Laser Tattoo Removal PICOSURE on Red and Blue 8yr Old Half Page Tattoo. New York, NY

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*Treatment results may vary

I had my flame tattoo done as a stretch mark cover...

I had my flame tattoo done as a stretch mark cover up in 2008. Three children and one tummy tuck later my flames are died out and it no longer serves its purpose (as a cover up). Most of it was cut away after surgery so I decided to rid the rest instead of go through all that pain of tattooing again. The pain was completely unbearable for 5 minutes but not as bad as getting pricked for hours it took to put the ink there in the first place!

Here are my pics after my PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal treatment.


24 hrs Later

I don't notice any blistering compared to photos I've seen right after treatment, so I'm thankful for that. I will be updating this review bi-weekly and receiving my second PicoSure treatment on 3/27. Be back soon :)
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