Deadly Silicone Injections Buttocks - New York, NY

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I was injected with silicone 700 cc approximately...

I was injected with silicone 700 cc approximately five to six months ago and almost died in March. I was in a coma in a New York hospital. I was injected by a woman who said her name was Melanie from Miami. Melanie dissappeared as soon as I became ill. She was recommended by a friend who is now ill. The intial symptoms began about a week after the injections. My symptoms included chills followed by a fever, and cellulitis. I became lethargic and struggled to go to work. I developed a chronic cough. In searching for help I saw a doctor who liposuctions silicone. The doctor injected me with cortisone injections 500$ per which is now thought to have spread the silicone throughout my body. Five months after injections and after several hospitalizations my doctors and family thought I would die. I entered the hospital with what was thought to be an allergic reaction. Doctors did not know how to treat me. I was in an induced coma for about a week and treated by a rheumatologist as a patient with a temporary case of Lupus. I had fluid in my lungs and my heart as well as other complications. The silicone was removed after surviving many complications and within five surgeries. I am still not done and my buttocks are deformed. Surgeons say they could not believe that the silicone which was hard enough to break a car window could have been liposuctioned. The emotional pain is sometimes worse than the physical pain.I will have the chance to have reconstructive surgery in about a year and will hopefully be healthy again but God will determine that.
melanie from miami

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