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Just wanted to share that I had my BR w/ FNG on...

Just wanted to share that I had my BR w/ FNG on 7/22 and am feeling well! So far no serious issues besides constipation - that was the worse! It's because I'm taking iron supplements in addiition to Vicodin (recently found out i'm anemic) But today I just took 2 ES tylenol and left it at that. Ladies, avoid constipation at all costs!!! Fiber, flaxseed, colace, prune juice -whatever it takes! Most of my pain comes from my side incisions and one side is verrrry swollen from too much activity : ( - got some Bromelein from gnc and hoping that helps - I think just eating fresh pineapple is best so i'm going to buy some as well and take it easy for the next few days. Good luck with everyone's journey and recoveries!

Side incision issues???

Hello all - has anyone had issues with side incisions healing properly? Mine seems to be infected imo b/c it's oozing green AND yellow discharge and still looks bloody/raw- sorry if gross. Also stinging alot and very swollen. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Nipple bolsters removed

Hello all! So I finally had an official post op appt this fri and got my fng bolsters removed. My ps didnt think much of my oozing on my side incisions : / - he said it was normal and when he took the tape strips off it didnt't seem to be infected - just still very swollen and bursting at the seams (still have tightness from sutures that are still in). So I guess all is well. My boobs still seem small to me and I will be shopping very soon for shape wear for my new stomach : ( - ugh. It will prob be a very long time before I post more pics b/c my nipple graphs are just about to fall off, lol. *Sigh* I was really rooting for them to stay put! It won't be pretty I can already tell and I can't wait to see how it all heals, pigment wise. The skin underneath appears to be a glaring red - positively frightening, lol. I wish all of you ladies the best and speedy recoveries. Thanks for all the well wishes : )!
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