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I have suffered from balding in the front and...

I have suffered from balding in the front and sides of my hairline better known in the African American community as "no edges" for several years now. It was caused by me and poor hairstyle choices when I was young. It has lowered my self esteem immensely!!!! This year I will no longer hide behind wigs. I am a Veteran of The United States Navy and one of the things I miss dearly is swimming! I want to be able to swim FREELY without a swim cap and put my hair up in a ponytail. The little things that seems like it wouldn't be a big deal would definitely be for me! My husband is the only person who has seen my hair. I have been telling him I wanted to find a surgeon to restore my hairline. He knows how much this effects me so he supports me all the way (which feels great)! It was important to me to find the right doctor. The right doctor would be someone who is well experienced with not only women's transplant surgery but dealing with ethnic hair as well. I saw a review of Dr. Frank's work and said to myself HE'S MY DOCTOR!! He is very polite and professional and knowledgeable. He told me that it was refreshing to have a patient who has done extensive research such as myself. And I sure have!!! When you are having elective surgery on your face, you MUST make sure the Doctor you select is right for you! I will upload photos and give a detailed account of my experience next week. God Bless you all :)

Before photos

The Big Day

So when I first arrived at 8am, I filled out my consent forms and medical history. Then Dr. Frank gave me 2 pills for relaxation and discomfort. Once I was done my paperwork he took a lot of photos of my hair and head and together we agreed on hairline that would be best for the results I wanted to achieve. Then we went to another room where they had me lay down on my stomach so they could start the numbing process. I was so nervous but to my surprise is was not uncomfortable at all. The staff made me feel so at ease and we talked and laughed throughout that portion of the procedure. The most I felt was a little tugging and pressure. After that I was asked what I wanted for lunch. While waiting for the next phase in the process, I watched a movie on Netflix.. Now it's time to start on the front of my head. They numbed me all across my hairline and then began to make the incisions for placing. That part of the process was more bare able than I imagined. Placing the bulbs took the longest and it's because they wanted to place them as natural as possible and as full and possible. I am completely satisfied with the process so far. Now it time to take a nap and heal! have a great weekend everyone!


More photos

4 days post op :)

I was told by Dr Frank to keep that tape on my forehead for 3 full days. It reduces your swelling tremendously by redirecting it from your face down to your neck. I had minimal swelling and I am so happy about that because i have Seen patient who have had this surgery explode (not literally) from swelling! Also I've been keepin my grafts moist with saline and I have so far washed it gently with baby shampoo. Talk to you guys soon!

Donor Scar

I have been getting messages from people wanting to see the suture placement in the donor area. Mine is not across the back of my scalp. It's in a "U" shape and it falls below my occipital bone. I braided the hair close to it so that you could see it better. Hope this helps :)

A little growth

Small amount of growth but it's big to me. :)

2.5 months post

I will hit 3 months post on April 29th.. Hope I start seeing more growth soon.. Feeling a bit impatient.


I'm super excited! I was worried for no reason. I guess it apart of the process.. PATIENCE!!!! Lol REAL growth has started and I couldn't be happier.

4 month update

I'm happy with my hair so far. To see hair grow where I haven't in years is nothing short of remarkable! :) slow and steady wins the race... So I've gain more patience.

4 month update

I'm happy with my growth so far. To see hair grow where I haven't in yrs is nothing short of a remarkable! :)

4 month update

Results so far :)

Coming along nicely. :)

My results and my Dr

I just took these photos today. I've been using minoxidil for a few weeks and I like what I see!

Also, when I text Dr Frank he gets back to me in a timely manner just as he did prior to my procedure! I don't feel like I am just a number. After we talk about results, healing and recovery he always asks about my husband and children.... BY NAME!!!! HE REMEMBERS THEIR NAMES.... He is the best Dr for this procedure and his bed side manner is outstanding!

So far....

I'm loving my results :)

I feel free!!!!!

Before I had enough growth I wore turbans a lot to cover my hair. Now that I have enough hair to comfortably show my edges Ive decided to make a wig. I love how I'm able to blend my hair with the wig. Something small as pulling ur hair back from your face may seem like it's not a big deal... But it means the world to me. I haven't been able to do this in years!!!!!!!!! My doctor is the SHeeeeeiiiiiiitttt!!! Lol

First Time going swimming...

Yesterday was my first time showing my all of my hair at the beach yesterday. I felt so beautiful and confident. My ponytail is not type at all. I used edge tamer all around and then wrapped a hair tie around it once.

It's been a while :)

Hey beautiful,

Here are a few up to date photos :)

Hair update

Her are a few photos of how the front looks when I wear wigs.

Round 2

Round 2 coming soon. Going to Bangkok to get more BANG for my buck. Starting a Vlog on YouTube. I'll post the link when it's up. *kisses*

Excited about round 2

ok so I am deciding between Bangkok Dr and Istabul Dr. They both have great packages but most importantly GREAT RESULTS on my hair type. I'll keep you posted on who I will be going with. Furthermore, these photos are from today. I just washed and conditioned my hair so the shrinkage is real lol... As you can see I have made a lot of progress within this past year and with this 2nd round it should bring me to where I need to be in terms of fullness.

Had my 2nd procedure. 3/29/16

Dr Frank begged me to let him take care of it. So that's what I did. I had my surgery yesterday and these photos are from the night before. I didn't want my hair cut but my graft area was too long. They cut it down but didn't shave it (thanks to the most high). I will not update again until I start seeing growth from the new buds.

Take care dolls and happy healing.
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