33 year old female with overbite, crowded and missing teeth. New York, NY

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I am a 33 year old single female living in NYC. I...

I am a 33 year old single female living in NYC. I have a total of 24 trays. I have been reading many of your reviews up until now, so it has helped me tremendously to get over this unknown world of invisalign. I hope I can help others make their decisions, too.

Here are what my Invisalign will address:
- over bite
- crowding (lower jaw)
- missing teeth (implants will be inserted after or towards the end of treatment)

Back story of me: last October (2014) I was eating an almond and my entire tooth broke on my lower jaw. Yes, the ENTIRE tooth broke. It was where I had a root canal/crown 7 years ago and it completely broke off to a point that the only thing they could do was an implant. Long story short, they asked if I ever thought of getting braces/invisalign in the future because once they put the implant in I can never get braces (or the treatment would be very difficult). I am very, very indecisive, by the way and I need to know all of the information before I proceed in anything. It took me 6 months to decide whether or not I was going to get Invisalign and I am hoping that this is all worth it. I was also told in order to completely fix my overbite I will need surgery. I opted for no surgery, since I am already spending $5500, PLUS at least 5 implants, and if I did the corrective jaw surgery it would be at least another $5000-6000. My ortho also said that I can adjust to my invisalign now, and that she can send the Invisalign office 1 revision. So this means that I have a few months to decide if I want to get the jaw surgery and invisalign will revise my procedure according to the surgery. Right now I was told that she is compensating a lot because of my crazy overbite and that it will never be perfect unless I do the surgery. I was never super unhappy with my overbite, and as long as she is doing the best that she can without the surgery, I think I am okay with it. We'll see, maybe I will change my mind in a month after I am used to wearing these aligners.

I have a family history of very soft, and bad teeth. I am missing all of my left side of my bottom jaw which will all need implants as soon as my teeth are all in place. I have not had them for years now, but also because 5 yrs ago a few months before I was moving to NY I went in to get implants but I was told the same thing - if I wanted implants, I need to be sure that I am not getting braces. So now that I have yet ANOTHER tooth missing, I really have to get my teeth back in good shape, and fix my overbite.

So sorry that this post is so long, but I wanted to be thorough as possible. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I will post my clincheck later next week.

Clin Checks!

I don't know why, but my ortho gave me this weird video that does not look like everyone else's clin checks :(

Also, its really hard to tell my improvements since my uppers are covering so much of my lowers but we are really straightening them out especially the front teeth.

I have also added how my teeth look with the invisalign in. Long way to go!

Day 2 - Running errands in the city

I ran errands today, thinking it will be a quick in and out of the city. But some of the trains were messed up and things took much longer than I thought. I WAS SO FREAKING HUNGRY, and I didn't bring my toothbrush kit. So stupid of me. I was famished by the time I got home, and I am never doing that again. I went to Target tonight and picked up some portable toothbrush and things. I am assuming this is going to be my best friend.

So far, I have no pain eating like everyone else. I assume it will change for certain aligners but my first one so far is not excruciating pain except when I try to remove it. Eating has been fine for me so far.

Propel and Acceledent

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone else has tried Propel? My ortho recommended it, and I get the vibe that she doesn't want me to use acceledent. Or, has anyone tried both? Love to hear everyone's experiences.

Day 6

I am very annoyed with my ortho. My false tooth in my aligners keep coming off, and their response was that I only have a 1.5 more weeks to my next aligner so I should just wait since it is just aesthetic. I had multiple discussions about keeping that filled so that it doesn't have a gap when I have the aligners in. Has anyone with a missing tooth experienced the 'filling' coming out of their aligners? I used Efferdent, and it seemed to harsh on my aligners that the entire thing came out. However, the second time my ortho's assistant did a bad job and it fell out within a hour of leaving their office. I am so frustrated.

On the other hand, taking out the aligners has become easier today.

Yesterday I went to a block party with my friends and I did not tell them about invisalign. It was so painful to laugh and talk to them for hours, I wish I had taken them out. Sometimes it feels like a torture device and the aligners drive me crazy. There were a lot of food street vendors and I couldn't eat anything because there were no bathrooms nearby for me to take them out. Eventually I am sure I will get used to it enough so I can take them out easier, but yesterday was not the day for me :(

Tray 2!

Switched to tray 2 yesterday, and it was not very eventful. There was just some tightness while I slept but it went away by the time lunch time came. I actually went in to see my ortho to get that missing attachment checked out but she said none of my attachments were missing. She also said I have less pain now because it is mostly just pressure to level out my teeth and not any major movements. I don't get why I need to wear these for 2 weeks since even when I take them out and put them back in there is not a lot of pressure. Wonder if any one else with an over bite experienced this. I hope this is helping my teeth alignment, because it doesn't feel any different from my last set of aligners. I do have a high tolerance for pain, so that could be it too.

Tray 3 out of 26

So, once again, tray 3 was uneventful. Not too much pain. The thing is, I do have a high tolerance for pain. But there are so many reviews with people complaining about the pain and so far I haven't dealt with much? Is this normal??? Are my teeth even moving? I know I have a long wait to go, but it is kind of worrisome.

On the brighter side, my ortho said I can change out my trays every 10 days instead of 2 weeks. 4 days shorter sounds excellent to me!

Also, I have a question if you guys can help me. What do you do with your old trays? I am planning on just keeping tray 1 so that when I receive my last tray I can do a comparison. I know it is gross to keep, but it is also throwing away $75 into the trash? What are everyone's thoughts on this?

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend!

Tray 4 of 26

Hey guys,

So now I am changing my trays every 10 days, which is great. I know that I am only on tray 4 but I feel like nothing has changed? When did everyone start to see any changes/results? I am probably being impatient and need to trust the process, but I never feel any pain when I change the trays like most of you do so it is starting to make me paranoid. Is this the same for anyone else?

Tray 5 of 26

Switched to tray 5, a little more pressure than the last tray but not any significant pain. I think maybe my teeth move quickly because I have never experienced pain/pressure for more than like 3-4 hours. The only pain actually is from the lower tray cutting the insides of my mouth from talking all day at work and not getting a chance to file it down until I got home. Just filed it down so it is much better now. I still do not see any visible difference but am trying to be patient. I have one more tray until I see my ortho next and she will give me more trays. Hopefully it will show more on those. I posted photos in hopes of later in my journey I can look back on this and be happy with all the progress and movement I have had. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Dating and Invisalign

Sorry, another quick post. Wondering if anyone would care to share their experiences being single with invisalign? I am less out-going and more self cautious now with invisalign. I usually take it out for the first date, but I am always uncomfortable because I feel like the attachments are quite noticeable. Yes, people shouldn't care whether or not you have Invisalign, but the fact is I always have a slight lisp (although this has improved significantly. Who wants a gf with a lisp? I am an over thinker if you haven't noticed in my blog posts and would like to know if anyone else shares a similar thought? Also, keep in mind, that I still have that missing tooth and it is quite embarassing for me to even talk about that. I have never had issues with dating before, but all of a sudden I feel so self cautious. I guess I am already about 20% done with my journey so it is just matter of time and getting used to. I am a designer, so I don't talk too much at work usually so maybe my lisp will take a bit longer to improve but I also noticed that when I take photos now I tense my lips so the invisalign doesn't show. I have an over bite so the invisalign is actually not that invisible on me. Sorry for the rant, but hoping that I can hear from some of you on your thoughts and experiences!

Tray 6 of 26

Nothing eventful here on tray 6. I guess it is a bit tighter than the last, but I don't see any visible changes so far. I have attached some photos. I still haven't received my rubber bands for my over bite which I am not looking forward to. I have an appointment this Friday so I will update then to see when I am using those. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


I am 1/3 done! Hooray!

The only thing is, I don't see any difference?! It has been three months since I started wearing them and I guess my top teeth were pretty straight to begin with so maybe the subtle differences are hard to tell. My overbite also covers my crowded lowers (which is the main thing I am trying to correct) so it is also hard to see the improvement in my teeth alignment. I am still excited to see the end result 5 months from now. Especially after I get the implants - that is what I look forward to the most. Lately I have been starting to consider the jaw alignment surgery even though it is costly. I guess I am starting to feel that I am already putting in all this time to fix my teeth, might as well go all out! Can you guys see any difference from the beginning of my treatment? Maybe I am just being overly critical...

Tray 11 of 26

I just changed to tray 11, and it was fitting so weird that I booked an emergency appointment with my ortho. There was a huge space on my lower aligner in the back behind my front teeth. It was not fitting snug so I thought maybe they had made a mistake? Turns out that it was space to help my lower teeth move since they are so crowded. I'm glad I went to get it checked because the lower aligner was sticking out so much that my tongue would have definitely gotten cut up. They used a drill to cut off the part that was sticking out so much so they fit somewhat better now.

Since now the movements are primary focused on the crowding of my lower teeth, they want me to put the aligners back in for 2 weeks instead of 10 days :(. I am going home for Thanksgiving this year, but I was hoping to be farther along by then but I will probably only be on tray 13 or 14 so you still wouldn't see a significant difference in my teeth (I still see no difference from June to now).

Hope everyone is having a good week. Talk to you all soon!

Tray 12 of 26

This tray so far has been tighter than most, but I like it! I am hoping it means some movement, which I feel I have not seen much of even though I am almost half way through (do you guys see a difference??). I have my appointment next Friday to see if I need Propel or not depending on how well I am tracking. Keep you all posted!

TRAY 13 OF 26

These trays are pretty snug too, and I like the pain! I feel like I am finally seeing some improvements. I took some photos this time with Tray 1 and Tray 13 next to each other and you can really see the different. Some major changes are the curvature of my top teeth. They are less v-shaped and more u-shaped, which my ortho wanted to improve from the beginning. Some of the crowding in my bottom teeth have shifted. They are still crowded, but since I received up to tray 16, I can really see the difference in that tray. Just trying to not get ahead of myself..

I went to the ortho a few days ago, but we did not do Propel this time. I am seeing them in 2 months, and we will revisit this idea then because after this set of trays we are doing some difficult movement that may involve Propel. They told me it is $300! So expensive! I guess it is the price I will need to pay...:(

I can't wait until March when they are all straight and time for my implants!!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

TRAY 14 of 26

Happy Saturday! Just switched to my next set of trays. No pain/pressure again, but I posted some comparisons like my last post of my aligner 1 vs aligner 14. My lower trays feel a little loose, but last time I was told that it is so that it creates space for my teeth to move. I guess I need to just have more faith in the process...

Tray 15/16 out of 26

Happy New Year Invisalign friends! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday/new years!

Sorry for not updating tray 15, it has been busy and also I had some issues with my ortho. They 'forgot' to attach one of the attachments so I couldn't move forward to 15 so I was wearing 14 for a MONTH! It was a combination of the holidays and not being able to coordinate an appointment. So upsetting. Now I am delayed a month which feels so long to me. I feel okay now that I am back on my treatment plan. I do feel that I may need to do refinements, but I wonder if I am able to do my implants before I do the refinements? I will ask on my next visit in 4 weeks. I get so discouraged sometimes because I don't see any huge changes. I have 10 trays left and each tray they are having me wear it 2 weeks. Originally it was 10 days, but since the movements are more difficult now they are having me wear it 2 weeks, which is annoying. Technically I should be done in mid-May. Originally it was supposed to be around March. Propel is another $300-400, I am not sure I want to spend...

Switching to tray 17 in a couple of days, so will post another update then.

RE-SCAN, PROPEL, 2 of 18 :(

So my lowers were not tracking properly so I had to rescan, wait an entire month, and then I got all my new trays. 18 trays total, and I am on tray 2. My ortho still wants me to keep them on for every 2 weeks because of the type of movement they are trying to achieve. They are trying to push my lowers down, AND straighten them out at the same time.

PROPEL - got them done last night. Keep in mind, I have a high tolerance for pain. And I will not lie, it was painful. They numbed me when I first got there, but I asked if I can have a tylenol prior and they said they will give it to me as I leave. WTF. I totally should have taken that shit before the treatment because once I was done, my numbing had worn off and it was a throbbing pain like you got punched in the jaw multiple time. Today it is much better, less pain and less blood. All I can think about is that this better help my tracking/treatment or else the pain was not worth it, and I still am not 100% understanding on the safety of using Propel - it just sounds so unnatural to me.

I am posting some photos, but they're not much different from the last. I am taking it easy this weekend because of the pain. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Just a word of advice if you are getting Propel:

1. Take Tylenol (not advil, or ibuprofen - it counteracts with Propel), right before your treatment
2. Bring headphones - I put mines in because the treatment was loud and it helped a ton
3. DO NOT MAKE PLANS AFTERWARDS - just go home, and rest. Just plan on being bloody and numb and you will not want to see anyone like that anyway.
4. I was told to put on my aligners, despite the blood because your teeth will have most movement now so take advantage of it.
5. Have listerine or some kind of mouth wash handy so you can rinse your mouth periodically at home.
6. Eat smoothie or soft foods - your gums will feel very swollen and bruised so you don't want to just start munching on raw carrots and celery. I had chicken noodle soup :)

I know everyone is different, but I felt like I bled a lot, so just be aware that it could be the same case for you.

Post re-scan, 8 of 18

Almost at the half way mark. Nothing eventful here, but now I am considering getting the jaw surgery to fix my over bite. My ortho recommended 2 surgeons and I will try to schedule the consultations this month. I would need to receive implants also, so if you can imagine what my dental bill would look like...Its a lot of pressure though. I am not sure I 100% need it, but I would like to have it. Has anyone done the oral jaw surgery for over bites?
Dr. Ingrid Barillos

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