Chin Implant with Chin Lipo - New York

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Had my procedure this morning under local...

Had my procedure this morning under local anesthesia.
Currently in lots of pain, I keep taking Oxycodone every 3-4 hours that my doctor prescribed.
My implant was by Implantech, size Medium, anatomical (without wings). I had LOTS of back and forth on what size and style to choose, hopefully this was the right decision.
I will update tomorrow since today I'm not feeling so well. For now I uploaded some before photos to show my weak/double chin.

24 hrs after

I didn't get good sleep, kept waking up. I'm not used to sleeping on my back, plus I tried to keep my head elevated with extra pillow. Tried to use travel U shaped pillow but that wasn't comfortable either.
I woke up pretty hungry but even before I got to eat anything I felt very nauseaus.
I actually felt much better after throwing up. So far I took iburofen 600 mg for pain, I'm a little cautious about percocet, it could be the reason for my nausea. It's really hard to talk and eat because I can barely open my mouth. To be honest, I didn't expect this recovery to be so rough even though I read tons of reviews here on RS. I guess I wasn't as prepared as I thought.
Doctor called to check on me and he was surprised that I was so nauseous. I have his cell# so if something happens I will call him-I really hope this won't be necessary.

Day 2

I woke up with very stiff neck because I couldn't find comfortable position to sleep all night. Sleeping on my back is pure torture!
I didn't think I needed any pain meds until I tried to have breakfast. Opening mouth and chewing is still hard, plus every time I chew compression garment chafes against skin on my neck which is pretty uncomfortable. So I took 3 advils and only then I was able to eat.
Overall my day was pretty uneventful, had a little tingling in my chin but I know it's normal, just means nerves that were stretched during surgery are slowly healing.
I'm taking Arnica and drinking lots of pineapple juice as it supposedly helps with swelling. I'm really hoping for speedy recovery as I'm going back to work in 4 days.

Day 3

took couple of quick photos after taking shower. I didn't remove my head garment because it's so hard to put it back. I just made sure not to make it wet.
trying not to make any judgments at this stage, since it's too early and there is a lot of swelling in my chin.

Day 4

As per doctor's instructions I stopped wearing head garment today. I look more chipmunky then yesterday.
My incision is a little bothering me, praying it's not infected and this pain is just normal part of the healing process. I did text my PS just in case he said to put bacitracin and bandaid. I will be seeing him tomorrow for my post op appointment, so hopefully he will confirm that everything is going well.

too small?

Before surgery I was freaking out that Medium with 9mm projection would be too large for me. I've seen that most girls get medium extended implant by implantech, and these have only 5 mm projection. So I kept asking myself what if 9 mm would be too much for my face?
Now looking at my chin I think it's not enough and I could get bigger implant for more projection. But it would probably change my face even more from the front. Speaking of which, I really don't like the way my face looks from the front now. It became less feminine, too long and off balanced somehow. Hopefully this feeling will go away as swelling dissipates.

1 week after

It's been exactly 1 week since surgery. There are no doubts in my mind that it enhanced my profile. However still have mixed feelings about the front.
Also my incision still bothers me, every time I remove bandaid there is a little blood. I still take percocet at night for pain. Looks like it will be a slow healing. I'm just paranoid about not getting infection.

chin from the front

left-now, right-before the chin implant

slow healing

My incision continues to bother me. I emailed my PS on Monday and attached some photos. His office called me immediately and asked to come in. 15 minutes later I was in the office. Doctor examined the incision and said that it doesn't look like infection more like skin issue. He explained that the skin is "beaten up" and stretched from insertion of the implant. And he actually offered to do scar revision. I think I'll be ok with appearance of my scar as long as it heals properly. He applied steri strips over the incision and I felt better after his reassurance. The incision continues to ooze some blood and clear liquid, as you can see my steri strips are completely soaked. So I'm starting to get anxious again. Am I being paranoid?

pain when chewing

my love-hate relationship with my chin implant continues. I'm liking it so far, even though it's far from ideal. I have more prominent jowls now, but it could be swelling so I'm not really concerned. However since yesterday I started having pain on my left side of the jaw, every time I chew, yawn or laugh I feel it. So now in addition to my concern about my scar not healing properly, I'm neurotic about shifted implant.

still not 100% there

so it's been almost a month since I had my chin implant and lipo. I saw my PS 2 days ago, and he said that I'm healing a little slower than he expected. But this is normal, since I had 2 procedures at the same time. I have a lot of swelling directly under my chin. Also I think my left side is more swollen. My scar is getting better, but still a little reddish. Random pain on the left side is still there, the doctor said it is normal, could be muscle pain.
Overall, I'm pretty happy. I believe my results will get better with time.

doing well

I haven't updated in a while. So far I'm doing pretty well. Yesterday I decided to take pics in order to update this review and noticed that my chin is more pointy, almost triangular shaped. The scar is pretty visible and not flat.
What do you think?

before and after

adding some before and after
love how my neck looks now, no more double chin
and I actually gained some weight since taking before pics, but you can't even tell from my face/neck

scar issues

I went to see my PS for my follow-up appointment. I told him that I don't like the way my scar looks, he agreed that it's not flat and lumpy. He injected small dose of steroid (0.2mg) to reduce bumpiness. He said I may need total of 3 injections, 4-6 weeks apart. So my next appointment is in a month. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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