Invisalign Process - College Student - New York, NY

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So.. where to begin? I've been unhappy with my...

So.. where to begin? I've been unhappy with my teeth for a long time now (you can see the issues in the photos) and have been thinking about getting Invisalign for a while but kept putting it off because of silly excuses. I finally booked a consultation and after meeting with my dentist in September, I went in on Monday (the 28th) to get my first set of Invisalign.
I was surprised when my dentist handed me the tray and it had these strange bubbles in it, which he told me were for the attachments. He claimed he had told me about this, but he definitely didn't. I'm going to have 6 on my bottom and 13 on my top but he wont put them on until next week because he wants me to get used the tray first. I'm slightly annoyed because he didn't tell me and they do make the trays more noticeable (especially because I have 4 on my front two teeth) but I know it's also my fault because I didn't ask him about it, which I definitely should have.
Aside from that.. I haven't really experienced the teeth pain that was expected or that most other people have had. However, I've had a lot of pain from the tray rubbing and scratching my mouth. I have had to trim and file it, which helped slightly but there is still one area at the back that I can't seem to fix.
That's it for now! I'll update again when something else happens.

Week 2 of Invisalign - Attachments Added

I've had my trays in for 10 days now and went in on Monday to have my attachments added. So far everything has gone quite well, after filing down my tray the first time I didn't have any more problems so that was fine. I do have a slight lisp, which weirdly I didn't have the first few days but suddenly appeared on day 4 and hasn't really gone away. Also, I've not really seen it mentioned anywhere else, but I do have difficulty closing my mouth around the trays. Because of this, I either have to clamp my lips around it or leave my mouth hanging slightly open - both of which look strange.
Apart from all that, as mentioned I had my attachments put on. It wasn't painful at all, and if anything I'm actually happy about it because it makes my trays look less visible. (This is because the first tray he gave me all ready had the spaces for the attachments, so having those without the actual attachments was very noticeable.)
I'll upload some photos later with photos of the trays with attachments.

Tray 3!

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I updated.. Nothing very exciting has happened so I haven't had much to say!
I switched to my third tray last Sunday so I am now entering week 5 of having invisalign.
Everything seems to have gone very smoothly so far.. I have had zero pain when putting in new trays, which is great but also a bit disconcerting? I feel like it means they're not working?
I was shocked when replacing my trays how discoloured they had become - but it wasn't too bad. I am a smoker and do smoke occasionally with them in so I know that definitely has something to do with it.
Thanksgiving was terrible I had them out for about 12 hours so hopefully that won't hinder my process too much!
I haven't really noticed any changes in my teeth and I was wondering when people generally did start noticing a difference?
I forgot to add photos to my last post so will add some now.

Tray 8!

Again - sorry I've been so absent!
I just went into to get my 8th tray today, which means I'm nearly halfway through! I'll post some pictures with this post.
Everything seems to be going fine, apart from my one problem snaggle tooth doesn't seem to want to move and so is a bit behind schedule. My ortho said it was fine and we're just going to keep going though? Does anyone else have any experience with this? Is it normal?
Also, because it's not keeping up, the attachment fell off, and he said that he's not going to put it back on. This didn't really make sense as it is my most problematic tooth, but I asked him and he wouldn't budge. Again, anyone had this experience? Let me know!

Teeth update

Overdue Update!

I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I have posted.. Sorry! Life got in the way and I just wasn't able to write an update.
Anyway, I finished my first round of invisalign (yay!) but since my one problem tooth wasn't fixed, I've been given 8 more trays, of which I am now on tray 4 - so half way through!
There isn't really much else to report, but I'm going to post some before and after/during photos so you can see the difference
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