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I had huge breasts at fifteen, so now that I'm 21,...

I had huge breasts at fifteen, so now that I'm 21, I'm really sick of them. They cause me no end of back pain (I've been going to a chiropractor twice a week for the last 6 months now), and I can't buy any clothes that fit right. The bras I buy have to be the ugliest ones there, and I feel so upset when I walk past the pretty ones that are of a smaller size.

I guess the real moment when I was like, "No, I absolutely have to get rid of these" was when I was trying to buy a strapless bra for a dress I was wearing to an annual black tie work event. I could not find one- apparently they just don't cater for bigger boobs. It sounds sort of pathetic, but I cried. I knew then I wanted them gone, no matter what the cost or scarring.

I booked in to see a surgeon and he was fantastic- so helpful and answered all of my questions. He explained any risks, but also told me how good it's going to feel afterwards (especially for my back). I told him I wanted to go as small as I possibly could for my frame. If I'm undergoing this long surgery and paying all of this money, I want to look significantly different!

I'm so excited for it now, and not once have I considered maybe backing out. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the right thing to do. Now, it's 13 days until I get it done and I cannot WAIT!! Time is dragging and I just want March 1st to hurry up!!

It's the morning of my surgery, and I can't decide...

It's the morning of my surgery, and I can't decide if I'm nervous or not! I think I'm most worried about the pain I'll be in for the next few weeks..... Hopefully it isn't that bad! Anyway, I'll update this once I've had my op!

I'm in hospital as I write this now- been out of...

I'm in hospital as I write this now- been out of theatre for about 15 hours. So far, the pain meds have kept me feeling fine, and I only feel quite bruised and only when I move. The nurses keep getting me to get up and go to te bathroom, which is uncomfortable but not painful. I felt quite nausious but they gave me injections and tablets to stop any of that. I'm sleeping a lot, and when I press my button to get more pain meds in me, it makes me drowsy. When I'm out of hospital and feeling more awake, I'll write a time line of the surgery etc, and what happened.
So far, not too bad!!

So I'm going to talk about my surgery in more...

So I'm going to talk about my surgery in more detail now!! (Sorry if it's long!)
I went to the hospital on March 1st and went into the admissions. I wasn't feeling nervous, but more upset that I had to leave my parents!! They took me up to a bed and I put on my gown, and then waited for what felt like forever. They make you go to the bathroom so much before surgery! (I've never even been in hospital before- let alone had surgery)
The surgeon came in and drew on me, and then said he'd see me soon. I was pretty composed until the nurse took me into theatre, and I had to say goodbye to mum and dad! I got a bit teary, but the nurse was so funny and made me feel so safe, that it was okay. In the theatre I lay on the surgery bed and the nerves were insane! I saw my surgeon in his scrubs and the nurses had their masks on... it was a cold and terrifying room. The anaesthetist said he'd give me something to relax me, put a needle in my arm... the last thing I remember was them asking me what I do for a job... I don't actually know if I answered!
I woke up in the recovery room and was so confused... I was hooked up to drips and there were strange people around me... I remember asking them if they'd even done the surgery! I was in no pain whatsoever, which was such a relief. I can't remember much from this part, but I remember them wheeling me into the ward.
That Friday was weird. I felt quite sick from the painkillers and the anaesthetic, but they gave me something through my drip that made that go away. My family came to visit me, as did my best friend, but I don't remember too much of them being there. The nurses checked on me every half an hour, and forced me to get up to go to the toilet (I was told if I don't get up, they'll put in a catheter! Needless to say, I got up).
I had drains in for two days, and they were taken out on the third day. The left one was really full and the right one had next to nothing in it. Taking them out stung really bad, and was not a pleasant thing in the SLIGHTEST!
The painkiller drip was removed and I went onto oral tablets, which helped but not as much as the oral ones! I had to stay in for an extra night because my blood pressure was really low, but on the third night I went home.

Now, it's been 10 days since my surgery and it's the first day I haven't had to have pain killers, which is really good! Sleeping is still hard because you have to be on your back, but it's a small price to pay. I'm already loving the new clothes I can wear!!

This was the best thing I have ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 4 weeks since my surgery. However,...

It's been 4 weeks since my surgery. However, sleeping is such a problem. I always end up on my side or front, which I am well aware as being a bad thing. I had a shower today and noticed one of my breasts has wept a little. Is this normal? I'll ask my surgeon, but I don't see him until Wednesday.

So the weeping was normal- something called fat...

So the weeping was normal- something called fat nucrosis. Basically, its where fat cells die!
I'm still so pleased with them, and did a workout for the first time today... it was fantastic! They're still very swollen, so I'm hoping that goes down soon. I'll post some pics soon.

6 months on!!!

Absolutely can't believe that on September 1st, it'll be 6 months since my surgery. It's insane!!!

I do not regret having the surgery, even though I'm a little shy of my scars now. It's pretty much been winter since my surgery, and now we're finally coming into spring where the weather will warm up! I put on clothes now that I would NEVER have been able to wear before, and it's an awesome reminder of why I put myself through the surgery. I see people now who haven't seen me since my operation and they all ask, "have you lost weight?!"

Having large breasts makes you look heavier than you are, so this operation has given me extra confidence now. Finding clothes to wear is so much easier, and bra shopping is now a pleasurable experience, instead of being depressing!!!

After my surgery I had a complication which meant one of my wounds under my right breast became a little infected. I was driving 40 minutes to the hospital everyday to get the dressing changed- it was challenging! That has scarred a little worse than the left breast, which is a bit disappointing. My surgeon assured me there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent it- just one of those things! He also said it's quite common, which made me feel a tad better.

Now, I have to see my surgeon again early next year, and everything is all good!

In conclusion, this surgery has changed my life, and I'm so happy I did it. Anyone who is thinking of doing it really needs to weigh up whether they want the scars and the painful recovery time... but in the long run, its all worth it.
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