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I had my surgery done at elite body sculpture in...

I had my surgery done at elite body sculpture in NYC. You know that place where they announce the lunch time lipo. I honestly regret having this done what was suppose to be minimal and not invasive due to the new technology they use. I'm a swollen and bruised mess. I can't go back to work until I'm 100% since I work with severely disabled children. I had lipo of the abs, flanks and bra roll with fat transferred to the buttocks.

2 days post op

I'm a ball of nerves a complete mess. I weighed 121lbs before the procedure I weighed myself today and weigh 128.9lbs My whole body hurts from the swelling, I hate having to depend on my son to pick things up for me. I've always been miss independent and to depend on anyone sucks. I've cried a bunch of times today. I hope this gets better soon. I don't know how much more I can take. I've showered and can't reach my back to clean the lines on my back. The puncture holes were suppose to be small like a freckle they seem huge right now. I called the doctor to see if I could start Lympathic drainage massages he said I can start tmw. They also say I don't need a compression garment after 2 weeks. I don't know if that is right or not? I feel i might need it but a different one then the one they gave me. I can't wait to see some type of difference. Because at this point I'm beginning to regret it.

Fat removed

Day 4 post op

I've had 1 manual lymphatic drainage massage Friday and one via a machine which compresses and stimulates the lymph nodes today Saturday. I can move a bit more today but still feel very sore on my waist. Next manual massage is set for Monday and 1 week appt with doctor is Tuesday.
Still in the air if this was worth the $ I spent. I guess my story will continue.

12 day post op

I didn't realize how much you end up spending on top of surgery. From real compression garments because what I was given by ps was crappy to Lympathic drainage massages to compression boards and the time taken away from work.
Enough about $ I know Plastic Surgery is expensive but sheesh these massages are no joke and wish I would've started them earlier then what the doctor suggested. I got a package of 10 massages for $700 in Brooklyn. I've had 1 with them started using a much better compression garment and was told I needed a half moon board instead of the foam my surgeon gave me. Started using that and I see a difference after 2 days. I needed carboxy therapy for some hard areas on my waist n back (that hurt like hell) but all for the sake of a snatched waist I suppose.
12 days later after the fat transfer to my buttocks I feel its defaulted already. Hoping that's not the case because I paid way to much $ and have suffered laying on my stomach and sitting in a home made chair with a hole in it to have a deflated butt. I know I'm still swollen so I'm giving it time till I start texting my surgeon on how unsatisfied I am. I was told by plastic surgeon to wear garment for 2 weeks and that's all I needed. ( not what my Colombian massage therapist told me) she said 3 months with garment and no jeans since the fat transfer to buttocks can be disturbed by the tightness of jeans.
Can't wait to be able to see my before and after pics once my 10 massages are done. Hopefully that helps shape my body to what I wanted.
To be continued......

18 days post op

After having surgery I really appreciated the small things in life, like tying my own shoes or putting my socks on even getting dressed in 5 minutes lol a compression garment that is tight takes forever to put on, I feel so much better with it on but once I take it off I feel like I start swelling again. :(
Lympathic drainage massages are going well I've had 4 to date. Next week will go Monday thru Friday.
I hope at 3 months I'm fully happy with results because at the moment I feel certain areas will need revision and honestly I don't know if I could do this all over again. I'm keeping a positive mindset. My 3 month appt is set for July my body better get to what I wanted and what I paid for by then. I guess I'll post my pre op pics ( gross)

Back roll still there grrrrr

I know it's still too soon to see full results but damn you back roll. Ughh

Swelling remedy

Just wanted to share this. Swelling remedy and tasty...

28 days post op

I swear it feels like so much longer.
No significant change still have certain fat pockets left still waiting on it to go down some more but in mean time trying everything possible to reduce inches and fat in my body. I have 2 post op massages left which they are using now focused on body contouring with wood therapy freezing the under the bra fat and electric shocks on my abs to tighten them.
I think I might need another package of 10 body contouring massages which sucks after paying so much for surgery to still have fat pockets leftover.
Praying it goes down by month 3 I wanna be beach ready

1 month post op

I feel there's still fat left over. There's no reason for my abdomen to look like this 1 month after lipo while I sit in my bbl chair (beach chair with hole cut into it) yup still haven't put any pressure on my butt trying to save the little bit of fat that's in it. Trying to stay positive is hard especially when I see such good lipo pics on this site and it's nothing compared to mines. Just would suck if I spent all this time not sitting in my butt going thru 10 Lympathic massages and body contouring massages spending $ on the massages and compression garments on top of the surgery to not be fully satisfied. A revision is not on my mind right now I can't go thru that pain again. Ugh has anyone else felt this way?

Back rolls still there

Trying to stay positive and didn't want to try on bathing suits just a month post op but I did and I regret it. Back rolls are still there not as big but they are there and under the bra roll in front is there. Experiencing now a burning / heat feeling under my skin on my waist. I read it's the nerves coming back to life. Still in my compression garment, I tried sleeping without it and had the heat feeling on my waist went away once I put compression garment on.
For what I paid and went thru it was for me not to have a complaint and it be done correctly the first time around. Been drinking a gallon of water a day, salads and no fried foods I have some ice cream to " feed the fat" which I feel should have been more fat put in like I asked but he put 500cc I haven't sat on butt in a month and it's not as hard as people think it is. I have my beach chair with hole cut into it and lay on my stomach to sleep as usual. I work with children so I kneel a lot during day. I've vowed no sitting for at least 2 months but going to push for the whole 3 months to save what ever fat I have.

October 2016

I had a revision of back bra rolls and under bra roll. Same doctor same result. It'll be 3 months in a few days post op from the revision and still not satisfied. I'm still in my compression garment, still don't sit on my butt yup haven't fully sat on my behind since March I drive with a rolled up fleece blanket under thighs. My butt is blah it's definitely not what I paid for. Nor is my stomach

10 months post op

After having lipo in March than a revision in October it looks like I didn't have anything done to myself so $10,000 later I'm back to where I started. Unhappy with my belly.
I literally changed my whole life style 1 month before surgery stopped drinking no fast food went from drinking no water daily to drinking a gallon daily spent $2,100 on post op massages and fajas. This surgeon literally stole my $ and went about his business with no care. Now to sit here and wait till I can afford to pay a REAL SURGEON because obviously he must've not been board certified or just plain ol sucked at his job.

My interaction with the doctor was minimum. I saw him at the consultation briefly which he arrived late to, so the office manager was giving me the run down of the procedure after we were done with even pricing is when the doctor came in hurried. The day of surgery I saw him briefly for the pre op pictures he marked me up and walked into the surgery room he told me I wouldn't feel a thing and all would be fine. When he threw the antibacterial soap on me I guess he thought I was a car the way he threw the soap on me. This procedure was suppose to be less invasive then regular lipo because I was awake but in all reality I felt every poke and prod. In pain 95% of the surgery. Instead of him calming my nerves he kept telling his new nursing assistant to talk to me to calm me down. He walked out of the procedure a few times to do what I have no clue. I get sent home and no call to check in on me not from him or the office. Which I felt was wrong. I was in so much pain I wanted to die. Next morning I wake up to my eye lids swollen which with their minimal invasive procedure shouldn't have happened. I call the office and speak to the Medical assistant she said it could be the antibiotics and I then asked her if the doctor doesn't call is that normal she said its company procedure for him to call and she would speak to him. I knew that wasn't going to sit right with him. Well he calls and I was in bathroom and he leaves a message saying hi it's dr Perkins calling again which got me very upset because I knew DAMN well he didn't call the night before or that day. Ridiculous how much you pay for this procedure and how we patients help pay for their LV bags and shoes and then get treated like we are a bother. I should've gone with a more mature doctor.

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