30 Years Old Woke Up One Day with Big Swollen Jaws Males my Face Look Lopsided ..please Help - New York, NY

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Ok well as the title states im 30 years old and...

Ok well as the title states im 30 years old and like a year ago i had a toothache which caused me to eat on one side for over 7 months avoiding the infected side . i noticed several weeks after getting wisdom pulled my jaws and bottom half of face was looking heavy bulky masculine . ive been to doctor and he dont have explanation . im so self conscience of my face now i really didnt even wanna post my pics up for i feel so ugly even in pics i can see that my face is lopsided ...im writing to ask doctors what can be done to get a more proportionate face like what i had before the whole tooth ordeal . this is really affecting my life . i want rhinoplasty within the next 60 days ,would buccal fat pads make my face more symmetric. ..suggestions from doctors please ...i hate my face now ..i already had a nose issue but now my cheeks being swollen like this makes me feel discouraged cause its another thing i have to fix..please help
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