29 and Ready to Get Rid of My Gut Once and For All - New York, NY

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I had my first consultation with the doctor last...

I had my first consultation with the doctor last Thursday. He made me feel very comfortable because he seems to really know what he's talking about. He has years of experience and was highly recommended on this site. I went in asking for Smartlipo and he told me that as a doctor he does not consider it a safe procedure and told me traditional was the way to go. I was nervous about traditional lipo because I was under the impression that it involved drains and all types of down time afterwards. He assured me that no drains would be necessary and that my down time would only be a day or two.
I didn't want to tell anybody that I was getting this done but I was told that someone had to bring me home after the procedure and stay with me the night. I'm new to NYC so I don't know a lot of people, and definitely don't have anyone I'd feel comfortable enough asking to pick me up. I decided to tell my mom about it and see if she could take some time off and come here to help me out. She was very upset when I told her what I planned to do and said she was very sad that there was something about myself that I hated so much that I would do something so extreme. She also said that she felt it was a very superficial thing to do and she knows I'm not like that, so it surprised her that I was going to do it. My mom's opinion of me is important to me and it hurts to know that she thinks of it this way. Does anyone else have any similar experiences with people having negative opinions of their procedures? I just want to feel better about myself, I hate the idea that I would come across as fake or superficial. :-(

Ugh, Finally posting some gross "Before's"

Ok, so I'm not thrilled about posting these because I don't ever let ANYONE see me with my stomach all hanging out like this. I have had to suck my stomach in at all times for as long as I can remember. Not really "sucking it in" I guess but more like tightening it. Always. It almost feels forced to let it out. Surgery is a week from tomorrow and I can't wait! Can't wait to never have to feel so disgusted when I let my belly go again.

Today was the Day

So today was surgery day! Somehow I never really got very nervous about it which I guess was a good thing. I woke up just feeling sore and like I had really bad period cramps. Still not sure of the results but tomorrow when I take off the garment I'll take some pictures. I'm nervous for the bruising because I feel like it's going to be scary and alarming, but I'm prepared for it.

Day 1 post op

So I did a little pic stitch of my before and afters. Super swollen and sore. I didn't sleep well at all last night, got up at 8:30 this am and took 2 extra strength tylenol's, went back to bed and managed to sleep until 2. Got up and took a Vicodin with some food and let that kick in before I took off my garment. I was nervous for pain after I took it off. Something about the way my stomach looked and felt made me feel sick. I think it's because it's still numb and my skin just felt super saggy and weird. I got nauseous and hot and dizzy and had to lay in front of the fan for a few minutes! I showered ok and put my clean garment on and got dressed for the day and went out to eat with my mom. Dr. Said it was important to walk around so I figured getting out of the house was a good idea.

One week post op

Hi everyone, tomorrow will be one week since my surgery. Not going to lie, I'm feeling fatter than ever. I KNOW this is from the swelling because it feels like there's a pillow under my skin, so it's very obvious what the issue is. Just tough trying to be patient when I want to see results so bad!

My bruising has been minimal but I'm still stupid sore. Mostly when I go from sitting to standing. It's been tough trying to walk like I'm not sore at work. Bending also creates a stabbing pain. None of the pain is excruciating, I've only taken maybe 3 of my 20 Vicodin I was prescribed. Extra Strength Tylenol does the trick. I'm also able to sleep on my sides and stomach again, but maneuvering into and out of those positions is a project because of pain. I get my stitches out tomorrow and I'm nervous about the pain there...I'm such a baby!! I just can't wait to start noticing a difference! Not much difference on the scale either yet, but I know I'm filled with fluid right now so that's contributing to my weight.

One thing I'm having an issue with, and PLEASE speak up if you can relate...I keep peeing on my garment!! LOL No matter how hard I try not to I get pee on it! I've started to take the entire thing off to pee which is a process and a half...otherwise I will start to smell like the people no one wants to sit near on the train!!!

Was this worth it?

Hey everyone...sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I'm feeling a little discouraged lately and I'm not sure if getting this was the right decision. I definitely notice a difference, but I have visibly loose skin under my belly button. I'm a little over 8 weeks post op and I was wearing my garment every day still up until last week at my consultation when my doctor said it wasn't necessary any more. He said everything looks great and that I'm still swollen a little bit, but I can tell that under my belly button isn't swollen, it's just loose skin. It's not like my stomach was HUGE before so I don't get it. Does anyone else have this issue? And if so, what did you do/are you doing about it? I'll post pics tonight.
New York Plastic Surgeon

He's very friendly and made sure I understood everything about the procedure. In the past I got a consultation at a different place and the Dr. stood me in front of a mirror and showed me all the area's he would take fat out of, instead of focusing on the only area I was concerned about. It was very degrading and made me feel worse about myself than when I went in. Dr. Wallach didn't do that. I told him I was concerned about my abdomen and that was the only area he focused on. He didn't try to play off any other insecurities I may have had which was comforting.

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