Seven Days After Coolsculpting...PAIN! - New York, NY

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Here's my experience. I received a Groupon for...

Here's my experience. I received a Groupon for $549 at Dr. Lenora Felderman in NYC. I never actually saw the doctor. The procedure was painless (although the first five seconds when my lower belly fat was being sucked into the machine was a little scary). The Coolsculpting was for a large area (lower abs). All the literature about this procedure tout it as being "painless". It is. But AFTER, it's PAINFUL. I got the procedure done in the morning and went directly to work at a desk job. No problem. The next two days my stomach just felt numb, tingly, and itchy. Itchy was very annoying but I could live with it. On the third day after the procedure the painful pin pricks started. I'm currently seven days out and I still have painful pin pricks, not much numbness, and no itching. On the second day of pain I called Dr. Felderman's office and asked for a painkiller to be called into the pharmacy. I was told that a prescription painkiller would only make it worse, Dr. Felderman does not give out prescriptions for this procedure and that I should take Tylenol, not Motrin, but Tylenol only. It wasn't until I did research on RealSelf that I discovered cold packs. The solution to the pain is most definitely cold packs! I've got a wrap around gel type that's convenient but unfreezes in about an hour. I also have an old fashioned type that you have to hold on you but it stays filled with a huge block of ice for hours. Unfortunately, I can't wear these at work so I suffer throughout the day. I've tried putting on Bengay Cool Gel. I smell like a 90-year-old lady and I'm not sure the Bengay helps. I'm really hoping that this will be over soon, most people say two weeks. I'm disappointed that the Dr.'s office didn't tell me about this--the pain, the cool packs. They only mentioned the numbness. Also, I discovered that I can't even see that doctor on a regular basis (and no follow-up to the procedure either) because her clientele are mainly rich Upper East Side folks who pay $400 per hour. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but I think as part of the Groupon deal we should have received at least a follow-up check-up to ensure there are no issues. Seriously, at one point I thought I was dying. I had no idea I'd feel this way because all the research I kept reading reiterated painless procedure, no downtime. Totally misleading. I will not get this procedure done again no matter what. In fact, I've discovered that I'm not a good candidate for any procedures ever: no lipo, no tummy tuck, no breast enhancement, no nothing. I don't like pain and I don't think a flat stomach is going to make this worth it. I'm just going to have to learn how to embrace myself as is. Oh, by the way, I was still able to go to the gym a few times a week. So even though the pain is there, it's not constant. It comes in spurts. I don't feel any discomfort when working out so I recommend it! One last thing, I've had virtually no appetite since this procedure. I don't see any comments on that, but I think it's pretty easy to knock off a couple pounds because who wants to eat when their stomach is distended and feels like a boulder is inside. Didn't I mention that? Oh yes, you may be very bloated when this is over. But it goes down eventually.

I'm on day 11 post procedure and I'm still in pain...

I'm on day 11 post procedure and I'm still in pain. I have no idea when this is going to end. Yesterday, during the day, it was hardly noticeable and I had a fabulous day. I just needed an ice pack a couple of times. At night however, the pain was extreme and I was hunched over to get my hands on Motrin and an ice pack. Neither helped. Thus far, the procedure was not worth the pain I'm going through. As I write this, I'm feeling burning and pin pricks. I'm back at work and I brought my ice pack with me and wore loose clothing just in case. I don't want to go there but Friday I suffered way to much and wish I'd had my ice pack. Wish I'd been told about this...

It also sucks that my appetite is all but gone and Thanksgiving is three days away...

Whoops, I wrote this in the comments section by...

Whoops, I wrote this in the comments section by mistake.

I'm on Day 12. Still feel pain. The good news is that it's subsiding. It's less frequent and not as intense. I still can't sleep at night. It's much worse at night than during the day. I feel what new mothers must feel. I've grown accustomed to going to bed dog tired then having to wake in the middle of the night to crying. Except the crying is my own! Kidding! It isn't that bad. But I do wake at night, doubled-over headed to get a fresh ice pack for my tummy. My appetite is returning too, which is nice.

I'm 16 days out from the procedure. The pain...

I'm 16 days out from the procedure. The pain stopped at Day 13 for me. I was able to sleep for the first time that night too which is great. So now my tummy is still a bit numb (not sore) but I don't think about it at all. No itchiness and thankfully no pain. My stomach is still plump and I see absolutely no signs of the procedure working. I'm measuring myself too and I'm still the same. That's all for now!
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I was never seen by the doctor. Also, there was no opportunity to go back to the doctor for a follow-up to ensure everything was okay with me after the Coolsculpting procedure. (I received a Groupon for this.)

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