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When I was 22 I had horrible horrible ingrowns...

When I was 22 I had horrible horrible ingrowns covering my entire bikini line, and i got the whole area, electrolysized. I got sooooo lucky that after trying 2 other electrolysists, (1 too expensive and not so great imo, and 1 clueless)...i found a guy who saved my bikini line. I could swear each hair he ever touched never grew back, some hairs needed a revisit, but 1 treatment per hair worked for most hairs. I really had an amazing electrolysist. It is ALL about the practitioner and I'd be willing to be that only 15% of electrologists are good. And yes, it hurt like heck, but WHATEVER. I went from having a bumpy ugly bikini line to a perfect one, that was 15 years ago, i have not had 1 hair since. He also worked on my chin, oh, I had so much hair, had I let it grow in, it would have been a full goatee of ugly coarse black hairs. I never finished treatment because I got bogged down in 2 jobs, but at the time I stopped with him, the hair was about 90+% gone. (I asked what method he used, for the life of me I can’t remember, but I think it was blend and he used a foot pedal, maybe old school, but my goodness he had skill. This was 15 years ago. The technology has gotten better, but that doesn't mean much if you do not have a good practitioner. Now 15 years later i have new growth on my chin, this is to be expected with women with facial hair issues, esp if they're hormone related, which i guess they usually are. I tried 3 more electrologists and they all were no good. You could feel them plucking the hair, which means the zap they gave me did not do the job. Ladies, visit a hair removal forum before you find your electrologist. For women with course facial hair, GET ELECTROLYSIS NOT LASER. Laser is great, but better for things like legs, underarms, etc.

Update: Now i see Kathy Butters in NYC and she's...

Update: Now i see Kathy Butters in NYC and she's fantastic. My chin looks great I am so happy.
He has retired. :(

Ladies, it is all about the pracitioner. The method is important (skip galvanic, too time consuming), but the most important thing is that you get someone who knows what they're doing. and listen to what they say about not plucking/waxing btwn treatments. Keep on a schedule and stick with it! Make sure the hairs are coming out EASILY after each insertion. If they are not, find someone else.

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