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Hi, I'm 46 y/o, 34GG (very dense). Not a lot of...

Hi, I'm 46 y/o, 34GG (very dense). Not a lot of droop (no kids) 5'2 160 lbs.
I'm one of those who doesn't remember the transition period of growing breasts, it's like as a teen, I woke up with D cups. I maintained D's a long time and eventually DD and for a while was wearing wrong sizes (popping out and overflowing) but the past 10 years, I've steadily increased to where I'm now a 34GG (bras fit correctly). Unfortunately, the bigger I've gotten, and wearing these bras to hold me in place, not a moment goes by in my day where I don't feel like i'm in a cage and totally conscious of how uncomfortable my body has become. Plus my back and neck problems and a lot of migraines. Hopefully the reduction will help with the migraines!
I had my consult on Oct 1 and got my approval yesterday! Hooray!
In hindsight tho, I feel like I wasn't prepared enough when I went on my consult and didn't have enough questions ready. I go back mid-November for our next meet n greet, and then I'm scheduled for surgery mid-December.
When we discussed sizing, he told me about making sure to keep me aesthetically pleasing and balanced for my body type, and I really didn't press for more specifics about size other than he said it would probably be 600 or even 700 grams per breast. I have no idea what that translates to. I'd be happy with a C cup. Has anyone been similar to me that can give me a best guess of where this would put me? I'm so impatient, I want a better understanding before mid-November!
Plus, please, people help me prepare questions for my next appointment!
Thank you!

PS #1 - 2nd Consult

I'm back! I had a follow-up consult with PS #1 this morning. I felt so much more confident going in now that I have a little better understanding of terminology and procedures, etc!
I went in with a list of questions printed out and said "i hope you don't mind if I take notes because I have a terrible memory, especially because this is all new to me".

So I told him that I felt I was unprepared the last time we met because I didn't know enough and now I want to discuss my lingering concerns and hopefully put my mind at ease and he was totally fine with that.
I explained my concerns that in a lot of pictures I see, many of the breasts wind up kind of flat or lacking fullness, and it's important to me to keep that roundness up top. This topic led to a discussion of the various techniques and that some are more appropriate than others depending on the beginning shape, size, skin quality, how much the nipple needs to be moved etc. He said what PS # 2 said in that the inferior pedicle technique will lead more to a bottoming out. He said that that would be a more appropriate technique for someone who is pendulous, and/or not as good skin quality...and if the nipple needs to be moved a greater distance.
For me, he feels Superomedial pedicle would be best, with a vertical incision (lollipop) which would also reduce my scarring. He says this will give me the fullness on top that I want and it will look more natural. He said my nipples will not be moved very much since they are already positioned high since I don't sag. When I asked him to show me the new position of the nipple it was more like a shift upwards rather than a full movement. Oh and he said the vertical incision might cause some puckering of the skin or "dog ears" which I'm trying to figure out why they call it that?? He said, if that happens, we would correct that after.

So we went thru the photos I printed, I think he was kind of amused that I did this, but I can't believe others don't do the same! So I wanted to know if my expectations were realistic or not and he said they were (hooray!)

So it seems most doctors don't like to discuss cup size, and I get that, I know a 36C is a different cup than a 34C etc, but I told him I was backing him into a corner and I wanted his best "guesstimate" of where I will wind up, and I totally get this is science mixed with art, and I try to be as realistic as possible that this is a guesstimate and not solid fact that he's telling me, but I want an answer!..so he said I'd probably be a D, not a C. I can live with that, I already did live with that from prob Jr High School thru my mid 30's. It was actually a really nice size, I think I'm just scared of them coming back, it's like "Revenge of the Boobies!" the movie!

Oh and sadly, he usually uses drains...*sniff* hopefully I'll be the exception!

Then we discussed my current medications and what I'll need to stop taking 12 days prior to surgery. OMG no more Aleve?? My back is NOT going to be happy. He said birth control very minimally increases the risk of clot. And cymbalta is up for debate whether it might increase bleeding.
Those of you who have had the surgery and similar meds, what did you do? He said the birth control and cymbalta were up to me. I will be one cranky hormonal B if I quit all that for 12 days!

I asked about supplied and all he really told me was (white) sports bras and non cotton gauze. I asked about creams/lotions for scarring and he said we would use the silicone (patch) I can't remember, this is why I need to take notes!!!

Now I'm so excited, I can't believe I have to wait 7 stinking weeks for this to happen!! Ugh!!

So if anyone has thoughts on the medications and supplies, please please chime in!!

Sports Bras?

Hi Ladies,
For those of you that picked up some sports bras ahead of time...how did you have any idea what size to buy?
Did you buy the kind that has cup sizes?
Or the kind thats kind of one size fits all once you chose your back size?
If you are going by back size, do you go up a size to compensate for swelling?
Walmart has a 4 pack of front close for about $21 (holy moly, 4 bras for $21 even if they are junky??) Has anyone used these?
Thank you!!!

Has anyone tried the genie zip up bra?

Who would have thought I'd find the prospect of buying a sports bra so confusing? :)
The size chart has Small listed as 33 - 36.5 and various combinations with letters but...
M is listed as 37 - 38.5... But 34D (my surgeons guesstimate) is listed next to that and 34C (my goal) so I think I'm figuring it out on my own :)

Does anyone have thoughts/opinions on the Genie Zip bra?

Ugh this should be the easy part and i'm so confused! Lol

Color Me Green

Not with envy, but like the Hulk, busting out of this old 34DD sports bra!
No real update, just chronicling!
Six weeks from tonight I'll be freaking out bidding adieu to the dynamic duo!


My surgical confirmation arrived today!! December 18th!! Now it's starting to feel real!!

It was in a thick envelope and my first thought was, "Oh did I leave all those boob pics there and they are sending them back to me??" hahaa!

Why is every hospital the same?? Every post says 5:30 AM. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 but be there 2 hours early = 5:30 AM.
So if every surgery is at the same time, then someone's gotta get stuck waiting?? That was me 8 years ago when I had my last 5:30 AM surgery and I don't think it's started until about 2 or 3 PM. Maybe i'll get there at 4:30 to be first in line :)
I don't do well without hydration!

So when I booked my surgery, it's the day after my company holiday party. I was like "omg I won't be able to eat" and the woman at the doctor's office, we'll call her Shirley, said "you can eat, just not after 12" and I said "omg I won't be able to drink" and Shirley said I could just not after 12 and just one or two. This says no booze for 24 hours prior (jeez i must sound like a boozer, i'm really not, it just makes the party better) :)

My pre-admission testing is scheduled for Dec 14th (Monday). I wonder if they have weekend appointments for that? I am going to be so pressed to get my December deadlines done by the 17th...which I've never done before, that I really don't want to take half a day off that Monday.

So what is on the must have list as far as shopping?

So far I have bought:
front button pj's
tylenol for when i have to go off Aleve
Vitamin E (which is on my pre-op do not use list that I received today)

I think that's all I've bought.
My doctor didn't tell me much aside from gauze and white sports bras, and I still haven't gotten the sports bra situation under control! Who woulda thought it would be so hard??

Veronikoti, we are similar sizes, what sports bras and size did you buy?? I want to be able to cross this off my list!

What else do you all recommend that I get???
I feel like this is gonna be here before I know it and I won't be prepared!!

Three Week Countdown!

Wow I can't believe my surgery is only three weeks away!!
I can't believe it's still November and in three weeks my December work will be done for the month lol!
So saw my family last night. My mom was asking me how often drains will need to be emptied, which is a good question? Does anyone know???

I think she's upset with me. She wants to come stay with me but I've lived alone for so long that when people are over too long they kind of get on my nerves, especially if i'm not feeling well, and my parents love to control. I'm so used to being independent and I told her that I don't want to commit to having her stay with me because anyone would bug me being around that long,...not just her...but I don't think she liked that answer :(
I live in a big apartment building and I have a lot of friends who live in the building who would come help me (and then leave). I just don't like people hovering around me when I'm not feeling great. But I told her I'd like to wait and see and if I feel I need help she can come..she doesn't live that far.
So at Thanksgiving dinner, my sis n law gave her the bird's carcass for soup, and I said "great you can make me soup for when I'm not feeling well and I can have easy meals" and she responded "I can make soup" leaving out the part that she's making soup for ME and we went back and forth and she would not make me damn soup!!! lol? I guess she is mad :)

So I think i'm pretty much done with supplies.
I bought 4 pairs of pj's (button up front) that I won't touch until my surgery because i'm a dork like that.
I had no idea how many guaze pads I will needs so I went nuts and bought 4 boxes of 25 (yikes)!
I bought some washable pad thing I can put on top of my mattress in case there is any leakage.
Senna tablets
8 sports bras
Vitamin E oil--- is that good for scars? Dr will be giving me silicone things
My scrips are at the pharmacy, i'll pick them up tomorrow.
I can't remember if there is anything else...but please feel free to add anything i'm missing to my list!

My pre-op is a week from tomorrow!

I am counting the days, so excited!

31 hours to go!

I probably won't be able to check in here tomorrow night because of my work holiday party!

The six weeks since I booked my surgery has flown by....until today...2 days pre-op...today was dragging and I'm starting to get tiny pangs of panic! Mostly really brief and their gone before I really dwell...but just every now and then just a flash in the pit of my stomach. I'm not the type to worry about anesthesia (until they are sticking it in my vein) so most of my panic is based on "what if I don't like the size/shape"...the permanence of it! Aside from the size my breasts have become, I've always been happy with their natural shape so I hope the good doctor will be able to preserve or enhance their natural appearance!

So does anyone know, does the hospital provide a safe place to store your pocketbook and stuff?? A locker maybe?? What happens when I get there two hours before my surgery?? Sit around being hungry and thirsty I guess?? :)

I'm taking a cab to the hospital because I don't want my parents to have to leave their house at 4 AM to bring me there, I'd rather they meet me and get an extra hour or two of sleep and be safe. So when whatever they are doing to me at the hospital, I won't have anyone there yet to hand off my pocketbook and other personal stuff! Fingers crossed for lockers!!
What did you ladies experience? Last time i was in a hospital was 8 years ago and I have no idea! All I remember is they made me wait all day! I packed a bag to bring PJ's (to go home in) clean socks, undies, hmmm what am I forgetting...something,......oh a bra! Ha! no bra!! :) My kindle will be in there....Also in my bag of goodies are all the boob pics to paste to my forehead as reference for my doctor during surgery :) Actually, since it's been about 5 weeks since I last saw him, I want to review that sort of thing with him. I've read a few reviews where the person has a consult and then the surgery, and they swear, the doctor must not have remembered the consult at all! I'm reminding him!
Is there anything else I need to bring? My wallet?? If there's a safe place. Please someone let me know about the locker situation. I'll be in the O/R with my purse slung over my shoulder lol

Ok time for bed, please send words of advice, encouragement, support, tell a joke, anything :))

My next update will likely be After and it will go like this

"omg my mom is driving me batty, she keeps trying to make me eat everything she made then tells me I need to lose weight"
"omg i'm trying to sleep in the recliner and my mom is watching tv right next to me"
"omg my mom has just decided that she wants me to give her a lesson on her iphone, even tho I don't own an iphone"
I've been meaning to take a few more 'before'pics but haven't had a chance...sigh...maybe I can squeeze some in tomorrow after the party before bed.

hahahaa Wish me luck and to maintain my sanity from now until then :)


Done & Done!!!

Hooray, finally had my surgery!! I feel amazingly much better than I expected!!! Currently my worst symptom is a headache I can't get rid of (took two doses of migraine med with no success and it has NEVER let me down before) so I started suspected a caffeine withdrawal thing going on so against my better judgement, I'm drinking a cup of coffee now.

8 years ago I had a 20 min surgery to remove a fibroadenoma from my breast and I vomited 4x following surgery and I was nauseous for a week!
I explained this to the anesthesiologist and he rattled off some cocktail off drugs to target receptors and block this and that and whatever and I said "sounds great to me!" and they put some little patch behind my ear as well.
The staff at the hospital was so nice and wonderful.
Ok so funny thing, I was told I would have to remove a tampon if I was using one (I was but thankfully my cycle was almost done) and they were like, "we'll give you a pad"....so I said, "well sure, but I was told I can't wear my underwear!" lol? They brought me a disposable pair (not depends diaper style) but this really thin gauzy cotton kind in boy shorts style. The nurse hands them to me and says "straight from victoria's secret" lol. I was like "wow can I keep them???" OMG this pair I so comfy, I'd like to order a case !!!! Seriously!! :)

Then met with my surgeon, did the markups on me. Mentioned that my left shoulder is about an inch higher than my right (didn't know it was that bad) and my belly button is off center by nearly and inch due to scoliocis (never noticed). Way to knock a girl down doc :)
Got me a little nervous, he kept saying "so dense, I can't even grip them well to do the markings, so dense, dense dense dense...I don't know that we'll get much fat out with lipo since you are mostly dense breast tissue and little fat" so I asked about the side boob and lipo there, and he was like, "we'll see, i'm not sure that we'll be able to get much out since you're so dense". Ugh!

So I go to the O/R and everyone was nice and keeping it light, next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery! It took a little over 3 hours. I asked for more pain med and received, and asked for more, and got some more and then I was pretty good and started waking up more. They had me in a surgical vest thing and it was TREMENDOUS!! I could fit my hand inside the back!!! So I mentioned to the nurse it's not really doing anything for me, feels like a loose tank top! So they called the doctor who said bring me the next smaller size. We get that on me (ugh wrapped like a mummy, couldn't see anything :( disappointed) and it's still too big!! I think it was really more an issue of the back sizing. So go thru the same thing and we go another size down. I got to take a pic of the box, the brand is Jobst which I never saw mentioned on here before. I wound up in a size 3 after all was said and done and it's definitely NOT compression but when I spoke to the doctor, he wants support and to hold me and the bandages in place, but not compression). The size chart online for this bra says a size 3 is 34DD, 36D, 36DD,38C, 38DD, 40C. I'm 34 but I'm not flipping out (yet) I have a ton of gauze in there and like I mentioned, it's not really that tight on me anyway, even tho I definitely want to be smaller than a DD and expect I will be!

So long story short, sent the parents home (whew). They were relieved to see I was feeling much better than last time but they stayed for the afternoon and I got no rest (this is one of the reasons I don't want stay over guests)! Funny story, my mom made me soup (yay) while she was hear BUT she put in 16 cups of water instead of 8 cups of water (oops) and then she said "Oh I can't believe I did that, I have the same measuring cup as you!" Ok so maybe she was mad that I wasn't allowing her to stay!

So I got the follow up call a few hours ago, basically is all going well! Just one of the (stupid) drains keeps popping open which means it doesn't drain! (I just changed the position of it to be mirroring the one that doesn't open so the plug is on the interior rather than facing my arm, I think that will help). And I found out my follow up will be FIVE days not four which means FIVE DAYS of me not seeing how they came out, FIVE days NO SHOWER and FIVE days of (stupid) Drains! Ugh! He wants five days because by day five, nearly everyone is ready to have the drains removed so it will be done that visit, and also a Staph infection would take 5-6 days to appear (yikes). Also, I found out, which makes total sense, that if the plug opens, it can let in bacteria (I hadn't thought about that before) so i'm really not liking these stupid things even more!
Oh and I asked him what was removed in grams and he didn't give me exacts but he said each side was between 600-700 grams for both (dense) tissue and lipo and he was able to get out a good amount when he lipo'd (HOORAY!!). I was concerned because I was just as puffy on the side boob area as before and it seemed unchanged even tho I could feel the lipo incision. He explained it's fluid and that they pump fluid in there when they do the lipo (didn't know that!) and my mom was like "oh yeah he told me that" ugh all day I was upset about remaining side boob and she forgot to tell me!!

Ok, think I am totally ready to chill and hope this headache goes away, so far the caffeine didn't work but it did make me feel a bit icky. I have Zofran on hand (my late cat used to take it for IBD and also when she was on Chemo) and I refilled even when I didn't need any since I planned on her living much much longer than she did :(
My GP was nice enough to give me a bunch of refills for her when I had a bad case of food poisoning and he gave me a scrip for me and I mentioned my vet was being stingy so he wrote me a bunch of refills :)

Will post pics tomorrow!

New Pics!!!!

One more pic for ArtnMotion

Drain Entry Point (Ick)

Old Bra - New Boobs :)

Ok so took these pics for fun! It will be even more fun once I can try this “exercise” sans surgical bra!
I am so panicked that they still look “so big” tho I know I keep reading about the swelling and it will take weeks, months, years, decades for that to go down…So just for sh*ts and giggles I slipped a 34GG bra on that fit me perfectly days ago. It’s not pulled on anywhere in the back, just over my front, and my drains are tucked “neatly” inside. But it does appear I could stuff a lot of stuff in there along with my boobs and drains if I chose to :) Maybe use my old bras and stop buying expensive handbags, who needs em?!? :)

Giant bras will be all the rage in 2016!!

So these pics make me feel better like “hey he did take some tissue out after all!” I look down into the surgical vest thing and I still have a fair amount of cleavage. Ummm I just thought, hey I can take a pic of that too, so that will be posted as well! Not the easiest pic to take! Kind of looks like a “little butt” so I will label it as not a butt :)

Ladies who have been through this, did you notice a big decrease in size from immediately post op to months later??

Return of the Boobies! The Wrath of Bulk!

Saturday in black (day after surgery) , 4 days post op in leopard. Same set of pj's just different colors!
This best be swelling! Omg go away!! What do I have to do to let you boobs know you aren't welcome here??
Ugh no wonder I've been having all these sizing freak outs that they are still too big! It's because I have these melons growing where I thought I just had a harvest!
Please send re-assurances that this too will pass before I seriously have a melt-down!

Totally Swollen - Better Pics to Compare

These are better pics. Totally swollen. As long as it's just swollen and my boob's aren't trying to re-conquer my body, i'm ok with that....for now.

The BIG Reveal!!

I got my bandages taken off…and put back on this morning! Drains were removed. I didn’t even get a real peek while at the doctor’s office aside from above but I knew that I would now have freedom to sneak a peek at home so I didn’t care.

Doc says I’m swollen but not “bad swollen" meaning blood clots. Just swollen! He said the swelling usually peaks around 72 hours and then takes 3-4 months to subside.
I still look BIG but definitely no where close to pre-op…and hopefully they will go down substantially. I asked about more lipo if I’m still really big like this when all is said and done and it’s something that we can look info if needed but he took a lot out all over and to give it time.

Still can’t shower until tomorrow (booooooo!) and then no washing boobs directly and blow dry afterwards.

OMG so freaking itchy. I asked about benedryl and he said I could but it would make me tired. He said the itch might subside with the drains out….I don’t know why I didn’t mention it was really the incisions that are so itchy but I didn’t pursue it. Maybe the Percocet I went in there on has dulled me!

So the drains. OK I’m sorry Sis, my doctor used awesome drains that are the same width inside as out. I didn’t even realize it was out! I remember, one of the consults I went to, that other doctor was using that as a bragging point that he used the better drains that are like that. I’m sorry you had to go thru that painful drain removal :( My doctor said he only changed to this type a few months ago. Good Choice Doc! At least it’s over for you hopefully never again!

He didn’t really have much to say about the Arnica, just kind of got a “whatever” look on his face lol.
And I got permission for sleeping in my bed!! Hooray!!! But of course either in the surgical vest or sports bra, which I haven’t tried on yet!

Here are the pics I quickly snapped, seriously, what was my rush?? I don’t feel like getting more angles and having to put all the dressing back on. Tomorrow, after I shower :)

Shower and Sports Bra!!

OK so I've decided that from above, I look exactly the same and I don't think he did anything on my upper half. Now this could be because I wanted to maintain the fullness and roundness above and now it’s supposed to drop into place over the next several months. My doctor is NOT a great communicator. I do know that he told me the pics I brought him were realistic and achievable….tho both times he told me he didn’t like working off pics because then I’ll “hold him to it” whereas I said no, this is more a guide because it’s much easier to convey what I want with pictures than words.

Tried on a fruit of the loom bra today in “36”. Will post pics, I also have the smaller versions that a lot of people seem to get but I think those will be better once my “swelling” goes down! Am literally squeezed into it with some side bulge, especially on my left, which is odd because as of now, my right looks a little bit bigger.
It feels comfy tho! Yesterday, when he changed my dressings, the surgical vest became looser (less gauze I guess) and I had no support from it and I felt every step I took, so the compression on this is holding me in place better and much more comfortable!
Yesterday, with the vest thingy, I felt like I was jogging without a decent sports bra on, you all know what that feels like!!

Soo sooo sooo itchy still! I don’t want to take a benedryl cuz I just woke up and it will knock me out again!

Slept in my bed last night!! This morning I finally showered!!! ”. I wanted to scrub my boobs but doc said no direct washing them and just list the water do it’s thing. Emma (kitty) sat beside the shower probably thinking “hooray, things are finally getting back to normal around here!”

Speaking of normal, or abnormal, that kitty never made it here and the woman who is supposed to bring her to me is now not responding! I guess she’s decided to keep her, but the thing is, she’s a freaking psycho and we (myself and the rescue) saw a really ugly side of her during this and the rescue does not want her to have the cat, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that. I was ok with her keeping the kitty until we saw the crazy come out in her, then we all said “Uh uh, this ain’t happening” but not sure there’s much we can do about it at this point.

OT: Miss Elsie (Pic)

This is Elsie, the feral kitty I've been supposed to adopt for the past five weeks!
Foster mom is holding her hostage and won't turn her over to me!

10 Days Post Op (Pics!)

Hello Breasties, Hope everyone had a great holiday and their journeys are progressing well!!

I've been a bit upset and depressed about my results (left bigger than I'd like) tho I'm now trying now to dwell since
1. There is nothing I can do about it right now, and
2. My boobs are still changing so let's wait and see what happens!

You can see, the shape is already changing and does like nice. Hopefully the changes that will be forthcoming will stay in the "looks nice" category!!

I now wonder if I should have gotten the anchor incision in order to have gone smaller, but honestly, the discussions I'd had with my PS he assured me that my expectations based on the pics provided were reasonable with the lollipop. In hindsight, I think the conversation should have continued that if once I was on the table, if he couldn't achieve what I wanted, that he should proceed with anchor incision but that's all ancient history!

I go back to PS next thurs so I will discuss what I should expect going forward and the possibility of a revision to complete the job if needed once I'm done healing! We will figure this out!! :)

On a good note, my mom picked up the "38" fruit of the loom so I feel good not busting out of my sports bra. I think that was also making me depressed that I was now in a too small bra so I felt the psychological implications of that! I have more arriving on Weds of the racerback style that I like :)

Pain hasn't been that bad at all! I don't like bending (bending wrong of course, at the waist and not the knees) because the feeling reminds me of jogging with a lame sports bra that's not holding me in place and is just uncomfortable. I was talking to my size B mom about this and I was like "you know that feeling you get..." and she's like "No" lol so she really has no idea what it's like!! Her mom was big, her sister had a reduction, I don't know how she wound up a freaking B cup!! Still a little sore and tender in a bunch of places, but I really don't even need Tylenol!

Nothing else new to report has far as boobs! I will post an Elsie the Kitty update below :)

Hope everyone is healing well and loving their new boobs!

New Bra!

Hello Breasties,
I found a new bra! So far it's comfortable (a whole wopping 30 mins so far) but I have a feeling it's gonna stay comfortable!
I ordered it on amazon last night at 11:07 and was delivered at 8:57 am! I love love love same day delivery!!

So I didn't spring for the Marena because the sizing was confusing the crap out of me....seriously...and I wanted something here fast!

On amazon, this looked comfortable, it has 2 rows of closures and the straps have 4 settings to adjust.


The material is nice and stretchy, more substantial than the fruit of the loom bras, and probably a bit less than the Jobst bra I came home in.

I was aching last night because I wore the fruit of the loom size 38 and I'm definitely in between sizes. I put on the 36 late at night and I immediately felt better, but it doesn't fit me right either because the cup area is too small. I thought this is what I would be cured of with surgery!!!!!

Anyway, I'll post a follow-up tonight after wearing it all day!

Pic is posted

it's called CzSalus Post-op Bra on Amazon. I don't know if the links go thru on here.

Happy Healing!

New Pics - 12 Days Post-Op!

Just gonna try to keep a comparison going on until the pics get too many, then i'll take out some of the in between stages!
Pre-Op thru day 12...but honestly, yesterday, the bra I wore gave no support and by the evening I was aching and so sore, I probably did damage by not changing into the tighter bra sooner!

Hopefully how I put these pics together will be big enough to see :)
Realself no "preview" button??

I've Come to the Conclusion

I'm very very swollen!!
How did I figure this out you all ask?? Was it that everyone here is swollen or that people keep reminding me I’m swollen?? Heck no! I put on my post-op bra which was loose on me the day the gauze was removed and now I’m busting out!!
An hour prior to that, I slipped on an old pre-op bra that used to fit perfectly and thought “Hmmm I could grow into this easily!” and almost had a (mini) meltdown. It pretty much fit but was loose in my upper cleavage. I was standing there like “how could this be??? How is this possible??? The doctor took out nearly 1.5 pounds on each side, and I know what a pound of turkey breast looks like when I order it at the deli counter and that would not fit into my bra!!! A quarter of that wouldn’t fit into my bra, so how in the world is the bra nearly fitting me???” Could it be swelling??? No way!!! I supposed a year from now I’d be re-doing the surgery.

Ok so flash forward 45 minutes later, and the size 2 bra that I ordered (same bra as my size 3 post-op bra arrived that was too loose on me) and I went to put it on and OMG I have big boobs that won’t fit in this damn tiny bra!! Hmmmm something is weird here….so wouldn’t you know it, I pulled out good old size 3 that I had retired for being to loose on me, and the thing is tight again! So either my boobs have regenerated or I’m really really swollen…and being that I’m not a crustacean and body parts don’t regenerate on humans, I’m going with option 2!

I’m so happy to finally accept this fact that I’m swollen!! And I’m sore underneath!! And I’m wondering if the fact that I haven’t found a sports bra that I’m comfortable with is part of the problem. No matter what size or style I’ve tried, which granted hasn’t been too many since I’ve been too lazy to go to the store, it’s squeezing or pinching me or not fitting me somewhere. I bought those CZSalus post op ones from amazon and those are pretty good actually, but I have to admit, I’m feeling really good being back in my jobst size 3 right now!

Nothing much else to report. Healing is slow. One of my steri-strips fell off before so I got my first peek at the scar before I stuck a new one on. Hoping these suckers come off at my next appt (thurs) since I’m cutting and clipping the loose ends that are peeling back, and some of the angles are really hard to get at!
Ladies, how long did your PS’s keep you taped up with the steri-strips??

Oh and I noticed a trend in my comparison boob montage that yes I am progressively bigger in every pic! Hooray for swelling!! I’ll take it over regeneration!!

Happy New Year All and Happy Healing!!


So I bought this post-op bra by CZSalus on Amazon in M & L. The first to arrive was the M, and I tried it on, all looked and felt good so I planned on sending the L back and ordered another M. Well I just took the new M out of the package, held it up next to the first M, and it's about 6 inches narrower. I was like "wow this really stretched out, I'll throw the first one in the wash and see if it snaps back". Just the I notice the stamp on M #1 says XL!!!! Crap they had it in the wrong package and assuming it's and XL, now I have M & L to send back and have to re-order but man am I confused! Why can't anything be simple???? Ughhhh

2nd Post-Op Follow-Up

I saw the doctor this morning. I was happy with his response as far as he didn't discount how I felt as far as being left with “too much” and took my concerns very seriously. He asked how I was happy with the nipple placement and something else, I really have no idea what tho lol? I was so focused on the size issue. I told him I thought they look really nice and shaped nice but i have big concerns about the size and what we had discussed prior to. He said sometimes it's a fine line and he has to be cautious to leave everything on me still alive and that he had concerns about my left nipple and it's glad it's doing good...this is because of the prior surgery I had 8 years ago to have a fibroadenoma removed and the incision was done on the inside portion around my left nipple. He did tell me ahead of time that the blood flow there was likely already compromised. The other PS I went to laughed it off and said that the prior incision was nothing. Who is right...I have no idea....anyway...I told him (gently) that from our prior conversations, I expected to be in the C-D range and that I had stopped in at a bra store over the weekend looking for something more comfortable than I had been wearing and they sized me as a 34F (as in WTF???)
I told him that I still felt very top heavy and bulky and that my clothing isn’t really fitting me much better, and that I understand I’m swollen but I’m guessing I’m not going to lose 3 sizes to swelling, and the top heaviness and bulk did play a big part into why I wanted the procedure done. He didn’t protest and say I would lose 3 sizes after the swelling goes down but he did show me how the lower portion of my breast is flatter now and that in the next few months, that skin will stretch and some of the upper tissue will fall lower and reshape. We also discussed that nothing can be done until I’m 100% healed and I totally understand and am ok with that. I asked what type of revision could be done? Would it be another incision to do the anchor portion so that more tissue could be removed and he said that’s really not the best first option to do something so invasive and that he would do “very aggressive lipo” which actually sounds pretty darn scary considering how everyone says the lipo is the worst part of it! Lol
He did do lipo during my procedure but I don’t have the bruising and pain to show for it, I don’t think he got too much out because I’m so dense but I guess if they get more aggressive, maybe more can come out. I asked if that would make my skin too loose and cause sag and he said because my skin is very good quality I would be ok…obviously there will be a lot more questions further down the road,…I just wanted to open up this dialogue and discussion….Plus I really don’t know if lipo would have much of a size effect on me since I am mostly dense tissue.
I’m just glad that he responded as he did and took my concerns seriously and didn’t discount them. When we were finishing up he recapped it to me so he could make sure there weren’t any other concerns that I left out and he said we would monitor this over the next few months. Oh and I forgot to mention to him I think my right is a little bigger but doesn’t matter at the moment anyway!

Ok I’m pooped from typing this…more another time…

Happy Healing Everyone!!!

Just About 6 Weeks Post

So I will be 6 weeks post tomorrow! Time sure flies!!
I haven't unpdated for a while now, it's a slow process this healing stuff! Last week I guess I popped a suture just under my right nipple and was all scabbed. I sent a pic in to PS and he said bacitracin and gauze so that's what I did! Today was my follow up and he said I was healed over, I don't have the best view of it from up here but I kind of thought that was the case so now I do scar get (I started that about 1.5 weeks ago) and no more bacitracin. Now that spot has to play catch up since it hasn't been getting the gel!

So doc said I was "smaller" than last time...and I gently said If I was it was not a significant amount. I think, and hopefully I'm wrong, but most of the swelling is gone and I am still an F (Ugh)! So options options options...well before that, he says he went conservative with my reduction because of my prior surgery on my left breast and he was concerned about losing that nipple.
Ok so we went back to the lipo conversation which I'm really not crazy about. I think I needed the anchor part of the surgery done and that's what should be done! This is all months away...he said at least six months after the original surgery, which puts me in mid June...and I don't want this surgery right at the beginning of summer, so I would opt for Fall. Anyway, the lipo could also have skin tightening if I wanted but there is no way of knowing how much he could get out.
I asked if it's totally out of the question to resubmit to insurance and try to get another approval and he said we could definitely try and he would present it as follows "that because he was concerned about losing the left nipple he had to undergo a very conservative reduction...and now that the nipple placement is good and it won't be at risk since it won't be moved, the original intended amount of the reduction can now be done" or something like that. It sounded good when he said it and he said it's the truth. I have no problem with trying to get it covered again but if i'm denied, I think allowances will need to be made. The insurance pays that doctors next to nothing....i was pretty shocked, he submitted for $9000 and they paid under $900....so honestly, these insurance cases are like charity, I get that and am appreciative.
So the plan now is I got back in 3 months...and we compare to the pics today...and see how much I've gone down. Also, by then, the swelling and healing will be completely done and we'll be able to make a decision on the next step. If I opt for another procedure, we will then submit another pre-auth request and wait and see. I didn't realize this part that I don't need to decide which procedure I want based on the insurance submittal. They submit for a BR and the technique is not a factor, it's either covered or not, and if I opt for lipo or the surgery, approval is approval. I told him I doubt I would want the lipo since then if I only got a small reduction from it, no way it would happen a third time and then I'd be even smaller when I'm begging insurance for approval!!
All that said, he did do a nice job regarding the shape, I just honestly feel there's not a real significant difference and still feel like a pre-op patient as to where I felt I would be now!

On a happier note, I did adopt Ms. Frannie about two weeks ago!! Pic attached :)

Old Bra Fashion Show

So the best fit is the 34H but oddly the 34GG is way big on me (at least in the upper part of my boobs) so here is the proof of zero consistency between brands and sizes!

Update - 4.5 Months Post Op

It's been a while, I've been kind of bumming about my results of lack thereof.
They look beautiful but still BIG. Depending on the brand I'm either a 34E or 34F and if I wear the same style bra that was my go to prior to surgery, I went from a 34GG to 34F. Not exactly what I had in mind!
The good news, which is like a bitter pill, is people have told me people would pay to have augmentation that look like mine.
The woman who I know pretty well at the bra store was gushing about how perfect they came out.
Anyway, I am now waiting and hoping I get approved again. Paperwork is in, just waiting.
Doc wrote apparently a very good letter (as stated by his receptionist) as to why he had to be very conservative first time around and submitted for another 500 grams +. I wonder what he put in the surgery report and if it concurs. I honestly think he messed up and did the less aggressive incision and misestimated. I don't really get how a larger scale reduction in areas not adjacent to my nipple would have compromised the safety of my nipple, but I'm not the doctor and that's what he's trying to sell insurance to get another approval. It could be the truth, i'm just not sure I'm buying it.
Anyway, wish me luck on this approval! I'll be shocked if it goes thru but fingers crossed that it does!


Scheduled 8/26 so as to not interfere with my summer!
Wow, in shock!!


Here is the link! Please hit follow and stay with me second time around!

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