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I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation for a...

I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation for a year and a half, which I believe was a result of three months use of Vivance for exams and accompanying acne/irritation. I was devastated and sometimes avoided daytime activities with friends. I tried Apeele chemical peel four times, but with minimal results, most of the pigmentation would come back after a few weeks (although it's still a great peel for other issues). On my fifth treatment, my doctor recommended Cosmelan, saying that it's specifically designed for my condition. I was hesitant due to the fact that it's three times more expensive, but took the risk. I don't mind spending the money for great results and I already spent over $1,500 for all Apeele treatments. I did the Cosmelan peel and been using step two twice a day, I also did a touch up peel two weeks after my initial peel. It's been one month now and the pigmentation is completely gone! I felt trapped with my insecurity before and it's an amazing feeling to be free and back to normal. I recommend this product to anyone with such issues.

Five Months Later

I was using Step 2 daily for about a month after the peel back in July, then discontinued use because all the pigmentation was completely gone. I was told that strict sun protection is critical post-Cosmelan. But I was a bit overoptimistic - I took a trip in September to a sunny place where I used the Cosmelan sun protection cream, but only applied it once a day, and to my horror got some pigmentation back, including the mustache area where I've never had it before, although slight. I considered having the peel done again, but doctor said I should wait a year at least and that it's not recommended as it might not work the second time or could make matters worse - this seemed strange. I decided to resume the use of Step 2 for another two months and saw some improvements again. I've been off the product for almost a month now. Skin looks good, but not great, slight pigmentation is still there (perhaps it's so slight that I only notice it). Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with pigmentation. It's the best I've tried, and overall, my skin today is 60% to 70% better than before the treatment.

In addition to the "Five Months Later" update....

In addition to the the update I just posted, perhaps if I followed doctor's instructions and used strict sun protection my long-term results would have been better. Cosmelan claims that clients experience up to 80% (sometimes 90%) improvement, I still think this claim is valid.

Two people complimented my skin who've known me for a long time and were not aware of my procedure. It is such a liberating feeling not having to limit yourself because of your skin issues, and I am grateful for Cosmelan.

Second Peel

I did the Cosmelan Peel again few days ago, six months later after my first peel. As I mentioned before, my skin is about 60% better but some slight pigmentation remained on my forehead and temple area. I decided to do it again for more improvement. This is probably the last time I am doing the peel (I wasn't even sure if second time is really necessary). To anyone considering Cosmelan, please note, I heard there are two versions of the peel, the original (the onei did) is supposed to be more effective. Make sure your doctor uses the original.

I am closing my account, so won't be able to post more updates. Anyone who is dealing with hyperpigmentation or melasma should try this product.

Two Week Update

Things are going well, I've been using Step 2 twice a day and almost all pigmentation is gone (I can barely see it in a few areas). I plan using Step 2 for about 3 more weeks and will do touch up in a week. I had two strangers compliment my skin.
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