34 Yo and Finally Had the Surgery I Been Wanting for Years and Years - New York

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Some people were born w perturding labia and im...

Some people were born w perturding labia and im one of them. It wasnt anything awful and i didnt mind it visually. But it was just so uncomfortable, jeez! I always felt that. It took me till 26 y o to realize the constant pain down there was due to pertuding labia hahah. Ok so it took me some years to muster up tbe courage to do the surgery and yesterday i did it! Very happy already w results even tho she is a bit swollet


ok i m officially 2 days post op and today i wanted to look at see whats going on down there. i took some photos. I ve noticed that one labia is very swollen and the other seems normal but definitely smaller than the swollen one. i don't know if i should be concerned.

Day 3 contacted dr hunter w concern

Dr said : You are just swollen, more on one side. It is completely normal. It may still get a little worse before starts getting better. Try not to look. Continue icing today if you can. You will be fine. The swelling will be significantly better by next weekend. The asymmetry of swelling may take a month to resolve, but it will. Try not to worry- you will be absolutely fine.

Day 4

Im still super swollen and on pain tho not anymore than testerday at least. I have to say i expected this surgery/procedure to be a less painfull one. And never thought about swelling. Ok well doctor told me not to look down there for a while but i cant help it and also want to document everyday of my journey. I dont understand why one labia is so swollen and tbe other is not at all

Picture a day

Still in pain and swollen tho i think its not as bad now.

Looks better

Still sore and a bit less swollen

8 days post

Tomorrow going for a follow up

Looking better

Yaaay im starting toget so happy about this

Daily update




I think it was wortth it

5+ weeks post op. What do u guys think
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