22 Y/o, 5'0'', 170 Lbs , 38DDD/F Preparing for Nov 9th .. Soo Anxious ! - New York

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So ready for this procedure but extremely nervous...

So ready for this procedure but extremely nervous ! .. im a 38 DDD and they sag so low [will upload pics soon] ,, these bags definitely dont make me feel sexy so i had them pierced 2 years ago to help me feel a little better about them. DIDNT WORK .. the back and neck problems are out of control and i am ready for November 9th ! Now i am just waiting for my insurance provider to approve my procedure in which my surgeon and I are almost positive they will .. im just hoping its sooner than later! Everyday im just wondering what life is going to be like to jump high without being smacked or sleep without almost smothering myself lol. I just wanna know what its like ... I cant wait !!! :) Decided to share my story with you guys after reading a few reviews i know we can all relate and If sharing this story can convince another young female, as myself, to make herself happy and take charge of her life then it is all worth it. Will post pics and continue posting throughout this journey :)

Just wanted to upload before pics

Pre op pictures

Got the call , Its Official !!

I got approved today ! its happening !

more front view pics as requested ..

So the day is getting closer and closer I'm exactly one month pre op tomorrow ... More excited than nervous .. I'm just sooooooooooo ready !

3weeks left ... I am so ready !

Time is flying and I am not complaining. I've been preparing my whole life for this procedure ... The only issue I have is quitting smoking weed .. I'm down to one joint a day .. before next week the habit will be kicked .. it's not hard for me it's just that it calms my nerves ! I'm sure a lot can relate but I do need to kick it asap like today ! Anyway .. just counting down the days ....

2 More weeks and im an ittybittyyyy! :)

Soooo Today (10/26/15) was my 2 week pre-Op appt and the day is almost here !! :)
doc says im all ready and set to go, they gave me some antibacterial soap to use the night before and morning of surgery .. smells pretty good .. looks like hotel shampoo but yeah .. the ladies at the clinic were veryyy friendly and made me feel at home. I literally have 14 days until my operation ... OMG

BTW .. they never suggested any thing i should purchase for recovery preparation (ex; Big pillows, bras, clothing).. then again i never asked ... but any advice/suggestions???

1week left !!!

I'm 7 days away from my hugeeee day .. I've already bought pillows and all that good stuff .. I'm nervous .. but ready !

Tomorrow is the day ! :) !

It is 10:47 and i am soooo nervous yet excited yet i just want it to be over ! lOL.. my boyfriend has cooked my last meal and ive taken the shower with the antibacterial stuff (If i spell anything wrong im sorry im typing so fast and i am not revising) i hope everything goes well and they come out beautiful .. only god knows! ok guys next update will be post Op picssss :) :) ! Thank you for joining me on this journeyy !!!!!

markings !!

they are doneeee :) happiest I've ever been!!! Can't wait to see them !

All done guys ... Pain is literally (1-10) a 2 !!! Throat a lil sore but I must say this is one of the best days of my life !!!!

quick post op update

Okay guys .. I am officially apart of the itty bitty titty committee and I'm soooooo happy I made this decision ! My surgeon was beyond wonderful (and Handsome I must add lol) and he's done a great job. Oh, and no drains for me !! :-) Thank god ! Everything is going better than I expected .. he did the lollipop incision and I still have feelings in my nipples which is a blessing ... Couldn't be happier .. Tuesday the 17th is my follow up so I'm guessing the dressing comes off then .. well keep you guys updated. Just wanna say if your considering it, DO IT ! It's so worth it

2 days post .. little discomfort no pain (Tylenol extra strength helps!)

Bigggggg difference ! Can't wait until this surgical bra comes off .. boobies looking awesome already

Mannnnn, Wearing No Bra Is Lifeeeee !

Hey guys, today i am 8 days post Op and they look so prettyyyyyyyy My surgeon did an amazing job! they kinda look like implants (Exactly what i wanted) and i went out for the first time today with no surgical bra ( No bra at all) just a tee shirt ! you would think it would feel so strange being that i have been able to do that since about 3rd grade (Maybe before lol) but it didnt , it felt soooo right ! I think im like a 38D idk, once i go bra shopping i will find out.
Also, today i had my one week pre op appt with my surgeon, he says everything is beautiful .... they took 650g out of my right breast and 437 out of my left so they are very even now
sometimes i get sharp pains to my right nipple but im sure its normal so im not stressin it & I TOOK MY FIRST SHOWER TODAY !!! let me tell yalll!!!! if you havent gotten the surgery yet and will be going in soon, LOVEEEEEE YOUR FINAL SHOWERS! dont take them for granted lol bird baths kill me !! shave your vajayjay, armpits, legs or w.e you have to shave prior because you will not be able to for a little while after .. and again CHERISHHHH YOUR FINAL SHOWERSS ! lmaoo
BTW WARNING! you will feel very sexyyyy in your first shower lol, felt like i was in a bay watch episode or something i definitely look forward to my next showers lol
I will upload pics right after i post this so you guys can see Until next time LOVE YA!

great results !

Its been a little while ! Quick update (5 days shy of 1 month post op)

they are getting better and better ... no issues .. THANK GOD ( and my surgeon)!
my tits are beeeeeaauuutiful! I feel so much different, like sexier, lighter, cuter, energetic, happy... like i have a second chance ... I had NOO DRAINS , NOO Hermo(things) lol sorry dont remember the spelling, Minimal pain (only took meds for the 1st 5 days), i never stopped moving since surgery (everyone made it seem as if life stops that day, IT DOES NOT just be veryyyyyyyyyy careful) and tits are still perky and pretty ! i rarely wear bra's .. but im trying to get back in the habit, not sure what size i am but i think im about a 36D ... far from 38DDD im extremely happy with that .. i did this for my back pain and its all gone, no shoulder pain, no heavy weight holding me down Lawddd .... it was worth it. so if your reading this while rubbing the pain out your shoulders ... maybe you should consider it .. using my surgeon lol (DR CULLIFORD) good luck my dollls Love ya ! will upload ASAP

2months post !

Long time guys !! Sorry I've been enjoying my new boobies lol ... Best decision I.have everrrrr made. Scarring is no big deal to me but it gets better and better every day ... I began smoking unfortunately so I believe it is slowing down the healing process but other than that I am soooooooooo happy with my results !!!
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