Cool Sculpting - THIGHS - 34 Year Old, Fit, 5'7, 133lbs _ Did not work - New York, NY

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Hey there. Had cool sculpting done on January 9th...

Hey there. Had cool sculpting done on January 9th. on INNER and OUTER thighs. Went back two weeks later for back of thighs.

Avid "worker outer". 5'7, BMI of 21 or 22. I lift heavy, follow Paleo diet. I can see my ab muscles on most days, but my THIGHS UGGGGH, THEY just are flabby. There are NO two ways about it. My thighs , I hate them! They have always bothered me. I've always covered them up. Now, let me preface this by saying, I work out and eat clean. I really do. I teach spin, do crossfit, but my LEGS WON'T BUDGE. . I did the Paleo diet and my stomach was ridiculous, saw my abs...measured my thighs, (with a tape measure before an after, ...SAME SIZE!!! My thighs didn't budge but everywhere else got skinnier!!!!) So here we are to do cool sculpting. I had my inner, outer and back of thighs (I wanted a well rounded approach!).

Now, it's been one month. I notice NO change but that's expected. I was told I won't see anything until about 4 months. I've kept up with my paleo diet (80/20) and am the same weight. I've noticed no change. I'm a wee bit crestfallen..HOWEVER I WILL POST PICS in 3 months time. Here is one before. I hope it works, I really do. I"m freaking out it won't. Oh please.....
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