Labiaplasty (Bilateral Labia Minora Reduction), Age 27 - New York, NY

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Labiaplasty is a procedure I have been considering...

Labiaplasty is a procedure I have been considering for a long time, since I was in my late teens (almost ten years ago). I have elongated labia minora with one side noticeably longer than the other. In the beginning I considered it more of an aesthetic issue and figured I would get over it. However over time I felt like my labia were continuing to elongate and the problem was getting worse. Eventually it became a physical problem and certain clothing/underwear pinched, and exercise like spin class was uncomfortable. At this point I was extremely self-conscious and the idea of new sexual partners seeing my body was horrifying. I recently moved to NYC and decided that I really wanted to have the procedure done.

Cost was a major issue for me to consider and as I began to research, I found that the private doctors offices charged anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 for this procedure. This was just not feasible and I couldn't afford anywhere close to that. However I found that NYU Langone had some sort of program in its cosmetic surgery office where a resident would perform the procedure at a discounted cost. This might sound risky but this is the exact description that explains the level of experience the resident had:

"Patients are seen and evaluated by the Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery, who is in his or her sixth and final year of training, supervised by a board-certified attending or faculty member. In order to facilitate resident education, the fee for services and procedures have been significantly discounted. Each patient is provided an individual consultation"

After meeting the Chief Resident I was extremely comfortable and confident in his skills. He was a man and I had always wanted a female to do the procedure but after meeting him I had no question that I wanted him to do it. Excellent bedside manner and he really validated my feelings and concerns.

I saw him twice before the actual procedure. Once for an initial appointment to discuss options and expectations. Then a second time for a post op to explain what I needed to do before the procedure. At this point the cost estimate was around $3,500 which was still very high for me but I was desperate and going to go through with it anyways. I mentioned to the doctor that I had learned through my research that many people going through labiaplasty have only local anesthesia so they weren't completely "under". The doctor had not done the procedure this way in the past so it wasn't an option. However the next week they let me know that since the procedure wasn't that invasive and is relatively short, they could do local and it significantly reduced the cost; in the end I paid a total of $1825 and this includes all appointments before and after.

I had the surgery yesterday and couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight the day before. Once I arrived at the office I took a Valium which the doctor had given me and about 15 minutes later was given a shot of painkillers (Demerol) in my hip. They put an IV in my arm that made me a little loopy but I was semi awake throughout the procedure which took about 50 minutes. I felt no pain during the procedure. The Chief Resident and overseeing doctor were present the entire time and performed a bilateral labia minora reduction which means they removed tissue from both sides of my labia; since one side was already longer to begin with they removed more from that side. Afterwards the nurses had me lay down for another 45 minutes to make sure I wasn't woozy or light headed. Then I went home and slept most of the day after, the whole process went very smoothly.

I was sore yesterday and definitely still am today. I took a full week off work (Tues-Fri and then next Monday is a holiday) so I am hoping that is enough time for the major soreness to subside. I am taking a 5 day course of antibiotics and also was prescribed 30 Percocets to take every four hours. I have read some reviews saying the patient received no pain medications or only like 6 pills....if I didn't have these pain killers I know I would be in significant pain right - so if you are considering this procedure make sure you explain to your doctor you have a low tolerance for pain.

Peeing was a little painful yesterday (it stings) but today it isn't as bad so already feeling some improvement. Today I am allowed to shower again and was advised to put Neosporin on after cleaning. I am wearing pads since there was a little bleeding yesterday but nothing excessive or alarming. The doctor put in dissolvable stitches so I don't have to worry about getting them removed. I am going back for a post op appointment in two weeks. It is obviously way too soon to see results since I am swollen but the process so far could not have gone better. The goal of the Chief Resident was to make both sides symmetrical and remove enough of the labia minora that of it was protruding beyond the labia majora (which it was significantly before the procedure). Before the procedure he explained that while he was confident he could make a significant change in the appearance of my labia, he couldn't promise me "perfection" and made sure I had realistic expectations about results. That made me trust him a lot more since he took the time to level set and wasn't just telling me what I wanted to hear. I hope when the healing is done (6-8 weeks from now) I am happy with the end result.
Dr. Alperovich

He was intelligent, realistic and lastly compassionate about how this issue was affecting me mentally and physically. I was very comfortable under his care.

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