Couldn't finish first time around. Just did it again yesterday with meds

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So let me start by saying I had lipo of my lower...

So let me start by saying I had lipo of my lower abdomen, muffin top area and thighs. All went well. Recovery was well. After, I develops a dent on either side of my belly button. My dr said he could be the hard tissue that's still healing and we'd decide what to do on my third post op appointment. So when I went I again he suggested cool sculpting. I wasn't really concerned about losing fat but more about getting rid of the dent. (I'll post pics) so yesterday was my appointment for cool sculpting. We decided to go with a triangle shape around the belly button on the smallest cool sculpting suction thing( the one that's small and straight)
I sat up on their comfy chair, she put the gel on and then the device. It was just a lot of suction at first but then hurt. She said it would go away within 10 min because of the cold numbing. I waited 20. I was in so much pain that I started to get hot, nauseous and felt awful. It didn't get better, it got worse. I had tears rolling down my face. Let me say that I think I have a high pain tolerance, I've had a bay, I have a whole arm and other areas of tattoos, I was fine with the recovery of my lipo even though I was basically a walking bruise so I have no idea what was going on. She stopped it and said it as a very abnormal reaction. What got me is that AFTER the device as off it felt like it was still on for a good 15min, I was still in sooooo much pain. In the end we decided that I'd come back and take pain medication before trying it a second time. I just don't know why it hurt so bad especially after reading other reviews on here. Was it cause I just got my period, maybe I was bloated? Maybe cause the tissue as hard under my belly button from the lipo? They said it shouldn't be a problem. I was a also sitting up and a lot of these pictures look like people were more flat? I have no idea. Any input would be great. I was so nervous to try again.

Ps it wasn't the dr who did the procedure but one of his staff and she really was nice and tried to help me out but it was just to much pain.

Type os

Sorry for all of the type Os guys

Attempt number 2 today

So I'm going back in today to try the procedure again, if you read my previous post, last time they had to stop because the pain was so bad. I'll be taking meds before the procedure today. Getting two of the three areas done. I'll show some before pics.

Home from the procedure.

We'll they gave me two anti anxiety meds and a pain killer. Felt fine. Machine one went on. It hurt till the end but nowhere near as bad as last time. It sucked but I was able to sit for the whole thing. Same went for the second one. Taking it off and the messaging part isn't fun. Put the third on in the same place I tried to do it last time and it still hurt! Not as bad as last time but not as good as the other two I kept focusing on breathing and my friend counting down the minutes. It was the toughest one but I made it through. I'll keep u guys posted about my progress

Post op

I don't know why it's saying how many days post op after each update. I'm only ONE day post op. Swollen for sure, very tender to the touch but no pain

Day 8

Ugh. I was able to deal with the swelling, the numbness, and sensitivity, but a few days ago the pain started. It's been getting worse and it seriously makes me kneel over in pain. I tried avil, Tylenol... Didn't work. I had Vicodin left over from lipo and that didn't help . I tried OTC topical creams and none of them help. I finally gave in and called my dr cause I couldnt take it anymore. He said there's nothing he can really do and to try an ice pack, 20min on. And off. It's painful putting cold on it and it numbs it for a lil bit but then the stabbing, shock like pain comes back. I've been taking Vicodin just to try to keep the edge off the pain. I'm hoping it will go away soon cause I can't take many more days of this.

Pics day 8

Still swollen
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