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Went to dr.S for lower eyelid revision.Told him...

Went to dr.S for lower eyelid revision.Told him all surgeries I had previously. Original surgery plus3 reconstructive. Said I had 2 options 1)skin grafts,but his word looks "PATCHY",2)hardplate graft/mid facelift,opted for 2nd. Didn't want to look patchy, I had 4surgeries within 11/2. I emailed dr.S I was concerned about doing surgery too soon.(Had last surgery (8 months ago),he assured me it was fine .Had 3 surgeries by dr.S 1 eye at a time. 3rd revision. came out worse,I asked doctor why,he said well you had alot of scar tissue from previous surgeries,I said you knew about them , that's why I asked you if I should wait.

Went to dr. scott goldstein ,because he advertises...

went to dr. scott goldstein ,because he advertises that he does lower eyelid retraction revisions.1st. when I went he said he didnt really do them. ( I told them why I was making appt) besides its on his web sight. when I asked to see pictures,thats when he told me I dont have any,and that he really doesnt do those kind of surgeries!? Than why do you advertise it? 2) Asked me who was last doctor to try and fix the lower lids I said dr.robert scwartz in manhatten.To my surprise he said hes one of the best for my lower lid retraction.My reaction was,well not that good im in your office after paying dr.robert scwartz $20,000 im here standing in your office.So I just walked out.Mind you I had to pay,to see dr,g because he advertised a service he doesnt do.

Still havent had the surgery for lower eyelid...

Still havent had the surgery for lower eyelid retraction since Dr.Robert Scwartz did surgery on me. I did go and see a Dr.in willseye hospital. Set up appt.for surgery but I coulldnt go through with it.The reason is..Dr,Robert Scwartz told me if I hadnt givin up on him (3 surgeries he did on me failed ) he would like to still help.1/26/11 Dr.S emailed me, said he was getting his own space and would do it there in May,2011 I contacted Dr.s 4/18/11 asked what day he wanted me to come to his office, no reply. 5/3/11 contacted Dr.S hoped he was ok, no reply.5/15/11 emailed Dr.S asked was was going on why wasnt he returning my emails.I ended up in the hospital for a weekI was diagnoist chronic PTSD to be far seems ive alwasys had it from abusive, abandonment issues from childhood.So heres the deal I cancelled my surgery because Dr.S told me he wanted to still help then just stopped returning my emails without any reasoning as to why. Im still dealing with WHY? Im so afraid of this treatment happening again even though my eyes hurt emoyionally I just cant.I told my therapist of my dission ,he agreed that I made the right decision.

Unbelievable 7yrs.

Its been awhile,7yrs. since Dr.S took my savings,and abandoned me his patient at the time. 1st and 2nd pictures are how he left me after doing reconstructive surgery on me .Last picture is how I look today .I still need more surgery..I still to this day don't understand how a person, a doctor who took an oath (Not to do harm),could harm someone even more and just abandon them..
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Made me feel I was to blame for poor outcome,also told me that the "OPTIONS", weren't meant to be 1or the other that they were meant to intertwine.I showed my friend email ,she was at the consultation with me,and every time I saw dr.S She was so angry she emailed dr.S and asked if that was the case why do 2nd,3rd surgery.His response alot of back tracking,needless to say,he told her he would still like to help me,if I was willing.I emailed him 3xs with no response,tossed out like trash which out of everything saddens me the most.I paid $20,000 my savings.I will say he did scar revision on sides of my temple which he did a good job.Updated on 25 Nov 2012:I feel false advertising. Not many doctors to choose in philadelphia for my situation,and he advertised on his web site he did this kind of revision. Choose him online after reading his website

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