My Second Surgery with Dr.Dana Khuthaila. New York, NY

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Going to have eyelid surgery My goal is to have...

Going to have eyelid surgery
My goal is to have double eyelid(which right now I don't have double eyelid) and also want a bigger looking eyes (which my eyes are small.... And also want to even up my eyes (which I born with one a little bigger than the other )
My eyes are Asian eye( lol I'm asian)
But I always wanted to achieve close to white people eyes (blonde)

Picture of my eyelid and wish pic and dislike

Just got my eyelid done today..

So much swelling. Picture might not be so good yet. Hopefully it will soon get better :)
Pain level from 1-10
Coming out from surgery room (5)
Returning home same day
6hours later after taking low dose Tylenol pain level from1- 10 is (3)

Will upload more later thx

Second day healing

Feel much better
My eyes too small Atm
Still so watery
Using ice eye mask to cool off the swelling
Pain level from 1-10 is 3

The 5th day healing

My eyes stitches still there because I am still having letting bleed,sweeping,and bruising eyes (Dr. Khuthaila already change my tape) I able to look better now with my eyes (watching movies and etc.)

9days after sugery

The stitches is out and no more tape.
Still swelling abut as u see.
No pain at all.

Omg been 2 weeks after surgery

Still swelling :(

2weeks still swelling

1more day till 1month check this out

Please ignore my eyeliner tattoos ( was a mistake sad)
My right side eye is healing so slow...

Its been 2 months

Not likening my result for this price.. Doctor said she will open up my eyes more in the bottom and make double eyelid for bigger eyes. I see another doctor for it too for surely before I submit not worth it.... I just recall my eye only did double eyelid not what we talked about open bottom cut and bigger eyelid.

Check all other photos
New York Plastic Surgeon

I feel very comfortable talking to her (I'm usually very picky and shy person) when it come to doctor visits I felt I am open to ask her anything and she is nicely and kind to answer my question without rushing (which is the best part) I see a lot of doctors (I always say to my friend I see doctor more than I eat.) I keep on changing and changing many specialist doctor always rush n not pay attention to u.

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