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I've wanted to get a butt implant with fat...

I've wanted to get a butt implant with fat grafting into my thighs/hips and also liposuction around my midsection, waistline, and back. But I've heard fat transforming is safer than implants. The size of the implants that I want, I don't think fat transforming would meet to the size that I want them to be. Also is there loans available?

So I finally made an appointment for a...

So I finally made an appointment for a consultation with my first Doctor. Did a lot of researching and decide to try Dr. Senderoff first. I've been thinking about this procedure for months now and I know that I'm ready to just get over and done with. I will be posting a wish picture just to give you an idea of what I'm hoping for.

Hopefully after my consultation on Wed, Dec. 26th,...

Hopefully after my consultation on Wed, Dec. 26th, 2012. I get scheduled late January, early Febuary. Because my Bday is in April and I want to rock my new body.



Three more days til my consultation with Dr....

Three more days til my consultation with Dr. Senderoff. Hope he's the still got other doctors to talk to.

Had my consultation rescheduled on Friday, the...

Had my consultation rescheduled on Friday, the 28th...hope it goes well. Also found to other dr in New York. I'm gonna check them out too.

Hey ladies, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have my...

Hey ladies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I have my consultation with Dr. Senderoff tomorrow. I'm so excited and interesting in what he can do for me. I hope he can give me what I ask for because it's a lot of money. Fingers crossed!

I'm super excited for my new butt. It'll be a...

I'm super excited for my new butt. It'll be a Valentine's Gift to myself. YES, it's officaly. Can't wait. Now I gotta get my items ready. Will be post pre op pictures soon and give you measurements. Bye Ladies!!!

Hey ladies, my due date is getting closer and...

Hey ladies, my due date is getting closer and closer. Nervous, but also excited. I've been wanting this dream booty for 8 months now. Had my consultation on January 2nd. Everything went great, but didn't really ask all the questions I wanted to cause I kind of frozed when I seen him. That's okay cause I'm definitely gonna be asked those question in my pre op. I wrote them I have that appointment on January 30th...Yay me!!! I'm 22 years old. Standing 5'1, 140lbs, with a little bit of I don't have my complete measurements, but I know the bottom of my waist or hips is 33inches. What I'm expecting to be after surgery is 34-24-41. I'm more focused in having a smaller waist. The smaller the waist, the bigger your butt will I had a nice body before I had a child, so now I'm not loving my body at all. Took some pre op pics which will be up later on today. I've been obsessed with this site and reviewing a lot of the ladies journey. They've been very helpful and getting me ready. Thanks again ladies...I'm more confident now for surgery. CAN'T WAIT TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!

POST PRE OP PICS....About to buy me a measurement...

POST PRE OP PICS....About to buy me a measurement tape...I'll post them later

Posting a before weight gaining pic and after...

Posting a before weight gaining pic and after prego...I did have a DONK...lose it tho :(((

I wanted to get some dermal priecings but forgot...

I wanted to get some dermal priecings but forgot to ask my PS when is it okay to get them. Do anybody know when it's the right time?

So I just took my...

So I just took my measurements:

My wish measurements:

Ok my measurements were so off...I took my time...

Ok my measurements were so off...I took my time and had my hubby help me out this time. So,
BUST: 34
WAIST(smallest): 28
(largest): 33
HIPS: 39
These are the correct measures

I'm really hoping and praying that my PS gives me what I want. An hourglass figure. I want my waist to be so small. More worried about that. If he can get it to 22inches, I'll be so happy...lollll before I was pregnant, my waist was 22inches, not even exaggerating.

Wish measurements once again:
34-22/24-43 :)

Ok my measurements were so off...I took my time...

Ok my measurements were so off...I took my time and had my hubby help me out this time. So,
BUST: 34
WAIST(smallest): 28
(largest): 33
HIPS: 39
These are the correct measures

I'm really hoping and praying that my PS gives me what I want. An hourglass figure. I want my waist to be so small. More worried about that. If he can get it to 22inches, I'll be so happy...lollll before I was pregnant, my waist was 22inches, not even exaggerating.

Wish measurements once again:
34-22/24-43 :)

Hey ladies, posting a before preggo pic of me. I...

Hey ladies, posting a before preggo pic of me. I was slim back then so it's just an idea of what I want back from my mid area.

My date has been pushed back because my ps had an...

My date has been pushed back because my ps had an emergency...Damn, I really wanted my valentine's gift...:( tear tear

My date has been pushed back because my ps had an...

My date has been pushed back because my ps had an emergency...Damn, I really wanted my valentine's gift...:( tear tear

It's almost my time, ladies and I'm super nervous....

It's almost my time, ladies and I'm super nervous. Gettin some stuff done but still not of course, I'm always doing things in the last minute. So, since I don't have insurance, how much do you guys thing the pharmacy will charge me for my meds?
Anyways, since I'm gonna be in pain and feel miserable for idk how long, I'm gonna get beautified. At least my face would look good. A week before my sx, I'll be getting my jumbo braids, like Lashontae did hers, she's so then I'm gonna get my nails and toes done too. Itll be my own so it wont be long, that would be a dumb got my make ups aready too. I got a couple off sweats, just wondering if I should buy more. I got them in a size large because my ass might be that big to fix them. I'll def continue with my list later on. I'm at Walmart, get some stuff. It's cheaper...shit!!! Lol LATA LaDIES!!!

Hey ladies, sorry that I've been MIA on y'all. I...

Hey ladies, sorry that I've been MIA on y'all. I did not go through with the surgery because I had an emergency. So, my PS told me whenever I come back to hit him up to schedule my surgery. I'm out of the country still and once I come back, I'll post my due date. Thank you ladies, for the grocery list. I really appreiate y'all for checking up on me. Happy Healing to the post op and good luck on the upcoming dates. :)

Also I did lose some weight. FML 34-27-38

Also I did lose some weight. FML

Back on track!!!

Hey ladies, it's been a while but I'm back now. My time is almost near hopefully, if god wants. I just need some questions of mine to be answered from you lovely ladies. How do I go about taking some time off of work? What should I tell my boss because I don't want then knowing if I'm having a cosmetic surgery. What other type of surgery should I say? Only thing that's concerning me right now.

Wish pic ????

Can't wait!!!

Delianna ????

Loving her results

So Anxious!!!

Jan. 12th is the big day!!!

Yily's Doll

Okay, I'm typing up a brand new review cause I made up my mind of which doctor I'm going with. And it's the Queen of giving tiny waist, Dr. Yily. Thank you, Jesus for answering my prayers. I got my quote from Yily this morning. Been contacting her since yesterday on whatsapp. Thanks ladies for all of your help. So she quotes me for BL, Lipo on abdominal, flanks, lower and upper back, and butt implants. You guys don't even know how excited I am. Now it's time for me to start preparing myself. Tomorrow, I'm heading to the post office to get my passport in process, then gotta start looking at airfare prices. I'm so excited. I don't even think I'll be able to concentrate at work today. :)


I need some good info for recovery houses in DR. I heard Angela's recovery house is real good. A lot of good feedbacks. Need some info to get in contact with her. Please Ladies, I need your help.


I use google translate


Pre op


Ok, I'm confused!!!

I today I woke up early in the morning and I receive a text on whatsapp from Yily about contacting the office with the phone number. And as I look in my email, they sent me my quote with all the info I need before n after surgery. Then I had another email from her stating that she don't so butt implants. I'm confused because I've been talking to her back and forth and she specifically told me that bbl is more natural looking but if I want butt implants with full body lipo, it will be 4800 us...then she said I won't be able to do BL with the butt implants, I would need to come back in 6 months. I wanna know was she just telling me what I wanna hear and pay everything, then when it comes to surgery she tells me she doesn't do butt implants? I need y'all advises!!! Please help!!!

I want her waist

Beyond Pissed!!!!

Sorry for my lango but these bitches keeps hanging up on me. All I wanted to do was to set a date because Dr. Yily told me to, but they keep putting me on hold and hang up. Or they don't keep up the damn phone. I'm so fucking irate.

Smh at Yily receptionist

I'm just gonna give up on going out of the country. There's no communication wasn't so ever.

I look preggo...sad!!!

Wish pic

Sorry my pre op pics keeps getting deleted



Who sent their deposit to Dr. Duran? I wanna know if the info for her bank is legit cause I heard there's a hacker.

Finally talked to Elizabeth

Got my date set, now I have to send my deposit today, book a flight over the weekend, and find a recovery house. God have answered my prayers once again. Thank you Jesus! God is Good!

Getting beautified while in pain!!!

I'm starting to get everything ready. Already made my hair appointment. I'll do my nails a 3 days before I fly out. Now I gotta go shopping for post op items. Should I book my flight a day before the sx date?

Wish pic

Recovery houses

Went on FB to kinda research on Real Recovery Armonia, gotta say they got a lot of good feedbacks. Just wanna know the price per day. Hope it's not to pricey.

Banks address

Does anyone know Dr. DURAN, bank's address and the bank's branch? My bank needs that in order for me to send my deposit. This is really annoying

I'm getting closer!!!

I'm so excited now that I know for sure I'm really getting this done. Got my quote, my sx scheduled, send my deposit. I'm hyped!!! Got my passport application, to send it out, gotta book a flight by next so I can send a deposit to which ever recovery house I decide and feel comfortable with. Today was a productive day!

This is getting real!!!

So I just got off the phone with Elizabeth to confirm my date and she told me I have to be at the clinic a day before surgery. This is really happening. My heart started beating fast. I'm really doing this and I'm so happy. I know we aren't suppose to eat after midnight before surgery, but do I have to fastening for the tests? She told me not to eat but didn't hear if it was before surgery n the day for the tests. Anyways, I guess I have to leave on the 4th instead of the 5th. I'm excited. The big day is getting closer and closer.

Need some advice

I have a dentist appointment on the 11th, I gotta get my wisdom tooth out. Is that a good idea knowing my sx is in 2 or 3 weeks away? With all the drugs?

Boom!!! I want her body!!!

Panic attack

All these talk about death in Cipla is giving me a panic attack. I will e praying every single day. I want every thing to come out great and I come out alive. God is GOOD all the time.

Shapes and sizes

I seen a lot of great results of butt implants, but a lot of them was oval shape. Does it matters what shape you get?

Dr. Duran is the sweetest!

Been writing back and forth with her this afternoon. I got two quotes. Bbl, BL, and lipo is $5800. Butt implants and lipo is $5800. I wanted to get everything done at the same time, but I do want butt implants. What you ladies think? I know for sure I will lose those fat.

Passport, check!!! ????????????

Just sent my passport out. I hope it goes through because my birth certificate is old. And nowadays you need your parents birth date, and birth place on it. Ughhhhh fingers crossed!!!!

Another wish pic

Added some more stuff to my healing collection. ;)

Amazon is cheaper!!!

Just ordered my arnica Montana and bromelain on I will order my pre op and post op makemeheal vitamins next week, so I can start taking it for 14 days before and after surgery.

More their waist


Currently I'm 34-28-39
I want to be 34-24-41 :)I'm not asking for much lollll

My fav

I'm getting nervous!!!

I want to book my ticket, but I
Haven't receive my passport yet. N I've I don't have my passport, I won't be able to travel. Ughhh plus I need the ticket to reserve a room for a recovery house. HELPPpPPPPPPP!!! It's been a week since I sent for my passport.

2014 is my year!!!

Hey ladies, so I took y'all advices and I called in to get my passport expedited. $74 which isn't so bad. Now i am going to book my flight and call both of my choices for recovery house. This is surreal!!! I'm excited!!!! Thanks again ladies!!!

Just Curious!!!

Should I call Duran's office to make sure I'm still scheduled because I don't wanna go for nothing. I'll be hella pissed!!!

Got my Arnica!!!


22 days left!!!

UPS just delivered my passport. I got it expedited yesterday and received it today. OMG!!! I'm about to piss on myself cause this is really happening. Just ordered my pre op and post op vitamins. Now I gotta buy my items and a suitcase. Plane ticket is next to be purchase now that I have my passport.

Money talk!!!

Hey boo thangs, so I calculated everything and I wanted to know how much more should I bring with me for emergencies. I don't want to be short but I also don't wanna bring too much on this trip. I do have bills to pay...lolll hoping $400 more is enough

Ordered my vitamins!!!

Just on time to start my 14 days pre op.

Doctor's office today!!!

Just got my hemo checked and I'm right at 12.0 yay me!!! I will continue to take my vitamins and eat right. Now I'm waiting on my dr. Hopefully she approves of giving me strong drugs for my healing process. Fingers crossed!!!

Blood work, Done!!! I'm getting closer and closer!!! :)

Wasn't able to get Percocet, so I guess I guess I'll be ready for what's coming to me with the pain's worth it!!!

Almost done!!!!

Here are some of my stuff I bought mostly at Walmart and some online. Still waiting on my pre op/post op vitamins to come and urinal funnel, Chux, and pads. I'll only bring my moumous, underwears, toiletries, dial soap, Vaseline, comparison socks, pads, slippers, pads, Chux, t-shirts, wipes, and all my vitamins. Don't need to be bring stuff for post op because your wound won't be closed up yet. Plus it's too much to carry. No need to be bringing your makeup kit, cause we will be in pain to be worrying about how we look. Lollll as long as your hair and nails are done, you're good. I'm getting poetic justice braids and getting pedi and mani with no polish.


I know they're mandatory but how many do I need? HELP!!!

Searching for wish pics!!

Me and my husband been watching videos on YouTube and searching for the best wish pics.


I heard a lot of vets are saying to bring your own meds because what you buy in DR aren't strong enough, but it's hard because our dr won't prescribe us any. What do we do?


Will a year old prescription still work?

Got it!!!! :)

What you ladies think of Healing Haven Recovery house?

I'm still looking...ughhh

Healing Haven it is!!!

Sent my deposit today!!! 18 more days to go. Hopefully I have a sx buddy once I get there.

Flight BOOKED!!!

There's no turning around now. This is it!!! This is really happening to me and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm at work and all I can think about is how close I am to my time. I pray to God everything goes well for me. And I also Thank God for making me get this far. Pre op pics will be up as soon as I get to Cipla for my lab work. Til then, ladies!!! 18 days to go!!!

14 day pre op vitamins.

Will be starting that on the 20th of February. :)

I'm loving the support.

My baby just ask me if I'm excited cause I have 15 days left. Hellllll yeah I am. I didn't tell any of my family because I didn't want to hear shit they have to say, cause they are judgmental. Lollll anyways, I know my mother is gonna flip the fuck out, but will compliment me once she gets a good look at my new body. My momma has a donkey booty, like the type you can sit a cup on it...I guess it skipped me. Lollll but anyways I'm excited. 2 weeks left!!! Yayyyyyyyy!

BBL vs Butt Implants

I'm so confused!!! Ughhh

Wish pics

I wonder with my fat, can I accomplish these look. I'm 135lbs 5'1

Got it!!!

Pre op pics

I look huge in pics. But in person I look thin. I don't get it?

Almost done

Love her shape

More pre ops

Do I have enough fat?



I might change my mind, idk if I have enough fat to look like her. What y'all think?


Getting my hair and nails did!!!

Got a trim and getting my hair braided. (Jumbo braids). 7 more days and to tell you the truth, I'm not nervous right now. Still got a couple of things to do. But I'm ready to go. Ughhh March 5th hurry up!!! Lolll

My mom's meds! Should I?

How do I approach her?


Can I shave now or is it too late?


I'm still a lil iffy about breast implants. What should I do?

Deposit info for Duran

Got my lock box and Chux

All I need is stool softener n pads


I hope I don't get my period on the day of my lab work. My hemo is high up. I started drinking pineapple juice. Idk of that helps...lollll 1 more day to actually be in DR. I'm gonna miss my baby. Awwww I'm gonna be so emotionally leaving them behind. But mama gotta do what a mama gotta do, n that's getting
Her body right. Until next time y'all. Muahzzzzz

Thank you ladies<3

It's my time now. Ttyl when I'm in DR. ;)

Yes boothangs...almost departing!!!

I'm hereeeee

Tomorrow's the big day!!!

YILY's girls look amazing...she did a great job. Healing Haven is cozy, simple clean place to recovery. Good night ladies...I'll be on the other side soon.

Patiently waiting!!! :)

See y'all on the other side of booty land!!!

1 day post op

Hey ladies, I'm back!!! I'm ok right now but this recovery isn't a joke. Ttyl for a review


So I'm feeling little better today. Siting on my butt since day 1, and I've been getting up to walk every 30mins. Walking helps a lot. Healing Haven staff is amazing. When I come back for my BL, I'm def coming back here. Food, service, etc, two thumbs up.
Day of sx, I had to be at Cipla at 7am. Then I had to go get my height and weight done. Around 10am, the put my in a room to change into my blue gown, blue hat, n blue slippers. Didn't take the famous blue pill yet. Around 2:20pm, a nurse came in and gave me the pill and I laid done on the bed. 5pm is the time they came to pick me up to go into sx. I woke up twice twice and I talked myself back to sleep. When I woke up the first time he finished doing my tummy and flipped me over. Second time he was doing my back. It was painful, I did feel it but I went back to sleep. Next thing, I woke up in room where Jules, owner of HH was there. I'm so grateful to have her. She walked my through everything. So around 10am, the nurses came to clean me up with my roommate, Venus, love this woman, and Cabral came to talk to me. Great man. We was on our way back to the recovery house. I had a panic attack because I wanted to walk, my legs was cramping and I felt caustic phobic, but Jules was there to calm me down. First day post op, was painful. Today I'm feeling better. So I'm gonna end it here ladies. Gonna get my ass up to walk some more. Oh and Cabral didn't give me drains, so every time I walk or sit or move I can feel the fluids coming down.

Feeling better today. Got home yesterday.

I still have fluids in my back and tummy.

I need some help finding the best faja. I also wanted to know what would happen if I don't go get a massage, am I able to do it myself. Help ladies, please!!!

9 days post op!!!

1 month and 9 days post op

Cabral's Doll

I woke up like this!!!

I still get swollen from time to time. I'm currently 34-25-41.5.....I've been on my butt since day one and I haven't lose volume. My goal is to be 24" around my waist. I'm feeling great. Butt still a little tender when I sit but will pass. I love my new body. I get compliments everywhere. Love love love the attention. Male n females. Hard to go shopping tho. My waist is super small so I have to get some of my dresses n jeans tailored lolllll not complaining tho

I'm back, Ladies!!!!

I know I've been M.I.A, but now I'm back. Loving my new body, loving all the attention, loving life period. Cabral is the man. I definitely recommend him. He just knows what you need done without you even telling him. I'm going back for a breast lift with implants. Of course to Cabral. My body is amazing. I turn heads anywhere I go. Anything looks good on me. oMG it was worth all the money, pain, everything. Sorry about the pics. I'll def put some post op pics soon. Sept 6, will make me 6 months post op. Haven't lost any inches of my butt and I've been on them since day 1 of post op. Measurements are 34-24-41....loving my tiny waist. Still trying to get them to 23 inches lollll but yes. I'll be on here for my journey to boobiville. Muahzzzz


I meant 42inches around my booty...sorry

I have hips for days're the best, Cabral!!!!

Help ladies

I'm looking for the cheapest doctor in Cipla for breast Aug. Robles quoted 4200 which I don't know why. I've had my bbl and lipo done with Dr Carbal which he did an awesome job. N he did quoted me 3000 for breast implant n lift. I was hoping I find a quote lesser than his from another doctor. Please ladies help me out

Omg Jules is a life savior

I finally got a decent quote. I'm going for just a breast lift. Jules got Yily to do my surgery. I'm super excited. Hopefully I can get in by next week.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Cabral is the KING!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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