Replacing Worn Veneers - New York

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I'm about to make the first appointment to have my...

I'm about to make the first appointment to have my veneers of 18 years replaced. There are stains at the borders where my gum has receeded and they look pretty bad now. My plan is to whiten my real teeth first and then have the new set match that. My dentist says it will take about a couple of weeks with about one week of wearing temporaries.

After bleaching

So, my teeth are definitely a shade brighter after bleaching. But I must say, I'm not a fan of the process. I think the bleach leaked on the second night and burned my gums a bit. They've recovered but are still a bit sore when brushing. I also think that my current veneers lighted up as well, which is something I was told wouldn't happen. I think my whole smile looks better now, but I can still see the seams. Next Tuesday I go in for prep work and my temporary set.

Got my temps

Bleh! Three full hours in the chair having the old veneers removed and new temps made. The temps are temps and as long as I don't show my gum line I should be ok. They are definitely kinda clunky but I just think it's the nature of the beast. So, I'm trying to not spend too much time around people in the next couple of weeks until the new ones come in. Hopefully, it will be sooner.


Well, I'm finished (almost!). I'm so happy that it's done and I wish I had done it sooner. I'm very happy with the results but I'm still getting used to the new feel and waiting for my gums to completely heal. My dentist did a great job and when I go back for a cleaning in about a week, I will discuss any issues I have with her. I think one tooth might be a bit longer than it was but apart from that, they're so much more natural looking. Also, I will probably have to bleach the upper teeth again because frankly, they're still kind of dark compared to the lower set and to the veneers/crowns which are a nice, bright white. It's just so nice to see my smile again without the seams. The new set is a bit different with two of the teeth being a bit shorter than they were and I really like the effect. It kind of gives it a younger look. Also, as you can see, they are much brighter than they will darken over time. In the meantime I'll just tell people I've bleached my teeth and I doubt they'll notice any difference.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the look and would recommend it. One thing, don't go into this procedure by looking for the cheapest price you can find. I lived with my last set for 18 years and hope to go at least another 18 with this set. You want the best that money can buy because there's a good chance you'll be partnered with your smile for some time to come and it should be an enhancement to your life and you'll want the peace of mind of knowing that a good job was done.

I wish anyone reading this who wants to go through with this procedure all of the best.

Fine tuned

So I went in for a cleaning and fine tuning today and am a happy camper. My gums have "filled in" and we made some slight adjustments so the transition from the canines to the back teeth is as smooth as it will get without me putting veneers on another two teeth. Also, I had a new upper tray made so I can bleach the upper back teeth a bit more. All in all, I'm much more satisfied post fine tuning. The photos don't really do them justice as I think they look much better in real life.
Dr. Lisa Kornblau

Excellent choice from routine cleaning to more substantial work such as crowns and veneers. Very gentle and provides first class service. I highly recommend her for those in the NYC area.

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