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Dr shahine did my laser lipo with bbl back lipo....

Dr shahine did my laser lipo with bbl back lipo. He destroyed my stomach. I felt everything bcuz he doesnt use enough anesthesia to numb you. Let the pics speak for themselves. Ladies dont get blind by his big booty pics notice thats all he shows why doesn't he show pics of the abdomen. . I didnt wear jeans lile he blame me or a erong girdle in fact i had the same girdle 1 of his workers wore. He try to blame it in that too. My surgery was at 7pm and started at 12am and finish at 230am during the surgery i was in so much pain, they kept giving me pills under my tong, at one point i was fainting and he gave me a piece of kit kat chocolate. After it was done i was wrapped lile a burrito and was about to fainy and throw up and they sat me inside the dark room next door like some time of animal with no sheets my mom was worry and got me out of there. As soon as i walked out i vomited and passed out in the car. Do your research ladies i didnt do mines very well. Good luck


so after searching so much i decided to go to DE LA PAZ RECOVERY HOUSE. I have read many nice things about them so i will be going there. 84 days left for my sx with Dr Cabral. I started taking chlorophyll today along with the rest of my supplements. I am going to call my pcp tomorrow to schedule an appt for my blood count.


Hello ladies I am going crazy looking for recovery houses. I think I made up my mind and will be staying at Kindness recovery house. They have good reviews and I've heard nothing but good things about them.

List of medications from Cbral

So i was browsing on rs and found some really useful info on the meds cabral prescribes. When I called his assistant Maria she told me that the nurse might tell you you just need certain things from that list, which is true bcuz alot of people usually try to get insurance and some meds from the states.

2 months for my surgery

Hello ladies so I already purchased my flight. Sh*t is getting real I cant wait , I am so excited I already have purchased most of the things on my list.

kindness recovery house

So i decided to go to kindness rh . I already sent my deposit. Conrado is amazing. He is the driver and co owner. Kindness have nothing but great reviews.

sx supplies

Missing some items i will eventually get the rest. Ebay and Waltmart are you're best friend

Maximizing the Surgery Recovery Process

Pre- and Post-Surgery
Take a high-quality multi-nutrient as part of your daily routine before and after surgery. Choose one that contains 25 to 50 mg of the B complex vitamins.
Because surgery depletes your body of vitamin C, take 500–1,000 mg as part of your daily routine before surgery and 1,000 mg three times a day after surgery. Return to your usual dosage after two weeks.
Begin taking milk thistle a month before surgery, and then continue for a month after (follow label instructions for dosage). This wonderful herb protects, rejuvenates and repairs the liver. General anesthesia and other medications used during and after surgery are exceptionally hard on the liver, so anything you can do to protect this vital organ will be a big plus for your surgery recovery.
Increase your zinc intake to 30–50 mg for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery, using zinc picolinate. Zinc is critical to wound healing, and surgery or trauma can decrease the level of zinc in your body.
Start taking a probiotic supplement two weeks before surgery, and continue using it for at least a month afterward—or, better yet, indefinitely. Choose a strain that contains acidophilus and bifida bacteria (follow label instructions for dosage). Surgical patients often receive oral or intravenous antibiotics in the hospital, which creates the potential for fungal disorders (including yeast infections), digestive disturbances and diarrhea. A probiotic can help counteract these problems, promoting surgery recovery.
Also After Surgery
Take 250 mg of vitamin B6 twice a day for a week, starting three days after surgery. This nutrient helps reduce post-surgical fluid retention, such as swelling of the face, hands, feet or legs. The swelling usually takes two to four weeks to go down. With B6, you can experience substantial reduction within 24 to 48 hours.
Take bromelain on an empty stomach for two weeks after surgery (follow label instructions for dosage). This formidable pineapple enzyme supplement helps prevent blood clots, aids the liver and digestion and decreases inflammation and pain after surgery—all vital to surgery recovery. It also helps to remove protein debris that form at trauma sites.

Another supplement to relieve pain and inflammation is the homeopathic remedy Arnica 30C. Take one pellet four or five times a day for up to two weeks after surgery.

I highly recommend following this Power Healing program to maximize the surgery recovery process. Not only will you be able to recuperate faster, so you can get back to the enjoyable task of living each day to your full capability, you’ll also be able to make it through your surgery recovery more easily

List of Surgical Supplies

Thank god I am basically done buying all my supplies. ladies don't go crazy buying a whole bunch of items that you really wont need. Try to go to a recovery house that provides most of the things you will use such as chux pads and other things. Kindness recovery house includes the following: chux pads, iodine, alcohol, gloves, gauze pads, paper tape, bottle water, ample pillow, wash cloths and fresh towels daily.. these are things that you don't need to buy saving you money and a lighter luggage.
These are the things i have purchased so far and base on other dolls that already had surgery.
(some things i will leave home to use it when i come back)
ELECTRONIC TOOTHBRUSH ( WALGREEN) since i am getting arm lipo
TOOTH PASTE normal size, LEMISOL, (feminine wash) SQUIRT BOTTLE (ebay 1.95)
FEMALE URINAL (not ez pee it doesnt make sense to get that) I got the one that has a bottle) ebay 5.99)
spray deodorant ( bcuz of the arm lipo )
bromelian pills (wholefoods)
adult wipes ( amazon )
zinc ( whole foods)
combination lock for my luggage (when i go to cipla or outside)
hibiclens ( to wash prior to sx) it removes the flora from the skin and reduce bacteria.
blanket ( for clinic) A MUST!!
dial soap
sponges for tt insicion
spray cocoa butter
advil pm to sleep ( also for the plane ride back)
milk of magnesia ( will leave at home)
stool softener ( A MUST!!) ANTIBIOTICS will make you constipated
first aid antibiotic cream
pill container
ubre de vaca( is like a dominican arnica gel for pain and bruising)
arnica pellets ( 250ct for 7$ on ebay)
biofreeze ( excellent for arm lipo pain)
body lotion, omeprazole, bandages, , 2 pk size small white man tank tops, white tees,
2 robes (walmart 5$)
extension cord( to charge your phone and tablet while in bed)
brush, hair ties
5 maxi dresses
come home outfit
1 sweater
3 slippers
1 warm slip in shoes from payless
back scratcher
lipo foam ( for under garment
ab side and back boards ( under garment)
silicone strips ( after tt heals) to help scar fade
biol oil
victoria secret body spray
sports bras
2 button down pajamas
5 ensure milk ( maybe for the first 5 days)

How my belly looks

so this is the result of having the wrong procedure done. I will update this pic, now my skin is saggy and it hangs, which makes me so happy in a creepy way because i can finally get a tummy tuck to fix it. i finally have enough skin to pull... thx shahine for putting me through this b.s
New York OB/GYN

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