Dark Circles and Tear Troughs - New York, NY

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I have never had dark circles or tear troughs....

I have never had dark circles or tear troughs. Over the corse of three years my face has taken a change for the worse in my opinion because I feel like I aged. I have lost confidence in my look and one problem I have been dealing with is the lack of sleep. I believe it's the true cause of my change because other than that I have been eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. I have this line that runs across my cheek, also i have lines under my eyes that become more prominent when i smile. I have gotten acne here and there due to stress which has given me some acne scars. I also have redness of the cheeks and oily skin. I am only 24 and I think I am way too young to be dealing with these issues. One thing I care about is my look because I am also trying to become an actor and I lack the confidence in my look. PLEASE help me with my flaws and give me the best advice on fixing them. I have faith in correcting my problems but I am just tired of it. Plus my parents don't seem to care much about it.

I honestly put this post up with pics because I...

I honestly put this post up with pics because I wanted people that can give me the best advice for my situation. I'm at a low point in my life and I really was counting on this site. I am starting to lose faith in this site but if no one can help me, I am going to go look for advice elsewhere. So I am giving this one more chance.
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