My entire Invisalign journey

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Just got Invisalign!

I'm 30 years old and I just got Invisalign.  I didn't have a perfect smile, and I thought, who cares? Just do it. I was scared for the longest time (still am), but you can't say you did it, until you do it. My treatment will be about 12 months. So I'll be 31 with a great smile. That was my motivation.

Pros - It's only 1 year out of your life. So what? It should go by fast... I think back about everything that happened this past year, and if I had Invisalign, it wouldn't have been all that bad. A year goes by faster than you think.

Cons - well, it's still in your mouth all day. 22 hours per day. I'm talking slightly funny but hoping it goes away soon.

Pics! Pre Invisalign!

Ok here are my teeth on 12/5/13, just minutes before getting invisalign.

Even more pics! With Tray 1 in Mouth

I've got, idk, maybe 11-12 attachments along my side teeth (none on my frontals thankfully!). Attached are pics of my jaw, open and closed mouth, to see how my overbite changes =)

TRAY 2!!!

Ok so last night I changed into Tray 2 before going to bed. The doctor said to change it on 12/19, but I was so eager that I did it the night before. I also figured that would give it a good adjustment period in my mouth. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

This tray is definitely tighter, but I don't see any teeth movement yet, so ill hold off on pictures for now. Taking the trays out for cleaning was difficult at first, but as soon as I found the new groove or whatever, it peeled off quite easily.

A few notes about my tray 1 experience:

1 - wow they are so stained now - I drink coffee with them at times. Nothin I can do about it. Are denture cleansers helpful here? I can't find RetainerBrite lanywhere.

2 - number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ZERO, however...

1 person noticed slurred speech on like my 2nd day ever, so no big deal.

1 person asked if there was something in my mouth about a week into Tray 1, I respectfully said no, hhaha. I was still slurring a bit.

1 person asked if I am wearing "those retainer things" because I kept touching my teeth during a meeting. Again, I just declined.

I feel like I'm still speaking with a lisp but no one says anything, so maybe it's just me? Lets hope my odd behavior of touching my teeth ceases for this tray!


I need info on this and any reviews! Is this stuff safe and legit? Where do I get it from?!

Tray 3!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

Movin on up to Tray 3 tonight.... and WTF, they look exactly the same as Tray 2! :( but wowww, they are painful, so there is some difference I suppose. Again, I'm doing it night before the actual date, so I can get used to it by tomorrow.

I regret not taking pics of my teeth prior to Tray 2, so I have pics JUST before inserting Tray 3, and no matter what, I will post pics of my teeth prior to new trays. I do definitely feel and see a slight difference though in my bite (you'll see what I mean), but other than that, no difference in my smile or other teeth appearance.

But some good news for my incredibly vain being -

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D

Finally onto Tray 4!!!

Tray 4 begins tonight! Unfortunately, everything still looks the same but I know it's doing good. Attached are pics right before I put them in... along with a lot more facial hair.

Finally onto Tray 4!!!

How can I forgot my signature line:

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D

Going to Dinners / Hanging out / dating / intimacy with Trays

How do you guys do things like I've named above? I'm still awkward about it and gotta adjust. I generally remove my trays and it ends up being 2-3 hours and I feel sooooo guilty....however this past wknd at the dentist, he said everything is looking fine. But really, is there a way to master the intimate things with invisalign?

ok i'm a moron... the REAL tray 4 pics.

are my teeth getting better?! facial hair may or may not be the same... but my t-shirt is def different in this set hahahah. #doh

Getting Acceledent this week!!!

Hey everyone! So I got the good news from my dentist, and this Wednesday I'll be picking up Acceledent!!! I wouldnt have even learned about it if it werent for this site =) so thank you all.

I do have a question for all you Acceledenters. It so happens that this Wednesday I will begin Tray 5, so it's perfect. However, since I can't see the dentist every week, how would I know when it's actually time to change trays in the future? Before, obviously, it's every 14 days on the dot... but now, am I dropping down to every 7 days, or what? Any guidance is great.

Tray 5! And acceledent!

Pics of my teeth just prior to tray 5 woo hoo! And I got my acceledent holla!!!!! Writing this post as I have this thing in my mouth. That's what she said?

Tray 5 Signature Line

Forgot it again... doh...

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D

Acceledent Question

to everyone that has acceledent.... what is the real deal with timing of use?? i know ideally it should be at the same exact time every 24 hours... but lets be real, that's nearly impossible. what leeway do we have? i dont intend to skip days but i know 24 hours on the dot isnt happening. thoughts please?

Tray 6 + Pics!!!

What a quick week! I'm starting Tray 6 tonight and it's awesome. Acceledent is doing it's thang! Tray 6 felt tight as usual, but nothing outside the ordinary. So I think it's working! Attached are my teeth just prior to putting in Tray 6. I see some slight improvement, but still not a perfect smile. What do you all think? Any changes?

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D

The super frequency of brushing teeth...

Warning: this is probably a really dumb question.

After 6 trays, 8 weeks, and 1000+ minutes spent brushing my teeth... I need to ask... are we Invisalign'ers supposed to use toothpaste every single time we brush? I brush my teeth on average about 6 times per day (I eat small frequent meals)... and I do use toothpaste after each meal, but isn't that in the long run, like bad for your enamel and stuff? I know the point is just to get the small chunks of food out...I'm not sure if toothpaste is really required. What are your thoughts?

Tray 7!!!

Went to the dentist today, had a lil check up on how Acceledent was going. He said everything is looking great! This is so cool. He gave me Tray 7, 8, 9, 10. Pics of just prior to Tray 7 are attached!

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D
==> However, my roommate's girlfriend was talking to me and asked if I'm "whitening my teeth?" I looked at her blankly, like "huh?" And she asked if I was wearing those Crest whitening strips. I simply nodded yes and changed the subject. I am realizing that the first day of a new tray is super shiny because it's so clean, and that's why it does give off that impression. No one has noticed anything else (and I talk to people all day at work).

When will my teeth line up?

So I'm on tray 7/25, so yes still a long way to go, but when I put my teeth edge to edge, I don't see when/how the line separating my two front teeth will line up with the line separating my two bottom teeth. I attached a pic of this, this edge to edge feels most comfortable, and feels like every single bottom tooth AND my entire jaw will have to shift to the left for these to line up. Am I crazy?

Pic for above.

Just put in tray 8/25!

Moving forward!!! Just in tray 8! It's tight but not terrible at all. Of course, I posted pics of my teeth just before putting them in. I know this sounds weird, maybe not, idk, but that one bottom tooth that sticks out, feels like it's moving. But it's not. Like if my trays are not in, it doesn't move, but it really feels like there's a lot of stress in that area and that tooth would fall out. Am I crazy? I mean, it is moving bc that's the point of invisalign, but idk if I should be feeling it that way?

Anyways, pics are posted, lemme know what you all think in terms of progress etc!

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - STILL ZERO! =D

On to Tray 9!

Moving on up! This past tray wasn't so bad, not so painful. I think that issue I had with my bottom tooth feeling weak is gone/resolved. Putting in tray 9 later tonight. Pics uploaded.

A major change here though:

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE.

My damn friend and I were chillin, sitting across each other about 5-6 feet apart. I for 1 second press on my tooth for some reason, and he asks "yo you wear invisalign?" Lol I immediately said no, like a knee jerk reaction, but I knew I was busted. So I told him. He claimed "he can always see Invisalign and that it's really noticeable." I go, oh yea tough guy, I've had these for 3 months now and you never saw them. He was shocked haha. But yea, he did catch me.

10 of 25!!! 40 PERCENT! WOO HOOOOOOO

I have graduated up to Tray 10... helllll yea! Attached are my pics right before I put them in. I think I'm happy with my progress, but I think I have a lot work left on my bottom tooth still. I know my bottoms have less trays (I think 16 or 17), so I'm really not sure when the heck that will be totally fixed? My top has 25, and I'm seeing the progress there, and I'm sure there's a lot of work left. Any thoughts?

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk)*** I have a feeling that the friend that called me out on it was "hinted about it" by my roommate. Sneaky sneaky. (My roommate knows because I told her). Ah well, 1 or 0 people is still fine.

15ish more weeks!

And now... My Clincheck Videos =)

I've got the 3 following videos:

(i) Bottom
(ii) Top
(iii) Full

I dont think it's possible to get the 3D movable one. What do you all think?! Woo hooooo.

Well that didnt work... clincheck video upload, take 2

Top -

Bottom -

Full -

One more try - Embedding Clinchecks!

Tray 11 of 25 - big update

So I went to the dentist today, after 4 weeks. He did a check on everything and said everything was tracking perfectly. I was really happy to hear that, and that the Acceledent was doing its job. However, for some reason, with this Tray 11, he wants me to keep it in for 2 weeks, for some reason. He said he thought an area on the top could use a little more, and he said it would be better if I did that. So Tray 11 for 2 weeks, then back to 1 week a piece.

It turns out that I'm on my FINAL bottom tray too!!! That was a pleasant surprise, I suppose! I had no idea, I was expecting a few more bottom trays, but nope. So although that one tooth still sticks outs, I guess it's gonna be golden after this one? Cantttt wait!!! So I guess wearing this final tray for an extra week would really really solidify the bottoms. I guess I can't complain about this at all. It's fine with me. I also learned that even though there are no more trays after this one, I'll still be wearing a clear plastic tray to keep them in place.

Whereas that's all good news, I did receive some not so great news. First, that issue that I raised up some time ago, where the vertical lines of my top and bottom teeth dont line up - well, they arent going to. Even though the Clincheck shows they would, they actually started off lined up, so I'm not sure what went wrong there. The dentist said when I bite down, the teeth line up perfectly, but when I go edge-to-edge, my jaw kinda moves, and that its not correctable, not even with refinement trays. That's a slight bummer to me, but it won't get me down at all....I think my teeth will still look fabulous.

That's all I've got for now - I've uploaded the pics from just prior to Tray 11. What do you all think? Any improvements?

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk!)

Tray 12!!!

Sorry this is a day late.. I've been really busy. I popped in Tray 12 last night, even though the dentist wanted me to wear Tray 11 for 2 weeks. When he told me that, it didn't seem like he had any real basis, so I went ahead and put them in. I'll double up on a later tray or just change my next appointment to a sooner date.

Anyways, I took pics of teeth just prior to putting them in. The bottom trays are done (although I still have to put trays in), and I can't say I'm totally happy with them though :( I dont know what more I can do... There is a weird gap between the bottom front teeth, and this gap gets smaller and wider as it pleases.... its weird!!! It seems like the gums in that area arent sure if they should rise or stay on the bottom. I did notice this before and asked my dentist about it, and he said thats how it's gonna be =(.... they may put some bonding in between, but meh.....

anyways, top trays till have a lotttt of time left, so hopefully the final product looks good. I constantly remind myself I'm not even halfway home yet... but to top it off on a good note:

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk!)

Question on teeth movement

So this may be a dumb question because I know all your answers are gonna be "keep your trays in" but whatever...

I'm in tray 12, and bottom trays are done. However, my bottom teeth shift back to crooked if I leave my tray out for too long. I would think that since bottom trays are done, those teeth would be the most secure, but they're not.

For example, tonight I regret to inform that I had my trays out for about 4 hours tonight. I know, bad boy. When I popped them back in, the bottom tooth shifted. No other tooth in my mouth shifts, so why does the bottom tooth? Tomorrow morning it will be straight again, so WHYYY!? I took a pic of it.


Yesssssss. Tray 13. 52% done. This is great.

Tray 12 felt very long, even though it was just a week. Im not sure why, think I'm starting to get a bit impatient with them. But progress is great. I dont have many stories to tell (I think because I posted mid-Tray 12 lol).....I just want my bottom tooth to stay perfect... stop moving little fella! Cant wait for a retainer there. I'm also hoping my top starts to pushing inwards like the Invisalign videos show. I'm not sure when that process begins. I think my top front four teeth still have some straightening do still, but it's getting there. Pics are of course uploaded for just before this tray.

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk!)

Tray 14!

Hello everyone! Just my weekly update... moved up to Tray 14 tonight!

I took many pics of my teeth, more so than usual. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm not loving my bottoms! :( and since the trays on the bottom are technically done, what do I do? I'm not sure why I dont love the bottoms. They are def straight (unless that one bastard tooth feels like taking a quick talk), but I feel like my Lower Cuspids are just weird.... all of its just weird. Am I crazy or do others see that too?

Tray 14 - Signature Tagline

Whooops, almost forgot.

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk!)

TRAY 15/25, a dental follow up, and a ton of IPR Shavings

Went to the dentist today, had an hour long appointment, follow up, etc. I got a ton of shavings today (IPR), all over my top teeth it felt like. They're kinda visible, but not really. This is pretty much entering the latter stages of my treatment though!!! Awesome. I took pics of the teeth after the shavings were done, just putting in Tray 15. Dentist said I'm tracking well, but wants me to wear Tray 15 for 2 weeks (he told me to do that on Tray 14 but I didn't, lol). This time I will.

I mentioned my beef with the black triangle, and he recommended some bonding when the treatment is done. He said IPR there will require a lot of shaving and that it wasnt a great idea.

He gave me Trays 15-18, said I'm tracking well, and I'll see him again in 5 weeks!

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - ONE (asterisk!)

Question on Changing Trays 15 through 18

hey everybody, so as most of you know, i generally post an update with pics every Wednesday, this is an obligatory post. however, this wednesday night, i wont be changing from tray 15 to tray 16 :( my dentist wanted me to leave this tray in a little longer because there was spacing in two of the teeth. he said to leave it in for an extra week, and then resume back to 1 tray per week (so next wednesday, tray 16).

I was wondering if i could alter this plan a bit. I saw my dentist last week, and my next visit will be 5 weeks from last week, so 35 days. instead of doubling up on tray 15, and resuming to tray 16, 17, and 18 at once a week, I think it would be better and smarter to change these next trays every 9 or 10 days, so they are equally dispersed throughout the 35 days. Remember, I am using Accedelent, so having one tray in for 2 weeks is really like a month! Plus tray 15 feels perfect now, I dont think I'll get much for another week.

What are your thoughts on this? Basically I want to change my schedule as follows:

Tray 15 = April 9 (9 days)
Tray 16 = April 18 (9 days)
Tray 17 = April 27 (9 days)
Tray 18 = May 5 (8 days)
Tray 19 = May 14 (9 days)

Tray 16! I'm back!

Woo hoo! Tray 15's 2 weeks felt like forever!!!! I finally am on tray 16. The spacing in my teeth from IPR is still there but even I don't notice it at all. I think the teeth still have work left so I'm hoping this tray does it! Attached are pics.

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - one (asterisk)

Tray 17 and Pics!

Moved onto Tray 17 tonight, feels great!! I just realized my Tray 16 pics never loaded, I'm not sure why... I thought they did. Meh. I do have them.

I have uploaded pics here for this one though. One question - when my teeth are edge to edge, are my other supposed to touch? They dont and I dont think they will..?

Tray 17 Tagline

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - one (asterisk)

Tray 18/25!! 72%!

Yayyy, just put in Tray 18! Lovinnnnnn it. My teeth are starting to look good... I can feel it! The IPR gaps are still there, so hoping those close off soon. Tray 17 was painful when removing for about 5 of the 7 days, then eased off. Tray 18 feels good, but it's definitely tight... I figure it'll be similar to Tray 18. Attached are my pics just before I put them in.

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - one (asterisk)

Movin on up to Tray 19!!!

Wow, that felt like the longest week ever with Tray 18. I legit asked myself if I had posted my Tray 18 update because it feels so long ago. Alas, just 7 long days.

I went to the dentist today for my monthly checkup. Everything looks great he said!!! He popped in Tray 19, and I must say, it feels so seamless, feels like it's still just Tray 18. Very comfortable, I'm glad.

Tray 17 was PAINFUL for some reason, for the first few days. Tray 18 was less painful, kinda normal. But this Tray 19 I dont even feel it. Is that a good thing?!

Attached are pics before popping in Tray 19... ohhhh almost there!

Damn tagline... Tray 19.

Number of people that noticed I'm wearing invisalign - one (asterisk)

Delayed Post!!! Tray 20 of 25!!!!!!

Put in tray 20/25 on Wednesday night...80%!!! Omg wow! Almost done!! Attached are pics of just before putting them in last night. I still think my right front tooth needs to be pushed in more and be in line; it still juts out a lil bit.

Lockjaw problem!!! I am now way too easily able to put my bottom teeth ok front of my top teeth. It's weird and it hurts. It doesn't happen on it's own but it's way too easy and I'm afraid of it slipping. What do I do!?

Number of people that notice I'm wearing invisalign: TWO!!! I got busted this morning by a girl I'm seeing. She didn't mind, actually was really REALLY envious because her teeth are not perfect at all. And I think I convinced her to do it! This shit is coming full circle! 4 more weeksss for me!

Another Delayed Post! Tray 21 of 25!!

OHHH the finish line is SOOOOO close!!! Last Wednesday, I put in Tray 21 of 25 (and I think tomorrow I'll be putting in Tray 22!). This tray felt fine, so I have nothing really to say, except check out my pics! How are they looking??!

Acceledent question - so yesterday, my Acceledent STOPPED WORKING! I called customer service and they are fedexing me a new one right away, within 2 days, but this means I will miss about 2-3 days of Acceledent. What should I do??? Continue wearing trays as normal or delay changing by a day or two? Meh. Why'd this happen all of a sudden?

Number of people that notice I'm wearing invisalign: TWO!!!

Tray 22 of 25

Yea, I'm super late on this, so it's just going to be pics to show the progression.

Tray 23 of 25!!!

Just popped in Tray 23, so close to the end. What happens when I'm all done? Can I get some details on the retainer I have to wear? How long do I wear it for throughout the day, and for how long in terms of months?

Tray 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO CLOSE


Tray 24 hurt like a b**** at first, but it's good now. I am also (I think) seeing that my midline between my teeth MAY actually be lining up?!?!?

Whats the post invisalign care like? Retainers I know, but how long do you have to wear them etc?


this is surreal! i'm actually on the final tray. they feel good, they look good. July 8 is my next dentist appointment which will remove the attachments and do whatever else they do!!! we discussed refinement trays to see if anything will be needed, so i'll keep you posted on that. but i SURE hope they are off fully on july 8! pics are attached of my teeth just prior to putting in the tray 25.

Tomorrow is the day!!! I remove Invisalign tomorrow!

Assuming the dentist says all is well, the attachments etc come off tomorrow!!! Holy s***!!! I am so excited. WELL WORTH IT.

Attached are pics of my teeth tonight, the night before removing everything. I will update again tomorrow with pics of my teeth without anything =D
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Good stuff Doc.

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