but i was making the most of my situation) i swapped the oxicodone for extra strength tylenol and took 2 500mg instead, my hubby wanted to give me motorcycle lessons and im like no i cant but honestly i felt fine i just didnt want to crease my belly and tried to stay as straight as possible. We went to homedepot and i went home and took a nap, i drank a sprite bc i was so thirsty and had a cup next to me ready to throw up .. but 4 hrs later i didnt yeyyyy.. my hubby cooked pasta shrimp, salmon, etc i ate a decent amount and skipped my fave garlic bread with cheese, and hours later.. yeyyyy no throwing up so it was the pills making me throw up. Now i can return to work lmaooo but im not im going to try to relax.

woke up again i have slight discomfort when i switch side in bed. Had sex today after my hubby realized my garment had clips in the bottom lmao hes so silly. I removed the gauze, no leakage, took a shower and took some pics, i see some difference and im suprised i dont have brusing being that i bruise veryyyyy easily and have bad circulation. Around my belly button and side are the most sore to the touch. And over all my belly feels soft like when u give birth. Its 12pm i didnt even take tylenol this morning and had my pineapple smoothie around 9am. Im excited that im not in massive pain.

Week 3 post op.. feels like its been months

So its been weeks since my procedure, i calculated i got about 1.5lbs of fat removed in total give or take (800 cc) not alot compared to many i read in the thousands. Some people say they dont see the difference but i def notice, my jeans definitely notice lol my waist is a 33 down 5in from 38.. thats major in circumference, lower portion down 3in. Still feel thick in the lower abs but i can work with it, still feel some soreness in lower abs and flanks only when im rubbing on lotion and massaging my mini gut.
I been eating better and trying to eat 5 times a day to keep metabolism active. I been doing minor exercises and jumping rope at home couple times a week but im going to start going hard tomorrow. Lots of weights for arms and chest (want to reduce my chest size ughhh im normally 36" and im at 41" and makes me look so huge). And going to do lots of cardio to loose fat over all, days i dont go to gym i will do a mix of 1000 jump ropes or jumping jacks just to raise my heartrate. My bday in August and i want to look decent. My next challenge is my legs, i got cellulite and gotta build muscle and massage daily. Current weight 197.
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Very quick and direct. I researched everything and spoke to his patients in the wating room so it was a brief 15min consult.

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