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Ammeenn! I been approved by my insurance which is...

Ammeenn! I been approved by my insurance which is BCBS. Let me give you a brief summary of my journey. I'm 23 years old and a size 36G (yiikkess) and I had big breast at a young age like most of you females on real self. I have been wanting a BR for about 3 years now. I finally put things into action in 2013. I started going to a chiropractor once a week for about 4 months and complained to my primary doc about my back pain. Months past and I was given letters from my docs to submitted to my insurance company. I was approved in less than 2 weeks. Thank God!

Shopping List- Must Haves

I have made this list based on several reviews on Real self and other forum/blogs:
Arnica montana or Arnica gel (helps with bruising after surgery)
Hibiclens (a special soap to you will need to use the night before and the morning of your surgery
Palmer’s Vitamin E Oil (used to minimize scars after your stitches have healed
Silicone sheets and scar gel (helps with scars)
Extra surgical brassieres or brassieres that PS has approved
Neosporin (self explanatory)
gauze pads (for changing dressing)
panty liners (use in the absence of gauge pads to put between your bra and incision and is cheaper that gauze pads)
Dial antibacterial soap (for washing your incisions after)
blow dryer with a cool setting (keeping incisions dry) (most of us already have a hair dryer)
front button pajamas (wont be able to put on shirts that require you to lift your arms over your head)
Front button or zip sweaters or shirts (see above for reason)
comfortable slip on shoes (wont be able to bend over and tie your own shoes for a few weeks and someone else may tie your shoes too tight)
pillows (will need pillows to get in a comfortable position)
Wedge pillow (you will have to sleep on your back for a while until your incisions heal)
Recliner (in case you don’t want to attempt to sleep on your back. you will be able to sleep in it and get to a standing position easier)
groceries (make meals before hand)
Stool softener
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on hand for any allergic reaction or to ease itching
Paper tape or silicone tape to minimize scars
Bottled water (have bottle caps twisted off on a few bottles if you will be alone)Reading material
Laptop/access to internet
Priority items and comfort items set up next to your resting area
Gel ice packs or frozen veggies IF your PS approves the use of ice
Alarm, set to stay on schedule taking prescriptions, a chart to check off what has been taken
Plastic chair or stool to place in the shower for the first few showers

Pre-op appt was today

So my pre-op appointment went well today. I was nervous at first just because I realized this is real and my surgery is in 3 weeks. I ask my boyfriend to come along, i figured he will keep me from worrying and he did. It actually was great having him there because he was able to hear all the details and really understand the procedure. He has been worried that my breast will end up being too small like a A cup but hearing the doctor say he can make me my desired size of a D made him happy. But back to the details of my appointment, I will have drains put in but I will have dissoluble stitches which is a plus because I heard stitches removal hurts. He also gave me my pain medication prescription today, I wanted it before hand just to have it out the way. I ask him tons of questions and he was really nice but the only thing I thought was weird is that he showed me his previous patients before and after pictures off his cell phone. My boyfriend didn't think much of it but i thought it was weird but I did see a before and after picture when I met him for the first time in July and it was an actual picture in an album not off his iphone.

Less then 3 weeks away

I keep feeling like this is a dream, like I'm going to wake up and find out I'm not having my breast reduction surgery. I just wanted this for so long. I started buying things for my big day, I purchased Arnica Montana, bromelain and the Marena bra from Amazon. But guess what..the Marena bra is too big and I threw out the box before I tried it on. So I don't know how can I return it but basically I brought an XL because I was advised to buy it a size bigger but goosshhh if my G cup is too small for that bra then my D cup will be swimming in it. Since this update seems like a vent , I will continue venting so my back has been driving me crazy ! I swear since I got my yes for surgery my back has been acting up more. It's like my back pain is telling me since you are getting rid of me I'm going to make you suffer until it's the big day. But at least I know I will win the war ! Lol

I forgot to..

I forgot to take a picture with Marena bra on, I will post one tomorrow

Almost time to say goodbye

I can't believe I'm less than a week away. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm excited about no back pain, being able to wear nicer clothes and being able to workout without worrying about my massive lumps lol. I'm nervous about whether a D cup will be too big.. I don't have a small frame (160lbs 5'7) so I figure a C cup will look too small and my shoulders will just look so broad. I'm also so nervous about nipple placement. I have seen pictures where one nipple is placed higher than the other. Maybe I should bring my ruler or measuring tape to my op day and double check my ps markings lol jk.

Today is the day

I'm currently in the car on my way to the hospital. I find myself very calm right now, I thought I will be more like omg omg omg. But I think reading all these reviews on real self really help with my nerves. Wish me luck, I'll see you guys when I'm on the other side .

Home sweet home

Everything went well, I'm just really sleepy so I'm off to take a nap n I will update with lots of details later . Thank you to all you ladies, I really appreciate the encouraging words. Xoxoxo

Help !!

Hey I was sent home with no surgical bra or bandages. I only have gauze on my breast and drains. I'm suppose to get a surgical bra once the drains are removed on Wednesday. Is this normal ? Should I put on a cami type bra on until Wednesday ? Help!

Official part of ABCD club

Let me start with the day of my surgery, I arrived at NYU Medical Center at 6:00 am with my boyfriend and dad for my 7:30am surgery. I signed paper work, paid my co payment of $550 and talked to the nurse and anesthesiologist. I was given an IV and then realized that things are getting real. My surgeon came and went over everything again n did his markings. I was so excited !! They wheeled me upstairs to my room and I just grinned the whole time. Hours later I woke up feeling out of it and really tired. I just kept feeling asleep until they told me my family could come up n see me. I took a peek at my boobs n they look great. The doctor made me a D cup which I'm happy with. I also had drains on both sides. I arrived home around 3pm. Let me fast forward a bit, the last couple of days wasn't too bad the only pain I had was where my drains where. I found the drains to be really annoying but I know that it I had them in for a reason. I got my drains removed yesterday and i feel so much better. My mobility is better and the pain is better. Oh yeah and my boobs are healing good too.

4 months update

It has been a great four months. I actually had to count on my fingers to make sure it been that long. My healing process has been great, the only issue I had which was during my first month was an open wound on one of my breast. It was small and at my T junction, my doctor informed me that it wasn't a big deal and to just keep it covered with a gauze pad. My wound closed in about 3 weeks, Thank God! I started exercising at about 2 months after my surgery and I didn't have any problems. I only wore sports bras, cami tops and sometimes I went braless (something I was never able to do before) but now I'm wearing a wireless bra. I was so excited to get a new bra, it felt like I was a kid getting a bra for the first time. I purchase body by Victoria Secret. It has been hard for me to find bras because I'm a 34dd so finding that size in a wireless bras isn't easy. If anyone know of any brands that has DDs wireless bras, please let me know. Also, please let me know what you guys use on your scars, I have only been using Bio oil. If your indecisive about getting this procedure, all I can tell you is that this has been the best decision I have made. I have not regret it not even once. Just go for it!
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