Consultation Only - Worst Experience Ever! - New York, NY

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Normally, I'm not the kind of woman to hop on a...

Normally, I'm not the kind of woman to hop on a forum and vent about a poor consumer experience--I'd keep it to myself. But I feel obligated to share my story. Today, I went to Dr. Michelle Zweifler in NYC for a consultation about a breast lift. From the moment I walked into this place I knew it wouldn't go well. The front desk was disorganized--the place smelled musty--the carpet was tattered. It looked like a NYC dive bar.
A little background: I was referred to her by another surgeon. During my inital chat with the front desk rep, I asked about their consultation fee, which is $250. However, she told me that, because I'm a referral from a doctor she works with frequently, she would ask Dr. Zweifler if there was anything she could do about the fee. Before I went to my appointment, I called beforehand to ask about the consultation payment and what fee to expect. I was told that I would be "taken care of." Therefore, I assumed the fee would be waived. How naive I was. After the consult, I was told the doctor would take $100 off the fee, and I'd need to pay $150.

Oh, really, I thought! Strange how they're singing a different tune, now that I'm in the office. The woman at the front desk was every bit of condescending. Her attitude was deplorable---I have no idea how she got that job.
Her words: "We don't even know you! The Dr. doesn't know you--I don't know you. Why would you think you'd get anything for free? We don't do charity here. The Doctor went to Cornell! I never told you this would be free!"
I was speechless. Then, the Dr. Zweifler comes out and smugly says to me, "Well, I spend a lot of time with my patients, and my time is worth something." Then, she pivoted and walked away. The nerve.

I'm not disagreeing with the fact that her time is money. I'm disagreeing with the miscommunication on behalf of the front desk representative. If I'd been told straight-up that the consult was $150, I wouldn't complain about it. I'm a reasonable person. They, however, are clearly money-hungry hacks.

Now about the consult:
In my opinion, her work looked mediocre at best. And her office resembled a tornado--just far below my expectations. She displayed little to no confidence about which surgery technique was best for me. She seemed like she wanted to "wing it," when it was time to cut me open. I want a surgeon with a clear, concise plan and perspective about what method will provide the best result. How she's in business? I haven't a clue.
My advice: Do not waste your time or money with Dr. Michelle Zweifler. I was spared what I'm certain would've been a horrendous, regrettable experience, if I'd let her touch me. And seriously, her front desk representative would be better off working at a fast food drive-thru with her roadside, street-hustling attitude.

Still Thinking It Over

I went to see this doctor nearly 2 years ago, and it wasn't the best experience. There was some miscommunication about the payment for the consult, and that really soured my opinion. The doctor pretty much said I don't have enough body fat for a lift only. After seeing her before and after photos, I don't know if I'd like the result. Still thinking it over with another Dr.

She tried to answer my questions, but she acted as if she didn't want to take a clear stance on which technique was best for me. Or perhaps, she isn't capable of forming an opinion. She was cagey, unsure, and admitted that she hadn't even considered a certain technique (which I brought up!) when she intially examined me.

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