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Hi everyone!!! This is such an amazing blog, I...

Hi everyone!!! This is such an amazing blog, I feel that I know you guys already. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, I know is not easy when you are dealing with something you are not happy with.
Well, I'm 37, 5'4",123 pound and a mother of two. After breastfeeding, gaining weight and loosing it; my girls never looked the same(LOL). I'm currently a 34D or DD depending on the bra style. What a nightmare trying to find the right bra for the girls, I hated but didn't have a choice. I hope that after the surgery I don't have to wear full figure bras anymore, I HATE Them!!! My girls are so sad that they like to look down to the floor all the time (lol), hopefully after the surgery they star looking forward like they are supposed to do!!
Yesterday, I scheduled my BR for July 10,2012. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time,I wish it was sooner so I would have time to think about it! I will upload picture soon so you girls can be part of this transformation!!

Finally, I got the courage of taking a picture of...

Finally, I got the courage of taking a picture of my girls. They are asymetrical and you can also see the indentations on my shoulders. I'm so excited!! Sixteen days away!!!:)

Hi Girls!!! Only seven days away... I have to say...

Hi Girls!!! Only seven days away... I have to say that I'm not nervous at all. I still have some concerns but I guess everyone goes throught that stage! The doctor already gave me the prescriptions I have to filled before the surgery (Duricef,Vicodin and Zofran). He also gave me the size of the surgical bra I have to get; he will provide the first one but he says that I will need at least two more. Which is ok since I don't want to use the same bra for several weeks. He advised me to buy a 34 C bra, I was disappointed since I was expecting to be a B cup!! He said that I would be swollen and eventually they will be smaller. I didn't think that I was going to be so swollen after the surgery. Did you guys drop a cup size after the first few weeks after surgery??? Please share your story with me:)

Hi girls!! 4 DAYS until the bid day!!Today, I had...

Hi girls!! 4 DAYS until the bid day!!Today, I had my pre-op appointment. I have to say that I was more excited than nervous. He did all the markings today because he doesnt like to do them the same day of the surgery. I completely agree I think I would get too nervous just sitting and waiting. He spent 1 1/2 hours explaining all the procedure and answering questions. I have to say I really like him and his staff they seemed very caring. He advised me to be on a healthy diet for the surgery. So no more steak or fast foods(lol) He said eating healthy with help with the anesthesia. He said that I won't be able to take of my surgical bra until my first post-op! That means I won't be able to meet them right away and I can only take showers from my waist down. I hope I can contain myself without peeking...

Since I'm so concern with the size of my breast after the surgery, he said that they are not going to be tiny and of course they were not going to be big. He said that they are going to be swollen after the surgery and that I will be happy with the results. So I don't know what to expect. He tells me not to concentrate on a cup size but for me is impossible. I just want to be able go shopping without any problems. For me, being big chested has been difficult ( I know they are not huge but for me that are:)) and more important uncomfortable. I just pray that everything goes well...

Well... The day has arrived and the bags are...

Well... The day has arrived and the bags are packed! I'm very excited and ready for this. Now, keep counting the hours!!! I hope everything goes well and will keep you posted! :-)

Post OP Day 1 First of all, thanks for all the...

Post OP Day 1
First of all, thanks for all the stories and support! I never would have thought that going through BR surgery was going to be so easy. Now, I’m just referring to the surgery part, recovery just started!
So, let me tell you about surgery day. The surgeon’s office called me around 7:28 AM to tell me they were ready for me and to be there at 8:00 AM. I took a shower and grabbed my bag. The surgery was scheduled to take place at the surgeon’s office and I live less than ten minutes from it. In my bag I had the medications he previously prescribed, deodorant, lip balm, underwear and my surgical bra. I just wanted to be prepared!
I arrived at 7:55 AM and they were all waiting for me. I thought I was going to be very nervous and I have to tell you, I was NOT!I was so in peace… Thanks God! They first thing they did was giving me an anti-nausea medication. Then, they gave me my gown and asked me to change. At this point I was very excited and happy. The PS came in and verified the markings he did on Friday and everything was perfect. Few minutes later, the anesthesiologist came in and asked me few questions and asked me to say bye to my hubby. I thought that was going to be my breaking point but... it was NOT!!! As I walked into the surgery room, I prayed and prayed and prayed. The anesthesiologist took my blood pressure and said I was very calm. They asked me about my kids and other things. I looked at the clock, it was 8:18 AM and the last thing I remembered was me asking God to be the surgeon and to take care of me during the surgery.
Well… HE DID! I woke up around 12:30 PM. I was so deep in my sleep that the nurse had to call me many times so I had no choice but to wake up ?. The PS called my husband himself to tell him that everything went well and that I was doing really good. He was so nervous but super supportive. The anesthesiologist came in and said I did really well and that everything went well. He said I did so well because I’m very healthy and this helped a lot. The PS came to the recovery room and said “ you do not have big boobies anymore, now they are tiny!”. We all laughed and he told me to take it very easy and to follow ALL his recommendations. He said I MUST NOT remove my surgical bra. The nurse sent me to the restroom and dismissed me around 3:00 PM. My next appointment is scheduled for this Friday.
I live very close to the PS’s office so the ride home was very smooth. My kids made some welcome home and feel better cards and my hubby brought me some beautiful flowers. It felt really good, they were very nervous and concern. After I arrived home, I started taking my pain medication and went to bed. Later, the anesthesiologist called me to check on me and later, the PS too.
I haven’t experienced any pain at all so far, just some discomfort. I had a very hard time sleeping, it was very uncomfortable, any suggestions?
Today has been a great day; I’ve been lying in bed all day. I just want to take easy, I want to have speedy recovery. Best wishes to all who are going through recovery or are having surgery!!! XOXOXO

Post Day 3 So far the worst day. I Woke up with...

Post Day 3

So far the worst day. I Woke up with a migraine and vomiting. I felt so weak and sick. I had no energy and became a little scared. My husband was by my side and that helped me through  it.
It was my fist post op appointment to revealed the girls for the first time. I was so sick that I just wanted to see the doctor to make me feel better, my girls were not my priority at the time :-(.
I made to the doctor office, the people in the waiting room looked  at me like I was dying.  As soon as the nurse saw me she asked to come in, she didn't even asked how I felt. I guess it was pretty obvious that I was soooo sick. She called the doctor immediately. He came in asked me some  questions and told me to stop all the medications right away. He said that if I need I can take tylenol or Tylenol PM., but it was more important to flush all that medication from my system first.
He asked me if I wanted to see my girls, I just smiled.  OMG there are so perky and round! He said that they were PERFECT! ( they always say that:), and they were going to settle in the following weeks and months. After reading so many stories you already know what they are going to say. So you don't get really excited. I'm like tell me something new that my blog friends haven't say :)!

Post Day 4

I slept 8 hours!!!!!! Thank  you Iowa for the pillow advised. Now I have a nest to go whenever I feeI have to rest my 2 birdies!   

I woke up so rested and with a lot of energy. I still can't take a shower, he said maybe next week, he likes all the incisions to be healed before you get them wet. I guess it makes sense...  Im getting used to the waist down and underarm shower, I even manage to shave. It's a matter of getting use to new things when you don't have a lot of choices. 

I went shopping today, I was expecting to get Walmart's sport bra that a lot of people get; but they didn't had it in my size. My surgical bra looks like a Bullet Proof Vest,  I was just hopping to get a smaller bra so I can wear normal shirts. Even though that I feel good,  going shopping was very exhausting and I couldn't wait to be at home. 

The doctor called me around 5 to make sure that I was feeling better since I was so sick yesterday. He said that he was sure it was the Vicodin :(. I'm glad that I'm not taking anything...

Hope all the girls that had been through surgery had a nice recovery and all the girls that are going in have a great surgery:)
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