Replaced my Medpor Implant with a Smaller Silicone Implant - New York

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I had Dr Harrison Lee remove my medpor implant out...

I had Dr Harrison Lee remove my medpor implant out that Dr zide did 7 years ago and replace it with a better sized silicone implant. The medpor never felt comfortable, . It felt like a piece of wood and didn't look good at all. After a lot of research I went to Dr Lee and I had the surgery. So far the pain and swelling has been minimal. I am all bandaged up, which gets removed tomorrow.

Day 3 bandages off

Very swollen but looks good!

5 days post op

Swelling has been minimal and it is looking good

After all said and done, I was disapointed.

When my chin healed and the swelling went down I felt that it was still too big for my face. Some angles it looked smaller but some it looked even bigger. Especially in photographs. I messaged Susan and told her how I felt and that I wanted a smaller implant. She called me back to say that "Dr. Lee won't be able to make you happy". I told her that was a really disappointing response and that Dr. Lee didn't seem to feel that way when he took my money". She said she will talk to him and get back to me. She never did.

So I scheduled an appointment with D. Halaas in NYC to swap out my implant (once again) with a smaller one. We talked extensively about what I wanted vs didn't want. I felt she really listened to what I wanted. It was don under sedation and I was back to work in 5 days. I am much happier now.

I am disappointed in how my aftercare was handled by Dr. Lee's office. My dissatisfaction should of been addressed by him not another Dr. I hate to say this but it is MY opinion that if you are not a TS or a celebrity, you will get sub-par results and brushed off if you aren't happy after. That was my experience.
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